letters from the query wars 5/28/2010

# of queries read this week: 168
# of partials/manuscripts requested: 3
genre of partials/manuscripts requested: fantasy (2), YA (1)

oldest query in the queue: April 20th

Coming down to the end of the Brenda Novak auction for Diabetes Research in which I am offering to evaluate a novel proposal (that’s up to 50 pages of text and up to 5 pages of synopsis). Bidding for my entry ends on Sunday, May 30th! (Some others go through the 31st.)

More details here.

And happy Memorial Day weekend for those State-Side.

One response to “letters from the query wars 5/28/2010

  1. As someone trying to write a fantasy novel, I’m curious to know: what grabbed you in the two fantasy queries you requested fulls of? Was it character, plot, world, or something else?

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