happy release day!

Today is the official release day for Brimstone by Cherie Priest!

“In this pitch-perfect penny dreadful, Priest (The Family Plot) evokes the strangeness and charm of early-19th-century Florida and the fortitude of two spectacular protagonists. Priest wields a brilliant command of the delightful and the frightening in this enchanting tale. The detailed extrapolation of Spiritualist beliefs into reality makes the story even more terrifying than if it had a supernatural villain driving the chaos. The conclusion is both uplifting and satisfying, a fitting reward for the protagonists, who have each sought only to give help and love to those in need.” – Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

“Priest weaves intriguing historical detail throughout this slowly intensifying tale of darkness, fire, and the power of human connection. Recommended for fans of Joe Hill, otherworldly suspense, and stories with a strong sense of place and history.” – Booklist

Also available today, the first of the brand new novels in the acclaimed Under Jurisdiction series: Blood Enemies by Susan R. Matthews

“Matthews’ intelligent prose, her genius for the unexpected, and her keen sense of atmosphere, produce an extremely compelling read.” – New York Review of Science Fiction

Andrej Koscuisko is a former Fleet Medical Officer for the Jurisdiction. But he also served as the Inquisitor for the Bench, a position both tempting and full of conflict. Finally reaching his limit, Andrej fled into Gonebeyond Space. Now savage terrorist organization Angel of Death means to make Gonebeyond its own, but the secret service of the Dolgorukij church, the Malcontent, plans to stop them. The Malcontent faces Andrej’s unplanned intervention at the worst possible time, and the only way to bring down an organization that has slain whole systems is for Andrej to once again risk his soul and sanity as an Inquisitor.

Want to see how it all began? Baen Books has also re-issued the first six novels of the Jurisdiction series in two omnibus volumes: Fleet Inquisitor, including Exchange of Hostages, Prisoner of Conscience, and Angel of Destruction, and Fleet Renegade, including Hour of Judgment, The Devil and Deep Space, and Warring States!

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