B&N offers free eBook of Jim Butcher’s Storm Front

via jim-butcher.com

This week (May 24th-30th), Barnes and Noble is giving away free eBooks of Jim Butcher’s Storm Front in a special promotion!

Here’s how it works:

* Download the FREE BN eReader to your mobile device. This can be an iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry, or Mac or PC laptop. Own a NOOK? You’re all set – no need to download.

* Visit any Barnes & Noble store and show your NOOK or mobile device to one of the booksellers, and receive a voucher for the FREE eBook. This week’s eBook is Jim Butcher’s Storm Front! (Next week will be Lee Child’s One Shot.) Find a Barnes & Noble store near you.

* Enter the access code on the voucher at BN.COM/redeem.

5 responses to “B&N offers free eBook of Jim Butcher’s Storm Front

  1. Picked up the coupon today on my way back from lunch. (This makes the fourth copy of the book we have in the house, btw — two paperback, the audio, and now the ebook.)

  2. Moved from a Blackberry to a Palm Pre. My B&N ebooks are in limbo for phone usage until they make an app for WebOS. Now I read my ebooks on my laptop, which isn’t as fun.

  3. Is this the initial salvo in a B/N vs. Amazon brawl for reader dominance?

  4. I just finished reading Storm Front. I got it the old fashioned way, I went to Borders. It was well worth the 8 dollars I spent for the paperback so this would be a great deal.
    The main character Harry is someone you root for and the concept for the story is great.

  5. Wish I had a Nook. Guess I’ll just have to buy the book.

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