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butcher-changesChanges (Dresden Files, Book 12) by Jim Butcher releases two weeks from today.

I have 2 advance reader copies (ARCs) available, so there’s two chances to win… Between now and 10am EST Thursday March 25.

Chance #1 – On this entry: comment about the Dresden Files — I particularly would like to know what you hope never changes about Harry. If you don’t have a Live-Journal ID, use OpenID or leave your name in an anonymous comment. Winner will be randomly chosen.

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Disclaimers and Other Details:
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(2) Only one entry per person in each venue.
(3) Will update with more info as needed.

Update: The contest is now closed. Thanks for participating!

247 responses to “win an ARC of Jim Butcher’s new Dresden Files novel

  1. I am so excited AND apprehensive about Changes!
    What I would never wish to change about Harry is Bob and Mouse. Please don’t let anything bad happen to them. *prays*
    *throws in prayer to god of randomness to get picked to win ARC*

  2. Changes
    Michelle McMurry
    Love this series and hope Harry never loses his sense of humor.

  3. His sarcasm. As long as he keeps that, he’s still Harry and all’s good. πŸ™‚

  4. Awesome!
    What I don’t want to see change about Harry is his heart. Through everything he’s been through, he still cares (and you’d think that it would be a lot more jaded than he is).

  5. Personally, I hope Harry never changes being able to fight for the little guy. I know he’ll always want to, but if he keeps moving up in the ranks of the White Council/Wardens, he may not be able to…which would be more than a little depressing.

  6. Dresden is a great series, can’t wait to read the next one!

  7. Dresden
    Please, please, please, PLEASE don’t change Harry’s chivalrous streak! I love that he knows he’s flawed and that no matter what else happens he still needs to protect women & children, even when he knows it’ll cost him.
    I’m an avid reader and the Dresden Files quickly became my favorite series. Jim Butcher gets better with each book.

  8. Personally I like the fact that nothing is easy for Harry, that he makes it through, but always by the skin of his teeth and by using his head and not necessarily upping his power. I never want that to change.

  9. I also hope that Harry never loses his sarcasm; he’s the type of guy who’s hysterically funny if you like him (even if it’s from 50 miles away), or the kind of guy who inspires one to want to punch him in the face over and over until his teeth fall out.
    Either way, the readers win. XD

  10. I hope that Harry never gets so powerful that it pulls him out of reach of his friends.

  11. His reluctant goodness even against his better judgment.

  12. I’d like him to always keep his desire to look out for others: his friends and family, “the little guy”, woman and children. Especially when that desire gets him into trouble because it makes him do something a bit stupid and/or he tries to help someone who doesn’t want or need his help. (~ K. Otis)

  13. The Dresden Files
    Oh, you torment us, Ms. Jackson!
    I hope Harry doesn’t lose his core ethics. He’s power incarnate, but those ethics (and a little self-deprecation) keep our hero in check.
    Suzan H.

  14. I hope Harry’s sense of humor never changes. I always know whatever else a Harry book makes me feel, Harry’ll always crack me up.

  15. I’m looking forward to the new book.

  16. I hope that Harry never loses the following four qualities. Number one–his sarcasm (which is hysterically funny, especially in a crisis). Second, his seemingly insane commitment to doing the right thing and protecting the little guy, no matter what the cost. There are not enough actual heroes in fiction these days. Harry is a genuine hero (even though he sincerely believes that he’s not a good man), and it would be a terrible loss if he ever became less than he is. Third, his sense of wonder. Harry’s gained a lot of power over the series, but he’s never become jaded about his magic. He always has an attitude of “this is incredible and I love being able to do this.” There is something childlike in that sense of awe and wonder, and I never want Harry to lose that.
    And finally, his extraordinary bad luck. Nothing is ever easy for Harry; he can’t assume that the spells he’s cast earlier in the series will be enough to save him or his friends now. This forces Harry to be inventive and shrewd, to use the strengths of his allies as well as his own and to think outside the box (dinozombie, anyone?). This leads to his bad luck creating complex, twisty and suspenseful books that are a joy to read over and over again.

  17. I hope Harry never loses Bob. Because not only is Bob a great source of info, but I think he’s a great friend to Harry, too. And his sarcasm, Harry should never ever lose his sarcasm.

  18. I hope Harry never looses his wit, his sarcasm, or his sharp tongue. I also hope Harry never looses his love and desire to protect his friends and family.
    I also REALLY hope we don’t lose someone close to Harry, like Murphy, Bob, Mister, Mouse, the Carpenters, Thomas, or Butters.

  19. Changes
    Well as of now I have never read any of the Dresden files. Not that I havent wanted to, only that the opportunity hasn’t come up as of yet. One thing I notice about the books when when they are released is the memorable cover art.

  20. I’m all about Bob – as a side-kick he’s such a nice breakthrough. But I hope Harry never really loses Thomas. Having a family makes his problems so much more interesting and personal.

  21. Harry is dear to my heart
    because he remains so human–despite dealing with the supernatural daily. He does heroic things, faces off against monsters, etc. Yet he he does not become Mr Superhero. He is the kind of guy that just wants to go home at the end of the day, sit by the fire with a good book and pet his (giant ass) dog. You get the feeling that he wants a family of his own, but he knows how dangerous it would be for any woman he gets involved with. Its that human vulnerability that is so appealing.

  22. Harry always seemed to move to his own beat and to do what is right despite what others think or what he might have to suffer. He also had his own ways to solve problems. I hope that stays the same.
    I’m a little behind on the books, but I’m still faithfully buying them up until I can get a chance to read them. Butcher’s Dresden series involves the kind of books you need to set aside a whole day for, because you can’t stop reading and don’t want to put it down.
    Thanks for this opportunity.
    Jodi Ralston

  23. A sharp wit, stropped on the leather of adversity
    Harry never seems to have a real handle on things, does he? For all his power, skill, and experience it seems to me it’s always his wits that win the day. (and maybe a liiiiiittle bit of luck) I appreciate that and I hope Jim can keep on writing him that way. Thanks!

  24. Don’t change Harry from the good hearted, sarcastic, befuddled screw-up I love. His mistakes and stupid choices are why he’s so lovable. He’s just like the rest of us, just with magic for really BIG screw-ups! lol

    • Please don’t let Harry ever get too serious! Its the horror of everything with a mix of humor that keeps me coming back again and again. Thank you for sharing Harry’s world with me.
      Sean Jenson

  25. I am hoping the way he fights doesn’t change – the use of intelligence, the knowing when to run, and when he can’t afford to run.

  26. I hope he keeps his trench coat forever, maybe making it something magical that can’t be destroyed.

  27. Harry’s desire to do the right thing…and Bob…and Mouse…and family…and his relationship to his friends…and…his Coke addiction…and Murphy…I love the series, what can I say?

  28. Harry’s never been sucked so deeply into the world of the White Council that he can’t keep an eye on the big picture of how the actions of the wizarding world affects the rest of humanity. It helps, of course, having Murphy as an anchor. I hope that never changes. That, and his terrible, terrible dietary habits.
    John Cullinan

  29. I hope Harry never loses his hope and his faith/belief in what he’s fighting for. I also hope he doesn’t lose his friendship with Murphy, b/c I have wanted them to get together since STORM FRONT! I also hope that Thomas is redeemed/finds faith in himself again.
    Thanks for holding this contest!

  30. The darkness in him. Harry’s good to the core and I never want that to change, nor his tongue-in-cheek wit and black humor, but he has these layers of chaos that sometimes make him difficult to predict. So I suppose it’s his slight…insanity that I want to remain.

  31. I hope Murphy and Bob don’t change. Both are great to balance out Harry.

  32. Ooo, yay!
    I hope Harry never loses his ability to quip. And from the preview chapters so far, I worry about how far over to the dark side he’ll have to go by the end. I also hope he never has a good reason to kill Thomas, and it makes me sad that he keeps losing people in his life when he didn’t have a lot to begin with. And I’ll definitely be sad when there are no more books!!

  33. Thank you for this giveaway!
    Harry is a great character and I hope he never changes, particularly his irony and sense of humor. I love the Dresden Files books!
    Giada M
    fabgiada @

  34. I wish the show never got canceled.

  35. I hope Harry never loses his sense of humor. I think if he loses that, he loses who he is.

  36. Love Harry!
    I hope Harry never looses his chivalry, or his sarcasm. He is such a unique character that I love (of course, the black leather duster doesn’t hurt, either)!
    Brenda Pierson

  37. Changes
    I hope Harry never loses his wit. A healthy dose of sarcasm makes the books even better.
    Ed Marrow

  38. I hope he hangs on to the gift that Lash left him. Because I miss her too. I couldn’t say why that’s the “supporting character” I latched onto most, but it is.

  39. Blue collar boy
    One of the things that Mignola & Del Toro talked about when doing concepts for how to approach HellBoy both in comics & on screen is that there is a blue collar attitude in how their character does his job. This, from what I understand, comes from Del Toro’s own father.
    I like that in Harry’s case, there is that same mentality – despite riding the dinosaur skeleton through Chicago, he’s still got to figure out how to pay rent each month. (hopefully the Wardens are at least giving a supplementary stipend, but sometimes these rather ancient NPOs can be stingy, you know how it is.)
    As someone who comes from a family of factory workers & paid for college by being one, I love that if I were to meet Harry somewhere, we could each probably take the forktruck licenses out of our wallets & be like, “yeah, I did that to pay the bills for a while too – isn’t it great the tiny-ass radius you can get doing reverse donuts when the parking lot is covered in snow?” Because seriously, you know Harry would try that too. πŸ˜‰

  40. I am so looking forward to this book!
    I hope that Harry never stops protecting those who can’t protect themselves. It seems to be an intrinsic part of what makes Harry, Harry. He never fails to step up to protect others, even when he knows the cost to himself might be the ultimate price.

  41. What I love most about Harry is his heart. While he’s sarcastic and funny, I love that he can’t resist helping someone in need even though he knows something bad could possibly (and will probably) happen. Even the way he insists on opening the door for a girl or rescuing the damsel in distress that just screwed him over is so sweet and I love (and eat up) every bit of it.
    Most of all, I hope the books go on for a long, long time because I can’t even fathom reading the last Dresden Files novel. I’ll probably cry. You…you won’t let that happen…. will you? *tears brim*

  42. Changes (Dresden Files, Book 12) by Jim Butcher releases two weeks from today.
    **flails around in happiness**
    I hope I never stop loving these books so damned much.
    Oh, sorry; that wasn’t about Harry, specifically, was it?
    Right. I hope Harry is always a smart-ass trying to do the right thing. It’s his sense of humour in the face of appalling situations, and his titanium moral compass, that keeps me on his side.

  43. Personally, I hope never grows up, or decides to move to nicer digs when he strikes it rich. The ambiance is everything, and the place where he feels at home.

  44. The Blue Beetle. As a longtime driver of cars with certain “eccentricities” I appreciate any hero who drives a car with replaced off-color fenders and claw marks.
    Looking forward to the new book as well.

  45. oh I love this series! hmmmm I may get tomatos thrown at me but I hope that what never changes is Susan and Harry not being together. For some reason I have never really like them as a pair… I can’t explain why tho πŸ™‚ I also hope Harry never loses his drive to do the right thing, its essential to his character.

  46. I am SERIOUSLY looking forward to this book. πŸ˜€
    I hope Harry never loses his sense of humour. I honestly think it’s probably the one thing keeping him sane as his life gets crazier, and who doesn’t love a character who quips in the face of danger?

  47. War. War never changes.
    Wait, wrong series.
    Bob. Bob never changes.

  48. Don’t every Change Harry,
    What would I never want to change about Harry Dresden?
    Gah, too many things to count really. I love that his sense of chivalry runs deeper than his sense of self-preservation, ie if it’s female and can point something akin to doe eyed at at him, he can’t resist the daring rescue.
    I also love that he can laugh at himself, even in the most dire of circumstances. Finally, I love that no matter how bad it gets for Harry, I know it will ALWAYS get worse. It’s never just about saving the girl, or even the day. It always spirals down into the kind of chaos that results in Harry have to pretty much save the universe from oblivion. And usually with as much noise and fireworks as possible.
    And in my book, there is no one I’d rather unknowingly trust with the fate of mankind than someone as imperfectly HUMAN, as Harry.
    If I perchance win the ARC (which would cause me to squeal like a little girl and call my mom so she could join in said squealing) you can contact me at

  49. Harry’s quips are the best part of the series, and I hope that never changes.
    So excited for CHANGES!!

  50. I’ve always liked his outmoded chivalrous attitude, and was mildly disappointed when I read Turn Coat and found it, shall we say, less than prominent. (Poor relatively-innocent lawyer, getting all frightened by newly gung-ho Harry…) I do hope that doesn’t go away entirely.

  51. I don’t want Harry to ever lose his sassy stubbornness. He just keeps going even when he is all beaten up.

  52. some things should never change
    Awesome series. I hope Harry always remains the outsider and underdog. His opponents should always be more powerful, in my opinion. Also, I sure hope that his relationship with Murphy stays in friendship mode, with a silent romantic subtext that never gets realized.
    Christopher/chbunn @ redshiftdotcom

  53. Oh my goodness! I’ve been reading the teaser chapters, and I’m ready to explode. Mac. Grammar. Holy crap!!!
    What I really hope doesn’t change about Harry is his steadfast willingness to do the right thing, and damn the consequences. He could have stood aside with Molly, but he did the right thing. He could have let Ivy exist only as the Archive, but he did the right thing. Heck, he could even have turned Morgan in. But he did the right thing.
    He’s not perfect, and he rarely ever gets the glory… but he does what’s right. Little wonder Michael trusts him with the Swords. (Even though they live in an umbrella stand.)

  54. One thing I hope won’t change
    I hope Harry doesn’t change his chivalrous ways. Especially as *babyspoiler*, according to the dust cover and various reviews he has a daughter. I think that is absolutely hilarious that someone as super chivarlous as Harry would have a daughter. I can only imagine when the first date comes over. Cue explosions. πŸ™‚
    Katie L.

  55. Changes ARC
    I absolutely love The Dresden Files! I’m so excited for the new book and can’t wait to read it!
    Regarding the title, I just really hope that Harry never loses his sense of justice. He’s going to do what’s right, dammit, regardless of what anyone thinks and I love that about him.
    Thanks for the contest!

  56. I’ve just started on book #7 in the series. Based on what I’ve read so far, I’d say there are two key elements that I would never change.
    Harry was born with the same smartass gene that I was. His clever, biting smartassery is integral to what makes him work.
    He has his principles, he knows what he believes in, and he does what he knows is right regardless of the consequences for him. This is heart and soul of Harry Dresden.

  57. His determination. No matter how bad things get, he never gives up, never throws in the towel, even when he probably should.

  58. I hope Harry never loses his sense of right and wrong. If he became dark to do the right thing, he could be worse than Kemmler.
    Jim Taylor
    jtaylor04 [at] gmail (dot) com

  59. I pray he never loses his sense of humour, nor his sarcasm.

  60. The thing that I hope never changes about Harry is what I consider to be his pessimistic optimism.I love that he always thinks things will turn out the worst way of the best way.

  61. Never Change
    1. Snark
    2. He risks everything for someone else
    3. He’d rather be at home reading than on an island full of vampires, werewolves, and shag-nasties
    4. A penchant for arson
    5. Sense of responsibility
    6. His family: Thomas, Murphy, Michael, Molly, Mouse, Mister, Billy & the Alphas
    -Kristi Austin

  62. His sarcastic understanding of how screwed up and complicated life can be sometimes (especially his) even in the face of death. And his stubborn willingness to just keep going no matter how bad it gets.

  63. What I hope never changes about Harry
    I hope Harry never looses the dynamic tension between his insecurity and his arrogance. I love the way one leads him into trouble, and the other shows him the way out- and you never know which characteristic will play which role.
    Joel Monka

  64. Dresden
    Awesome series. Does not get any better. Dresden must never lose his wit, humor, and sense of honor. It gets him into a whole lot of trouble. May Dresden rule forever.

  65. I wouldn’t change the fact that he loves his friends unconditionally. He would do anything for people he cares about.

  66. Let me just say…. YES. YAY. Ahem.
    Harry’s sense of humor is what he needs. Yeees. THey were what I loved first. πŸ˜€

  67. Besides his sense of humor, I really would like him not to lose any limbs (I heard he gets maimed in this book and considering he already has a burnt hand and has nearly lost an eye, I don’t think he can afford to be anymore handicapped).

  68. His drive to do what’s right. His sarcasm. His total awesome geekiness.

  69. I hope Harry never loses his sense of humor, or his cat!

  70. Birthday Present?
    Can I has an ARC for my birthday (today?)
    — Jennifer

  71. Harry’s wits
    Don’t change Harry’s wits and his danger be damned attitude, let’s do what’s right.

  72. I hope Harry’s devotion to his friends never falters.

  73. One thing I hope will never change is Harry’s ability to adapt to his situation, no matter how dire it may be, and find humor in it.
    Arcadia Barrile

  74. I hope Harry never loses his loyalty to those he loves. He would literally march into hell for them, and that’s the most powerful kind of magic there is–and damned scary at times. On a more superficial level, I hope he never loses Mister.

  75. Dresden Files
    The one thing that I hope never changes about Harry Dresden is that he’s never completely satisfied with himself. As long as he’s not satisfied with how nice a guy he is, he’ll keep on doing things like saving everyone he can from everything he can– just to prove that he really is one of the good guys.
    Like the very best of good guys… Harry’s never satisfied with himself. May that never change!

  76. My name is Jazz English and I hope that Harry’s amazing and off putting fashion sense never Changes.

  77. I hope Harry’s sense of humor never changes. Witty banter in the face of evil! Rah!

  78. Love Dresden
    I hope Harry’s humour never changes…
    I hate change…
    Lets hope I LOVE “Changes”
    (Duh, of course I will)
    – Julie

  79. His irreverence…
    No matter how tough it gets, no matter what emotions run through him…his irreverence always reasserts itself.

  80. I hope Harry’s inner decency never changes.
    I hope that he always stays the guy who doesn’t mind playing RPGs between world-endangering crises. I hope that he will always be the sort of guy who doesn’t have a problem rescuing puppies from fiery-poo-flinging monkeys. I hope that he will always dive into danger first rather than let a child go into it blindly or without someone at her back.
    I hope that his snarky sense of humor stays intact, given all the horror he has seen. He can swallow his fear, chew it up, and then spit it out at the bad guy with a quip that makes me have to laugh until I cry.
    I hope that the little boy lost orphan in him gets a chance to find love, but that that doesn’t make him soft.

  81. I would love this thing! Oh man.
    What I hope never changes about Harry? His voice. Namely, his sardonic wit, wry humor, and hilarious pop culture references. Without that, he just wouldn’t be Harry!

  82. Changes
    The one thing I hope never Changes about Harry is his sense of self. No matter how long and hard his day has been, he’ll roll right out of bed and face down whatever comes at him. He’s loyal to his friends and family, a realist, and just sort of perfect.
    Hailey Edwards

  83. Aaron Walter:
    I hope Dresden always holds onto his loyalty to his friends. His willingness to put himself at risk for those he cares about without question or hesitation really make him an incredible character.

  84. I hope that Harry never loses his wisecracking in the face of danger. I’m a bit worried with the first few chapters posted of Changes that he’s going somewhere dark again, but he’s been through the dark before.
    Secondary: I hope he never loses Molly, she has done so much to soften/mature Harry that he never really acknowledges.

  85. The Dresden Files is the only urban fantasy series where I buy each book as it’s released, and it’s one of only a handful of series from any genre where I do this. After reading Storm Front, I was hooked, and because my library didn’t have a copy of every book released until then, so I decided to buy them all. I’ve also managed to hook my dad on it too, so every year I buy the new Dresden book and we each read it and share our opinions.
    I would hope that Harry’s uncompromising attitude never changes. I find him very similar to John Crichton from the TV series Farscape. Like Crichton, Harry will often go to absurd lengths to do what’s right. When lives are on the line, he comes up with insane plans that he somehow pulls off. Sometimes it doesn’t work out perfectly, and people die or get hurt. Despite everything that he’s gone through, however, Harry doesn’t quit. It’s that, and not his magic powers, that make Harry such a strong hero.

  86. Changes!? Harry? Does not compute!
    I don’t think Harry will change much over time, but, if changes do happen down the line, let’s hope his entanglements with all sorts of “things” will never cease.
    On a side note, if there is one change I wish for Harry, it’s for him to finally find someone who will stick with him. Maybe we could get some little Harrys… πŸ˜‰

  87. I hope that Harry’s sense of self never changes. What I mean is that he has this sense of a set of core principles by which he always abides, and that he prizes as the foundations of what makes him who he is as a person. I love that he can be nervous and unsure of himself but he still has this ability to self identify as a man who loves learning, friends, family, chivalry, and the odd spider-man-esque one liner thrown in for good measure.

  88. Never Change: Harry’s big mouth gets him in big trouble.

  89. Harry FTW!
    Amanda Saba
    I hope Harry always keeps his sense of humor and his drive to fight for the underdog.

  90. Changes
    I can’t wait for Changes, the preview chapters were so tantalizing. One thing I hope never changes is that Harry never loses his snark. Without his humor, villains wouldn’t recognize him when they faced him!

  91. Kelley Harper/Changes
    I have had a huge crush on Harry Dresden for the last two or three years. His cutting wit and sarcastic sense of humor really appeals to me. Oh yeah, and the fact that he is a total badass, and a wizard to boot. What’s not to love?

  92. I hope Harry keeps his willingness to do what’s right, no matter what it costs him.

  93. Changes
    Looking forward to this book. The characters are great.
    Lisa O’Donnell

  94. Something I hope never changes about Harry? That little bit of geekiness. Why yes, you can be totally bad-ass and a little bit of a dork too.

  95. I hope he never loses Thomas. Having his brother in his life has grounded Harry. I hope now Jim has given Harry a daughter that Thomas isn`t sacrificed. (and of course the will to snark in the face of danger)

  96. I hope that Harry never stops making mistakes. His having to balance what he wants to do and what he needs to do, is also one of my most favorite characteristics and I hope that never changes.
    Thanks so much for this opportunity!!

  97. Tweet:
    I love Harry’s self-deprecating sense of humor.

  98. His ability to make me smile. Like if I got an ARC before my bday. That would be awesome.
    … Also, the sweat pants.

  99. I hope Harry never loses that duster. A good coat is worth it’s wait in gold.

  100. What I most hope never changes about Harry is his faith in those he loves. Like Thomas.

  101. I first got to know Harry with the television show Dresden Files. Then my friend insisted that I read the novels, no idea how I had missed the novels! I was totally hooked after just one book. Definitely looking forward to this new book.
    The one thing that I hope never changes about Harry is that he always stays true to himself. He has many qualities and characteristics that make him so unique. When he goes up against any conflict, he’s able to pull it off in a way that only he can do.

  102. I hope Harry never loses his outsider’s perspective, both being the outside insider among wizards and being a man apart among the muggles.

  103. I hope Harry never loses his tendency to charge into trouble just to save others.
    I also hope he never loses Murphy, but as she’s my favorite character this may be a bit personal.

  104. I hope Harry doesn’t lose his willingness to bend the rules of the White Council when necessary.

  105. I absolutely cannot wait for the release of this book. It’s going to be amazing.
    The thing that I hope never changes about Harry is his character…everything that makes Harry Harry. His snarky whit, his (sometimes skewed) sense of justice, the inability to ignore a damsel in distress, his quick thinking (i.e. Sue the Dino), his loyalty to his friends, his banter with Murphy and Michael, his awesome skills in battle, and so much more.

  106. I can’t wait for this book.
    I want Harry to never stop being Harry. I don’t know if that makes sense, but there is a certain “harry-ness” about him that I don’t want him to lose.

  107. I love the Dresden Files. Over the last year and a half, I all but inhaled the series and passed along the brilliance to both my father and my younger brother – both of whom are now anxiously awaiting the next book with me.
    As for what I hope will never change about Harry is his humanity. I don’t mean that in the sense of him becoming immortal but that Harry Dresden is such a developed character who battles not only the forces of evil but the daily issues of life as well. He has a dark side just like all the readers. He has hopes and fears and ambitions as well as a fabulously snarky voice that makes him more “real” than many of the characters in modern literature.

  108. I hope Harry never changes his coat. I love that coat.

  109. Changes
    Brandon Heacox
    These sample chapters are making me sick. I need another fix of the Dresden Files ASAP. I’ve already read the other over and over again.

  110. Don’t change his changing
    What I hope never changes about Wizard Dresden is that he never stops changing. He is always learning more, growing more as a person, rather than being the simple wisecracking character who is untouched by all the insanity going on around him.

  111. The one thing I hope never changes about Harry is his sense of love. He would go through hell and back for the people he cares about (Michael, Murphy, Thomas, etc) and I think if he lost that we would see a very darker individual who just wouldn’t be the same. It is those people that keep Harry the person who he is and without his love he just wouldn’t be the same.

  112. Harry
    What I hope never changes is Harry being alive. I had this nightmare where I read a Dresden book and then he died in the middle and suddenly the book jumped to someone else’s point of view. It took me mroe than two weeks to shake of that horrible feeling that Harry would die =(

  113. Dresden Files… hmmmm – what should Harry keep throughout the series? Hmmmm… *ponders* His love for Coke and… no, that’s all. Just his love for Coke. *g*

  114. I think the one think I hope never changes is his ability to keep moving forward even when everything seems to be going wrong.

  115. Harry Dresden
    I hope Mister & Thomas stay with Harry and that he always keeps an edge. His wise cracks, his darker way of looking at things but still being a good person.

  116. Love the Series! Anxiously awaiting Changes! I hope this series keeps ticking and we don’t start seeing major characters being killed off I hate losing my fictional friends 😦

  117. “I particularly would like to know what you hope never changes about Harry. ”
    James Marsters Reading the audiobooks. He literally is the voice of Harry in my head when I read the books.
    But in more plotty characterization terms, I’ve always liked how the various wizards have had strengths and weaknesses in particular aspects of magic, and in particular how Harry’s aware of his own abilities and limitations. It keeps him grounded, and I hope he never loses that.

  118. His sarcasm, and of course Bob. He wouldnt be Harry without them.

  119. As practically everyone else hopes- Harry’s gotta keep the humor, sarcasm, and witty banter that makes this series so priceless. Also- I will be depressed if anything ever happens to the Beetle, Mouse, or Mister! The car is a trademark, and everyone loves a bit with the dog! (or cat ^_^)
    Colleen Cowdery

  120. Ch Ch Ch Changes
    What do I not want to see changed about Harry Dresden….hmmm….Don’t let him ever lose his duster. Changing his sense of humor or sarcasm or any number of his core elements means that you are changing the whole series. That’s not gonna happen right? Yeah, I am going with please don’t take away the duster. Joe Cline (twitter is joeandshanna).

  121. Fantastic!
    You rock my socks for offering such an amazing prize!!! –

  122. changes
    I hope he never loses his attitude. I find his self depricating humor to be classic, especially in situations where he has gotten himself into hot water!
    Ben Nietzel

  123. Keep Harry an animal lover
    Love that Harry has a Cat and a Dog, Maybe a monkey next??

  124. So cool
    Harry Dresden is my idol

  125. Contest Entry
    The Dresden Files is absolutely amazing. I remember finding the first one, and devouring the rest of the available series within about a month (Dead Beat was the newest one back then)
    There are a few things that should never change about Harry. His wit, and ability to turn a clever phrase in the midst of a battle. His chivalry, as much as it might irritate Murphy. His unnatural, but loveable urge to do the right thing, no matter how bad a person he may think he is.
    The most important thing, is his devotion to his friends. They’ve been through alot together and I would hate to lose any of them! Mouse, Bob, Murphy, Thomas, Micheal, Molly. They’ve all become so important to the series!
    This is an awesome contest! So cool of you to do this πŸ˜€
    Sarah J ❀

  126. I hope that Harry never loses his sense of compassion. He can be a real mean bastard, but at the same time he does always try to look out for the underdog. The Warden’s cloak does fit him fairly well, and he takes his job seriously. I’d hate to see him succumb to his darker side completely, and give in to that mean streak that the Wardens and White Council have always feared about him.
    Plus, I hope he never loses Murphy. πŸ™‚ That would just be far too cruel.

  127. Sacrifice, Survival, Innovation
    Personally, one of my favorite aspects to Harry is his constant attempts at innovation. The shield bracelet, the force ring, the miniature city (which was great, even thought it almost backfired and killed him). He’s constantly learning, growing, and trying new things. The other thing I love about him is how he’s both self-sacrificing yet pragmatic. He is always willing to risk himself to save others, yet he isn’t borderline suicidal like so many characters become. He actively tries to survive and THINK before getting involved. He doesn’t go in blindly, instead he tries to line up as many advantages as he can well beforehand.

  128. love the series, I hope Harry never gives up his resolve is what makes him badass

  129. Johann Mitchell
    My first thought was that I want Harry to keep caring about people. With all that he sees every day, it would be easy for him to stop caring.
    But on second thought, he just wouldn’t be Harry without that skewed wit that’s always so much fun!
    My favorite line from the books is (as he’s bursting through a door to a fight): “And I’m all out of bubblegum!”
    I’m also lostarts on Twitter.

  130. Something that I hope never changes about Harry? That wonderful smart-ass sense of humor. It’s a trait that’s near and dear to my heart.

  131. I hope Harry never changes his sarcastic outlook on life. He could be half-dead and still fighting with a funny quip. πŸ™‚

  132. I love how Harry occasionally flirts with being a heel, but always remains a dirty babyface. Here’s hoping he never gets his moral compass too obscured… at least, not for an extended period of time.

  133. Harry is my Hero
    I hope truly that Harry doesn’t give up, and can find a way to save his child and be with Susan. Poor guy – he’s been through enough! I’ll keep reading until Jim stops publishing stories about Harry!
    SusietheGeek (on Twitter)
    Susan Murph

  134. What I hope never changes about Harry
    I was going to say something about the snark and wit, but I realized in truth, it just wouldn’t be Dresden if he didn’t bellow manfully and certainly never shriek like a girl.

  135. I’ve been a fan of the Dresden files since word one, and I truly can’t fathom anything that would change that fact.
    What I love about Harry is that, at his core and in spite of a lot of unfortunate and tragic events, he remains true to his ideas of right and wrong, his dedication to those he cares about as well as strangers who are in danger, and his self-deprecating humor in the face of a crisis. He’s got a brilliant mind and an iron will, but he doesn’t come across as a self-important jerk. Instead, those qualities are balanced with a kind heart and a fair-minded outlook. When you factor in his many vulnerabilities and his stick-to-it attitude (not to mention the ruggedly handsome and tall figure he embodies), you’ve got yourself a damn near perfect man.
    Harry is a character that the reader can, faults and all, envision as a real and valued friend.

  136. I’m going to go with his attitude. Both the good and bad parts of it. He is a man who stands up for what he believes in… even if he gets knocked down in a fiery ball.
    Great contest btw!

  137. I hope Harry never loses his snarky sense of humor or his integrity. I think he would die without either one.

  138. Love Dresden
    Harry has always been one to enjoy the fun aspects of his magic, like realizing how cool it is to ride a dinosaur into battle. I hope he never loses that sense of wonder.

  139. HARRY!!
    I hope that Harry never looses his Power of The Snark! He Always makes his foes Monkey-Scat Throwing Mad with his simple Power of The Snark. That Makes Me Endlessly Happy.
    I dont ever want Harry to loose his Self Deprecating and Somewhat Paranoid Self/World View Ever. Laugh. Out. Lound. Funny. Really.
    — I Love The Dresden Files. I am slowly assimilating all my friends into Dresdenites. Oh Yes, They Will All Join. Oh Yes. All Of Them… Muahahahahaha..

  140. Hmm. What I really want to see change in Changes are the character relationships. Relationships are always evolving, especially under stress. And I think with the amount of stress soon to be in Harry Dresden’s life, there could be a lot of opportunity for character changes.

  141. I hope they don’t change any of the lead cast.
    the addition of real family to harry i change enough.
    I just want to see harry getting out of sticky situations

  142. Changes
    I hope I win, but even if I don’t I’ll be buying this as soon as it comes out.
    My favorite thing I hope never changes about Harry is rather silly, but his addiction to Coke rivals my own makes me feel a little less guilty. That and his tendency to destroy massive amounts of private property.

  143. One thing that’s always impressed me about the character of Harry Dresden is that he’s always growing– always learning. Whatever happens to him, he takes something from it to better defend his friends, territory, and self in the future. He earns his power-ups the hard way, in other words. I don’t ever want to see that change.

  144. Lost Kidney, but not Heart
    Twitter name klimaxx138
    Please do not change Harry’s heart. In my own person life, I have experience the lost of my kidneys and my transplant kidney today. I am a 6 years old African American male. I have read Harry’s emotional, physical and spiritual pain for years and his courage is beautiful. I try to remain the same way. Thank you Jim.

  145. I hope he never loses his self-deprecating sense of humor. It’s what I enjoy best about the series. (That, and when he gets clobbered, but then manages to win.)

  146. I hope that Harry’s constant fighting for good never changes.

  147. I hope that Harry continues to choose the lesser of the two evils presented….and that he continues to be a good guy, flawed like all of us but basically good. JB can be soooo mean to Harry at times! LOL!

  148. I hope that Harry never loses his sense of chivalry. I can definitely see the series getting darker, but without even a shred of hope, the series just wouldn’t be the same. Even if Harry becomes even more cynical and jaded as his world crumbles, I hope he still maintains his air of being a gentleman.

  149. Dresden
    The 2 things about Harry can’t change. 1.) The coat (trademark awesome) 2.) the snark(pure sarcasm wins everytime!!!)

  150. Oh, I am SO looking forward to the next instalment of the Dresden Files! As for what I hope never changes about Harry – his constant willingness to do what needs to be done, regardless of the cost – and then his refusal to let the cost ruin him

  151. Dresden Files ARC Contest
    The one thing I hope never changes about Harry is his sense of humor. Being a wise-ass in the face of great danger is something I particularly love about the character.
    George Lister

  152. Harry and Thomas’s relationship must remain. It can change a bit, but I couldn’t cope with them having a real hard falling-out. And before a certain incident, I might have said something about Michael. :/

  153. I like how Harry always seems to be the underdog, even if it’s just in his own mind.
    Sure he’s a wizard, he has great power, lots of potential, yet he is hampered by his morals, his view of what is right. You read the books and see that if he’d just bend those morals a little, his life would be sooo much simpler. Yet he doesn’t bend, his morals, while they do change over time, are there and they keep him human.
    I hope that doesn’t change.

  154. I’ve been an enormous fan of the Dresden Files (and Harry in particular) since I was introduced to them. He’s one of my all-time favorite characters, largely due to his “eff the rules, I
    going to do the right thing (and perhaps die doing it =P) no matter what” mentality. Can’t wait for the new book. ARC or otherwise. Keep em’ coming!!
    – Brian Faneuff

  155. The one thing I would not want to change about Harry would be his sarcastic remarks to just about everything. It keeps me going.
    IRL: Felicia Malin
    Twitter: newbieRighter

  156. Don’t ever change.
    While I love Harry’s sarcastic and deprecating humor, it’s best put to use once Harry’s getting whomped. Jim, please don’t ever stop whomping Harry. πŸ˜‰

  157. Changes to Harry
    Love this series so much. I would hate to see Harry lose his passion for fighting for the little guy. He seems to embroil himself in his clients situation with such haphazard dedication that it often nearly get him killed. -mike

  158. What i don’t what ever to change is Harry’s geekness, is one of the things that drove me to the series, and one of the things that still has me on themΒ·

  159. Changes
    The one thing i hope Harry never loses is his humor… even in the face of overwhelming odds, he cracks jokes, often at his own expense. It really adds to the pacing of the novels in my opinion. Everything else is free game… I trust Jim implicitly. Darkness may come, but Harry will find a way through it eventually.

  160. I would like to win a book!
    I trust the author that, whatever changes do happen, the series will remain awesome. (And… I hope that does not change? ^_^ )

  161. There are so many things I hope never changes with Harry, it’s hard to list them all. Maybe I’d actually be better off naming what I DO hope changes: like his relationship status with Murphy~!
    I know that seems terribly shallow in the face of all the other more poignant and too-true hopes of others, but my theory is this:
    If Harry’s with Murphy, she’ll definitely never let him fall astray! (…Because she has a gun and knows how and when to use it.)

  162. I hope he never loses that “If I’m goin’ down, I’m takin’ you with me” attitude.

  163. Oooh!
    What not to change about Harry? What he believed in from the first book, what the pentagram means for him. That magic is life, of life and for life, and it does and should reaffirm life, no matter what comes his ways.

  164. Harry…
    What I never want to change about Harry? For purely selfish reasons, I want him to keep overlooking those little things he misses early on, because if he gets too sharp, he’ll figure things out too soon and it won’t be so entertaining to watch him get in deeper, and deeper into trouble.

  165. Changes
    There’s not a whole lot about about Harry that needs to Change. His skills and powers are growing to a point where he will be able to challenge, not fear the White Counsel. I would like to see Harry hone his abilities even more and become a little darker. Harry needs to do more traveling. South America, Europe, and any other place where a nest of Red Vamps needs to be wiped out. If there is any chance Harry can use his magic to make Mouse more powerful, he should go for it. Or…. He should accept the position of Winter Night to augment his powers then outwit the Winter Court to free himself of serving.

    I love how much heart Harry has- I think it’s what keeps him grounded and real.

  167. Changes competition
    I’d love to review Changes for the Full Metal Librarian ( launching soon! I’m a huge Dresden fan.
    I love the magical realism and the obvious knowledge Jim Butcher puts into the books, but what makes the series for me is the way Harry continues to grow and learn about himself, gaining new power and perspective while still seeing himself as a little guy. That’s the thing I most would hate to change although I can’t see it happening – Jim seems to have a really solid grasp on the character. After that, I’d hate to see Murphy or Bob get axed!

  168. I hope he never stops playing D&D. πŸ™‚

  169. What I hope never changes about Harry himself is that wonderful snark of his. That friendly neighbourhood Spiderman-like running commentary he does… well, always.
    I also love the way there’s three levels of perception in Harry’s narration: what he thinks of himself, what he believes other people to think about himself and how other people actually think about him, that he often fails to understand. I like that. I hope that doesn’t cange too.
    Oh, and the pop culture references Harry’s always making, keep them coming! That’s what sold me to these books in the first place. The subtle and quick to anger bit in the very first chapter of Storm Front (that has come up again in chapter four of Changes, to my eternal glee and undignified girlish squee).

  170. Harry’s unique view on the world – he never fails to crack me up even at things that shouldn’t be overtly funny. I hope Harry never EVER changes in that regard!

  171. I’m a big fan of the Dresden Files, and I really hope that Harry doesn’t change so much that he distances himself from his friends. I also hope that he’s able to pull Thomas back from the edge. When Thomas was fighting his vampiric urges, he was downright heroic. Giving in to his inner demon is easy, but fighting those urges is the stuff heroes are made of. Also, the snark must stay! πŸ™‚

  172. Please don’t change…
    I really, really, really hope that (and I might get some flack for this) Harry and Murphy never really get together
    I like their friendship and I love the fact that Butcher let’s a man and a wo
    an be friends. I feel like we’d lose some of the complexity of the relatioship if they were to get all sweaty and naked.

  173. I hope Dresden and Murphy never get together. Sexual tension is so much better reading than a relationship.

  174. Dresden
    I really hope harry never changes in a way that he becomes real serious in the way he sees things. One reason that keeps me coming back to read more is the witty banter he does.

  175. I hope Harry never loses his friends – because his friends keep him on the path of ‘mostly good, only do fucked up shit because I need to protect them’. They help him see the world is not black and white, but many shades of gray, and those shades keep Harry – despite all his shifts in power and position – human.

  176. Changes
    I’m worried about that ‘daughter’ tweet I saw a while ago. ‘Changes’ indeed. Are we going down that supernatural romance pathway? This way lies madness!

  177. Harry never change your. . .
    Snarky sense of humor and sarcasm in even the worse situations.

  178. I love these books. I had the library I work for pick up all of them and we can’t keep them on the shelf. they’re constantly in circulation. We’ve even had to replace them a few times because patrons have worn them out. And anyone I’ve recommended them too has come back saying they like the series.
    Anyways, I hope that Harry can always stay the way he is deep down in his core. He’s snarky, (the worse the situation is, the snarkier he gets), he’ll fight even if the odds are completely against him, he’ll stand up for those who can’t protect themselves, he’ll make sacrifices without thinking about it, and he’s a decent person. You don’t get a whole lot of decent people any more.
    Really looking forward to the new book.

  179. I hope mouse and Bob go unchanged as well as Harry keeping his humor and wit intact. I also hope we never lose the persevering punching bag-ness of the Dresden files. I love a hero who can get beat to within an inch of Hades and still come out on top.
    Tim O’Donnell

  180. Hope Harry never loses site of his sense of justice and his morals. It would be terribly disappointing if after all his battles that he becomes as twisted and corrupt as his adversaries. Hope Harry also maintains his sardonic wit, his quips keep me coming back for more Dresden files.

  181. The ‘accuracy’ of the universe
    OK so not technically about Harry but I hope that the level of detail Jim puts into the world around Harry never drops. The accuracy of the lore is the main reason I read Dresden Files!


  182. Meg Blaha
    I hope Harry never loses his wicked sense of humor.

  183. Changes…
    It may seem a simple request, but…
    The cowboy boots and duster–don’t go changin’

  184. Gosh, there are so many things I love about Harry. Just read Turncoat over spring break and don’t know how long I can go without a ‘fix’.
    Never change his ‘help the underdog, though I don’t have a clue what’s going on’ attitude.

  185. The things that I most hope will never change about Harry are, firstly, Mouse– I hope Mouse stays with Harry as long as there is a Harry– and secondly, the slightly harassed, slightly disbelieving outlook that Harry has sometimes. Like when he’s in the middle of a desperate situation and he realizes that yet another building has just caught fire around him. “Not my fault!”

  186. Twitter Comment
    Looking forward to the new book. I’ll be one of the first to buy it.

  187. Don’t Change…..
    I really don’t want to see Harry lose his sense of loyalty. I find it one of his best qualities.

  188. Changes – Dresden
    I hope that Harry never loses his willingness to help his friends, even if they don’t always want it.

  189. I never want Harry Dresden to lose his sarcastic wit in the face of extreme danger. Really, there’s something about a guy who is a total wise ass to the big bad that works for me.
    If he lost that, he’d be a rather boring character.

  190. What shouldn’t change
    His loyalty to his friends.

  191. *Spoilerish comment for Dresden/Murphey, depending on how far you’ve read in the series*
    I love Dresden’s relationship with Murphey as it stands now and really hope that it stays NON-romantic.
    */Spoilerish comment for Dresden/Murphey, depending on how far you’ve read in the series*

  192. Hmmmmmmmmm this is hard – things I like about Harry that I hope never change…
    1) Sense of humor or snarkiness – he can find the funny even in the worst of situations
    2) Determination/stubbornness – He’s going to do what he needs to do regardless of the odds or personal cost & he’s damned creative while he’s getting the job done
    3) Loyalty – he’s got ethics & a conscience in addition to being loyal to his friends
    4) Pop culture references – Love them! It shows he’s a well rounded geek
    Lord knows I’ll think of others as I’m rereading the series in preparation for Book 12 on 6 April…

  193. One of my favourite series ❀ So very few books in my collection have me laughing one moment and tearing up the next, but the Dresden Files do just that to me. These are also the books that got my fiance reading for pleasure (this is a big deal. We've been together 9 years, and in that 9 years, he told me that the only books that he's even read for fun, in his entire life, was The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Now, I can't keep up with his demand for new books!)
    I love Harry so much that I don’t want him to change at all, but I know that he must grow, learn and adapt over time. I hope he keeps his sense of humour and his loyalty to his friends. These are two things that really make Harry Harry.

  194. Changes!!!
    I hope he never changes his snarky attitude I love all the sarcastic one liners he comes out with πŸ˜€
    Chris Brierley

  195. Pretty awesome contest! πŸ˜€
    I hope Dresden never loses his dark sense of humor. It makes reading the books so much more entertaining and is a fantastic character trait since it allows him to deal with some pretty intense situations.

  196. what should never change about Harry…
    his humanity, and by that I mean his imperfections, foibles, sarcasm, pettiness, and everything else that makes him ‘real.’ Sure, he’s a wizard, but first and foremost he’s just a guy trying to make it in the world, and do the right thing. That is what makes him such a great character, and your stories such wonderful reads….I feel like I am reading about a real person that I have come to admire and respect.
    Ed Fisher

  197. Changes
    I hope Harry never looses, I’m not quite sure how to put it, his sense of “self”. He is our slightly soiled paladin who knows he can fail at any moment, but he keeps plugging along because there may not be anyone else who can do what he does. That sense of “self” is why I will never quit reading the Dresden books. Now if only we could kick SyFy’s collective butts for cancelling the TV series…..
    Thank You
    Rose Prescott

  198. What I hope never changes about Harry? The sense of humor he possesses. Sure, it might take different shapes through the series, from serious to macabre, but it is this ability to laugh in the face of overwhelming odds that, I think, gets him through a lot of the rough patches. He hides behind his jokes and that is what makes him able to keep going.

  199. Changes
    Veronica Buck
    I like how Harry is always the underdog. No matter what battle or who he’s up against… It’s always fun to root for the guy who’s a longshot. (yeah, that horrible pun was intended πŸ˜‰ )

  200. I’m So excited! I can’t wait!

  201. Ack. I can’t think of anything I would want to see changed about Harry. I especially don’t ever want to see Harry become someone who becomes strict about the rules. His living on the ragged edge is what makes me love him so much. (Sorry about the gushing, but I do love Dresden.)

  202. I hope Harry never loses his attitude.

  203. Harry Dresden
    I hope Harry never loses his (unfortunate) ability to fry electronics. It makes the story more fun and more difficult for Harry that he can’t use any modern conveniences like cell phones, GPS systems, etc. I like that his magic screws with hi-tech toys, much as Superman is also vulnerable to magic.
    I think Mr. Butcher has to be more inventive to get Harry through these stories without electronic help.

  204. My favorite part of the Dresden Files is the relationship between Harry and his brother. It was after the short story in Many Bloody Returns that I really fell in love with Harry. Before that I mainly read for Thomas and the Carpenters.


  206. Dont change a thing!
    You have created a one of a kind character. The one thing I would ask that you don’t change over all others though is his humanity. He may be an all powerful wizard,and has his dark moments but Harry Dresden is one of the nicest characters in books. Don’t let whatever bad is bound to come his way change him for the worse.

  207. I hope Harry never loses his humility or his hope. Through all of his wins and losses, he doesn’t lose sight of the fact that he could fail, that the next challenge could bring him to his limits, and yet he always gives his all, and doesn’t lose heart. Despite his power and supernatural surroundings, Harry is a completely fallible, and absolutely HUMAN protagonist, and that’s what makes him so lovable.

  208. Like so many others, I hope he never loses his sense of humor.

  209. Changes
    His absolute inability to give up. It’s written so well that this comes across as a truly human trait, and not a plot device. Love these books – one of those handful of times where a tv show got me hooked on an author!

  210. dresden files ARC changes giveaway
    i RT on twitter(strokegirl) and am now leaving a comment as i would be thrilled to win an advance copy of this book! add me to pile of people who love his sarcasm, wit, and heart. And bob, i really do adore bob.

  211. I hope Harry remains his regular snarky sarcastic self & that he & the core of Team Harry (Bob, Murphy, Mouse, Mister, Molly & Toot-Toot) all come out alive in the end & mostly in one piece.

    • I hope Harry continues to fail in finding all the little pieces. That years from now when the series winds down he, and by extension we, never find out the answer to all the thousand little mysteries that accumulate book after book.
      What exactly went down in Arctis Tor? What will Marva use the Word of Kemmler for? What was in the box provided to Mr Ferro, or what properties does the blade presented to the Leanandsidhe (but now in possession by Mab) possess.
      Some mysteries will undoubtedly play a part in Harry’s future and become answered. But I hope that a good number of these mysteries remain mysteries and that Harry never becomes powerful enough or crafty enough to get all the answers.
      -Jason Meller

  212. What I don’t want to change about Harry? The relationships he has with Thomas, Murphy, the Carpenters, and all the other wonderful cast of characters.

  213. Ben Robertson
    One of the things I’ve liked the most about Harry and I hope never changes is he ALWAYS does the right thing, and sees it through to the end, no matter how much danger it puts him in, or how difficult the journey is. Even in the last book, he was given the chance to step aside and allow things to play out without him risking his neck against enemies far more powerful, and with better resources, than he is/had. But he chose not to, and even if things didn’t work out quite the way he wanted them to, I wouldn’t have enjoyed it any other way.

  214. Forgive me if this is long–I ramble when I am passionate;)
    Harry would rather destroy himself saving the world, and those he loves than admit defeat. Our noir hero–bloody, starving, sarcastic, noble, and suffering from terminal insomnia. Who would fall on one of the swords he keeps if it meant no one must die on his watch. He spends so much time smothered in darkness, yet worries that he may taint his friends, and keeps his burdens to himself. Who scoffs at the term hero, or knight, even as he burns himself alive proving exactly that.

  215. Keri K
    There are so many things I would never want Harry to change… his wit, his sarcasm, his chivalry, his heart, his knack with electronic devices. He is such a lovable underdog, kind of my own Indiana Jones. Keep the Dresden books coming!

  216. Harry’s uncompromising belief in his own moral compass is what makes him one of my favorite characters in fiction, and I absolutely hope that it never changes. Even when it’s difficult or causes him pain and suffering, he does what he feels to be right — and he does it on his own terms.

  217. Love this series…
    I fell in love with Harry about 2 years ago. I was quickly running through the library stacks of fiction looking for a decent vampire novel when I happened upon Blood Rites. I picked it up and I’ve been hooked ever since. I own every book in the series and I even turned my 56 year old mother into a Dresden junkie.
    Since I started reading the series, I have always enjoyed Harry’s off-the-cuff sense of humor. He never disappoints when it comes to a good comeback or an opening for a joke. I love Jim Butcher’s sense of timing with Harry, most especially when Bob is involved.
    If I could win this ARC, it would possibly be the best birthday present EVER!

  218. Love the funny. Love the sarcasm. Bob and Mouse, and Mister. Murphy, too, but the one thing….
    Harry always defends the little guy. He doesn’t ever become one for “the greater good.” That’s somebody else’s job. It’s the “smaller good” that Harry does.

  219. I almost feel cheap saying that I never want Harry to lose his sense of humour and generally wayward path through life – those things are just so intrinsically Harry that it’d be hard to imagine him without them.
    Also he must never lose the duster. The duster is forever.
    (I could stand to see this whole ‘him and Murphy refusing to hook up’ thing change, though.)

  220. I hope Harry always keeps his kind heart & his snarky sense of humor! And Bob … he’s gotta keep Bob.

  221. I hope Harry’s sarcasm and wit never changes.

  222. The Dresden Files are a very cool series. Also I saw Pat Rothfuss’ ARC of Changes last night and was filled with both admiration and jealousy. So I would never want Harry to lose his desire to do what is right no matter the costs.
    Tim K.

  223. I hope never gives up on his friends and family, especially thomas.

  224. I’m Joanna, and I am crazy excited about this book. I really hope that Harry never loses his faith in humanity.

  225. Dresden’s Humor
    I think Harry’s wry sense of humor is an absolute necessity to surviving in the harsh world that surrounds him. If he were to ever lose that he would be a very different person.
    Michael Colwill

  226. Wow this is a little hard. Definitely one thing not change is his sarcasm. When everything else was falling apart about his ears his sarcasm was steadfast. Also, keep him the humble hero. No one likes an over powered bragger and the way he is now makes him easy to connect to.

  227. Nora Granger
    @arcaedia No matter if Harry is speaking to the big bad evil or an angel here on Earth none escape his rapier wit. Don’t ever change.

  228. His ambivalence
    I hope Harry never stops questioning himself. That’s the most interesting thing about the character–that he’s not always sure if what he’s doing is the right thing, and always second-guessing his actions and questioning his own motives. It makes him very complex as a character and makes the books that much more developed.

  229. Golly. What would I like to never change about Harry? His bright and cheery outlook probably tops that list. Also I don’t think he should turn green.

  230. His loyalty towards his friends and family, and the things he’s willing to do to protect them.

  231. His chivalry of course! Nothing advances a plot more than a guy who can’t save no to a damsel in distress….

  232. Very excited about Changes! Can’t wait to read it.
    I hope that Harry never loses his gut-check loyalty toward his “family” both the blood relatives and built family of friends – human and otherwise. I like that he questions it and that he second-guesses himself, but I also love that in the end, he (often stubbornly) stands by his loved ones in sometimes the most horrifying cases.

  233. I hope Harry never loses his sense of humor – his ability to crack a joke even in the bleakest situation is one of the (many) reasons this series is so much fun to read.
    Can’t wait for Changes…

  234. Harry rules
    Having just recently discovered The Dresden Files, and having read all eleven books published so far in a row, I just have to give this a try, jet-lag and lack of sleep none withstanding, because I MISS Harry terribly already.
    I hope that Harry never loses the Mighty Blue Beetle! (Or his sense of humor, his sarcastic wit, his desire to do the right thing and to get into trouble despite – or because – of that, his ability to find allies in the unlikeliest places, …)

  235. From the very first moment, I loved the unique voice of The Dresden Files. I love Harry’s irreverence most of all.

  236. The one thing I hope never changes about Harry is his identification with the underdog. He is playing in bigger and bigger circles, but what makes him likeable is even though he *is* a big deal, he never thinks of himself as one. He doesn’t need to be humble(because he isn’t, really), but I like how he always focused in on the small stuff even when there is global catastrophe going on.

  237. Changes!
    Hooray fir amazing blogs and amazing giveaways! Thanks so much for doing this πŸ™‚
    What would I never want changed about Harry? Easy: his wicked sense of humor as he makes his way through the world. A close second? Mouse!

  238. Changes
    He definitely can’t lose his sarcasm!

  239. changes
    my name is Henry c. Berry III and i have previewed the first 4 chapters and i cant wait for it to hit the stores.i am amped up about what he will do next and who will come charging to the fight/rescue.will he handle it all himself or will those countless people he has helped all come to wage a war to retrieve his daughter

  240. i hope he will be the same wise cracking good guy although i’d like him to cut loose a bit.

  241. I hope Harry never loses his mordant sense of humor and ability to see the funny side of things even when they’re at their worst!

  242. Arc, arc, arc (makes seal noises)
    I am –
    I love that Harry:
    1) Isn’t invincible;
    2) Occasionally does something stupid and has to recover from it;
    3) Has friends and pets, elderly neighbors, and a LIFE that he has to fit in and protect from the weirdness;
    4) Is a smartass.

  243. Changes!
    I hope Harry never loses his feeling of belonging to a family once again. He achieved his dream when he found his brother, but even if he loses him, I hope he is always able to draw on that comfort when things are at their darkest for him.

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