auction items might make great gifts for the readers and writers in your life

Earlier this week, I posted about my client Alison Kent, who has organized a fundraiser event: For Jo Leigh, who lost her husband to cancer earlier this year. Like many writers, Jo Leigh and her husband had no health coverage, and so Alison (and others) put a call out to the writing community for contributions to auction so they could help. There are many books, goodies, and author/agent/editor critiques.

I am offering a critique of three chapters (not to exceed 50 pages) and a synopsis (up to 10 pages). You can bid for this at:

4 responses to “auction items might make great gifts for the readers and writers in your life

  1. The bidding has exceeded $300. Nice job!
    Oh, and thanks for the free shipping. 😉

  2. Wow! That is so amazing! I am so awed by the people donating to help an author in need. You mean there is hope for humanity and that people really do care about each other still?
    Thank you Ms. Jennifer for being one of the many on that list. Very exciting!

  3. I just wanna say Jennifer, YOU ROCK, as a women with cancer myself and finally in some form of recovery, its quite wamring of the heart to see you do this to help.I am always amazed as writers support writers to keep at good times and bad and they are there. Much respect Peace Blessings Mt

  4. You totally kicked butt on that auction.

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