I went to Comicon and all I got was a tshirt

I didn’t expect Comicon to be quite as wearying as either BEA or LBF, but it was. I am only just now beginning to feel somewhat recovered. One of my friends has the idea that the Javits Center sucks energy out of you as she claims to feel less tired at the SD Comicon than the NYC one, even though the former is three times as large. Maybe that building just has bad feng shui.

With the official side-kick in tow, I headed down early on Friday and got a chance to walk a large portion of the publisher section of the floor. The show didn’t open to the public until the afternoon, which meant Friday was a “quieter” day. Saturday was less so. If you want an idea of the mash-up, dianora2 has a picture in her entry. Friday evening, I escaped to the East Side with jimbutcher for dinner, and we had a relaxing time because we both anticipated Saturday being very busy as he had three signings and a panel to appear on to promote “The Dresden Files: Welcome to the Jungle,” the original comic book story serving as prologue to the Storm Front (The Dresden Files, Book 1) adaptation (the graphic novel that I linked to will be out in October). Saturday evening, I hosted a little gathering for jimbutcher to celebrate the launch of the comic and the success Small Favor (The Dresden Files, Book 10) is enjoying. We had pizza and cupcakes and Jim told fun stories.

On Sunday, I did not make my way back to the convention center. Instead I saw Vienna Teng in the Park, and then headed to the LES for maryrobinette‘s puppet show version of Peter and the Wolf (where I wondered how many of the small tykes in the audience recognized the E.T. theme played during the opening musical section) and then maryrobinette, maryrobinette‘s husband, mcurry and I all traipsed off to grab dinner and chat.

Very full weekend and I didn’t read a single page of manuscript submissions, which is very unusual. And somehow it’s already Wednesday.

6 responses to “I went to Comicon and all I got was a tshirt

  1. You’re a Vienna Teng fan, as well! Your taste truly is impeccable.
    As for the con, I’m glad to know others were as exhausted by their time in the Javits Center as I was. The past few nights, I’ve gone to bed at 10:30, when my usual bedtime is closer to 1 AM. Good to know I’m not alone!

  2. When I used to work the San Diego Comic Con for Del Rey, I was always sort of numb after being there for five days straight. It was a blast while we were there, but once your shift was over, you were just dead on your feet.

  3. Exhausted
    Funny, I was exhausted by the end of Sunday as well. I was walking around the last hour feeling like I was going to collapse into a pile in the middle of the convention floor.

  4. Bought and read the first installment of the comic today, and I have to say it is awesome. Really looking forward to the next part 🙂

  5. Big conventions tend to do that to me, too. (Loved the first issue of the comic, btw.)

  6. The Javits Center has moderately bad feng shui, but the real problem is that it’s at the ass end of nowhere.

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