It’s a Dresden Files week… Numfar — do the dance of joy…

Since mcurry blathered about it on matociquala‘s….

“SCI FI will be producing Dresden Files, a two-hour backdoor pilot film based on the Jim Butcher novels and co-executive produced by Nicolas Cage.”

I understand there’s already a grassroots fan movement to get James Marsters cast in the role of Dresden (there’s already a connection since he’s the voice of the audio editions put out by Buzzy Multimedia).

And here’s an interview with Jim on Crescent Blues:

And get your cover art — get your red-hot cover art here: — I’m supposed to be getting cover flats soon, but I just can’t wait to share the look of Jim’s new epic fantasy series, Codex Alera. *big grin*

7 responses to “It’s a Dresden Files week… Numfar — do the dance of joy…

  1. Yippee! What’s a “backdoor pilot”?

    • Backdoor pilot: a movie slang term (may have been coined in Variety) meaning a pilot episode filmed as a standalone movie, so it can be broadcast even if it is not picked up as a series. It’s a test. And if the ratings are good enough….

  2. Please tell me they’re not really changing his name from “Harry” to “Eric.” You lose a quarter of the jokes that way!
    Ah well. Hollywood. Take your money and never look back…

    • Ehrich Weiss was Harry Houdini’s real name, see. It’s actually a very good choice, if they’re opting not to use Harry (which, given Harry Potter, I am not one bit surprised about). So the jokes still work. It’s just that your audience has to be a little bit more in the know. 🙂

  3. Woooooot!
    Go, Jim!

  4. I was really jazzed to get Jim’s mail with the cover art — in case the desktop wallpaper thing I put together this morning wasn’t any sort of hint there. Our boy is going places!
    (This is Fred, the guy running Jim’s site)

  5. Oh FABULOUS. I can SO see Marsters as Harry Dresden.
    I’m just going to have to break down and get cable, aren’t I?
    Speaking of cover flats, did you get the one I sent you?

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