Too cool not to crow….

From the 4/5/2004 issue of Publisher’s Weekly:

“Within the more traditional boundaries of the genre, Groell says she’s been seeing a lot of manuscripts that deal with global warming. In June, Bantam will release a hardcover novel that centers on the issue: Forty Signs of Rain by veteran SF writer Kim Stanley Robinson. The book is the first in a trilogy of eco-thrillers from the author of the Mars Trilogy. Another futuristic trilogy that mixes ecology and politics is tentatively set to debut next January with Hammered by first-time novelist Elizabeth Bear. The book imagines a world in which the U.S. has all but destroyed itself and Canada has become a superpower.”

Yep — that’s our very own eBear. In the same paragraph with Kim Stanley Robinson. Not bad company and nice to get a mention in PW before the book is even that far into production. Woot!

5 responses to “Too cool not to crow….

  1. Wow, yeah.
    Guess this means I get to keep my title, huh?

    • Compliments both to the published novelist to be and her agent. Being mentioned in the same breath as KSR is high praise. And who knows? Maybe you’re catching the wave and the series will *really* sell.
      And you can truly laugh at pitiful “Jane Austen Doe”

  2. It MUST be a fantasy… Canada as a superpower?

    Seriously, way awesome! Looking forward to it.

  3. Congratulations to eBear and to you (on you choice of such talented clients)!

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