happy release day!

Turn Coat (The Dresden Files, Book 11)

Butcher’s series star, wizard detective Harry Dresden, has been facing ever more varied and dangerous trials. Once just Chicago’s only wizard PI, Harry is now a warden of the White Council of Wizards—that is, one of the enforcers of its rules—and it seems as though every time he gets a better grasp on his magical strength, his enemies worsen. When the “parole officer” of Harry’s youth, Morgan, grievously injured and pursued by the wardens, comes to Harry for help, it’s the opening salvo of serious confrontation with the council. Morgan stands accused of killing senior council member LaFortier. The murder was certainly an inside job, and time is short to find the real killer before Morgan is summarily executed. Simultaneously, something unbelievably horrible and by all accounts far too powerful to take on alone is stalking Dresden. Searching for the killer, Harry’s caught up in a plot leading to the White Court vampires and the very halls of the White Council. Meanwhile, his dog’s daily duty is keeping Harry’s apprentice and Morgan from one another’s throats. Fortunately, Harry’s sense of humor lightens the tone of even the most serious confrontation, so though Butcher has turned up the tension here, this is an intense, satisfying, and action-packed addition to the Dresden Files. –Booklist

Longeye (sequel to Duainfey)

Hidden from the human-inhabited world by the inimical magical device known as the keleigh, the Vaitura has become a subtle battleground where the once all-powerful Elder Fey strive against each other and the upstart Queen to regain ascendancy. Of all the Elder Fey it is Altimere who is strongest in magical kest and Altimere who is most devious. Pitted against Zaldore and her group seeking to manipulate the convelescing Ranger known as Longeye to foil the Queen and rule the world, Altimere dares to utilize the untested powers of half-human, half-Fey Rebecca Beauvally, recognized by the elemental denizens of the Vaitura as The Gardener.

Today is also the release day for Vienna Teng’s new album Inland Territory. I saw her play the entire album straight through at a benefit concert in New York (where one of the audience benefits was a recording of the show!) and I’m still trying to decide what my favorite song is…

8 responses to “happy release day!

  1. Yay! More Harry Dresden! That’ll go on my wishlist right away….

  2. My wife has been eagerly awaiting Turn Coat. I still have to make myself sit down and read the rest of the series.

  3. Hurray for Vienna’s new CD!
    Oh, and for the new books from Jim and Sharon & Steve too! 😉

  4. I love it when you post about Jim Butcher’s new releases. I tell my boy. He buys the book. It’s a great system. 🙂

  5. I’m torn between wishing the Amazon box would get here faster, and knowing that I have too much work this week to get very far in either book. Much gnashing of teeth here, because I have so been looking forward to both.

  6. Can’t wait. My wife snagged Turncoat today before she got home from work. Of course, that just means she has dibs on reading it first. 🙂

  7. Oh my goodness, Turncoat was soooo good. Butcher better write another one. And another one. And another one.

  8. Happily, my bookstore asked me a while ago if I wanted to reserve a copy of Turn Coat. Sadly I thought I would have to wait until the next day to read it. Happily, due to a broken gas main, I was released early from work and had a chance to read most of it. Sadly, I stayed up too late because I couldn’t put it down when I should have. Happily, it was an incredibly enjoyable book with depth, deception, danger, and drama reigning supreme. Sadly, I will have to wait a while for the next.
    Would you be so kind as to please convey my thanks and best regards?

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