Author/Agent Dialogue Series

My friend, agent Lucienne Diver, is having a dialogue with her client, David Coe, over on her blog. It starts with their want ads. These were fun, and now I wonder how mine would read….

Their exchange continues here (where David talks about what he gets out of the relationship besides just deals and negotiation) and here (where Lucienne discusses things writers should keep in mind to keep the relationship going strong). And it looks like they are taking questions in comments, so go on over and ask away!

I’ve been wondering about client interviews myself, but haven’t worked my head around how I want to do the format or who to start with (maybe I’d have to do a poll).

4 responses to “Author/Agent Dialogue Series

  1. *laughs* Those are terrific!
    I’ve often wondered about author interviews. Sometimes they’re incredibly helpful, but very often they’re repeats of what was already asked, or they’re kind of… well, useless questions. I keep reading every interview I can find, however, because the gems are always excellent.

  2. I think it’s a terrific idea.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. It’s often scary for new authors, because, I know for me, I picture a meeting where so much of you is on the line you’re afraid of being real for fear of loosing an opportunity.

  4. I think client interviews would be very informative and give us unpublished folk an opportunity to see the agent/client relationship from both sides. Even though I’ve heard nothing but good things about you. 😉

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