letters from the query wars

# of queries read this week: 115
# of partials requested: 1
genres of partials requested: historical mystery with paranormal elements

This week I wish to express my thanks to those who queried by snailmail and used forever stamps or added 1 cent stamps to their old 41’s.

For those couple people still living in the 41-cent era (or even earlier — I got a 39-center this week, too), the rate went up on the 12th of this month. Anything mailed after that date needs to have the new amounts of postage on it (anything postmarked prior, I’ll add what’s needed and that goes for requested submissions too). Here’s the current rates for #10 letter-size envelopes:

Weight Not Over
1 ounce $0.42
2 ounces $0.59
3 ounces $0.76

All these rates and more are available at: http://www.usps.com/prices/first-class-mail-prices.htm

In other query-related news, I will be hoping to update all my entries on locations such as agentquery.com — could people let me know in comments other sites that get a lot of traffic and need a similar update? I’m interested to know what the go-to sites are for information on querying agents. Sometimes the sites list me and I find out about it much later and the information isn’t correct, so I’m on a campaign to bring everything into agreement. Thanks.

17 responses to “letters from the query wars

  1. http://www.querytracker.net I know you’re listed on there!
    Plus, it’s a great resource for people…well…tracking queries. They have a forum where writers can get help with their query letter, synopsis and first five pages.

    • I heartily second querytracker.net
      Since the profiles there have links to Agent Query and Publisher’s Marketplace for that agent, plus links to the agent’s webpage and blog (if they have one), it’s pretty much one-stop shopping.
      Heck, there’s even a link to google the agent from their profile.

  2. I finally get the current rate memorized and then they go and raise it again.
    I wonder if they’ll ever stop raising it. Probably not.

  3. I once screwed up the stamp from a $0.39 to $0.41. I wasn’t sure what was appropriate, so I sent a short letter apologizing for the mistake and included a proper SASE to use instead. Yeah, probably not the right thing to do.
    Two days after, I got a letter requesting a partial with a $0.03 included on the SASE (didn’t knew someone would do that). Three days after that, I got a rejection letter with my new SASE that I sent in apology (and the proper postage). Since I sent out the partial between those two, I wasn’t entirely sure what would happen. A few days after that, I got an immediate rejection from the partial.
    That… was a bummer.

  4. email address?
    I’m in the process of preparing queries, and I’ve been unable to find an email address to query you. Your site’s link to submission guidelines goes to the Maass agency’s page (which of course makes sense) but there’s no email address there specifically for you either. Unless you’d rather have everything going through the info email address listed on the Maass page, which you might, perhaps this should be added to your listings, or at least to your site?

  5. I mostly use AgentQuery to find agent specs (even though they seem extremely general for some agents), but I found another listing of you on:

    • Thanks — I’ve seen that one and tried to email them to get information changed. For example, only 1 of the 4 authors they list has ever been represented by me.

  6. I also vote for QueryTracker. Since it has links for each agent to places like Agent Query, Google, Publishers Marketplace, etc, it quickly became my go-to agent site. Cheers!

  7. writer’s market
    Pretty sure writersmarket.com is one

  8. Forever stamps are your friend. šŸ™‚
    Buy them now before the postage prices go up again.

  9. Hi – You’re also on Litmatch.net They work like querytracker. The agency has a page as well as each agent

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