brenda novak auction to raise money for diabetes

Beginning today: Brenda Novak’s 4th Annual auction to raise money for diabetes research.

I was all set to post my link and couldn’t find it at first because two days ago I was in the section for agent evaluations. But sometime in the last 48 hours my entry was made into a one-day auction, to run in 16 days (start time is listed as 05/17/08 09:10:00 PM PST), so save those pennies and get ready to bid. What do you get?

The Evaluation of a Proposal by Agent Jennifer Jackson at the Donald Maass Literary Agency, followed up by drinks at [RWA] National to discuss the proposal or other publishing questions. A Proposal consists of the first three chapters (up to 50 pages) of your unpublished manuscript, plus synopsis.

(I’m not adverse to doing drinks at another conference I’m attending if that’s what holds you back from making a bid, though you can get the evaluation either way. My convention schedule is on my site in the sidebar under my client links.)

My thanks to Alison Kent, because I wouldn’t have found this link without her post this morning.

You can also get a Tuckerization in one of my client Laura Anne Gilman’s upcoming urban fantasy novels.

There are lots of non-writer things too, including hotel stays, gourmet food, winery tours….

2 responses to “brenda novak auction to raise money for diabetes

  1. This is probably going to shoot right out of my price range, but I’m going to try anyway. 😀 This is a great idea! Quite a few of my family members suffer from diabetes.

  2. Thanks for participating in this. I’ve had Type I for 29 (!) years, and while many advances have been made, every little bit toward research helps. (I’ve got nothing that’s ready for critique, but so many other good items I’m checking out.)

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