telling it like it really might be

Apparently Blind Submission is making the rounds among various colleagues of mine and after reading the reviews, I’m tempted just to see how much of a send-up it is, though I just bought more new books to add to my to-read pile and my book budget is feeling stretched already. Years ago I read The Bestseller, which focuses on a similar topic.

And here’s my favorite bit from today’s Publishers Lunch:

From the Department of Perspective
The largest bankruptcy in publishing history threatens the existence of 150 publishers and takes a big chunk out of the 2006 profits of everyone else and it barely rates a mention in the national media. But Harper officially closes an imprint that we all knew was dead already, lays off 10 people, and it’s international news.

3 responses to “telling it like it really might be

  1. I wonder if people really thought ReganBooks was going to continue without Judith and just be ____Books.

  2. Blind Submission
    I read Blind Submission just recently, and although it gives an interesting and somewhat quirky look at the inside world of publishing, it still wasn’t a book that I’d call “unputdownable”. In fact, it’s been a long time since I’ve found one of those. As for publishers being bankrupt…Man, imagine us poor writers 😉 I’ve never heard of The Bestseller, so I might try to find it in the bookstore, but there are so many other books I need to get “product knowledge” on that I’m beginning to think I’ll soon be working there full time 🙂

  3. I loved that squib from PUB LUNCH, too.
    The only two books that truly NEED to be publishing-related, I think, are P.D. James’ ORIGINAL SIN and Val McDermid’s BOOKED FOR MURDER, both of which are mysteries where the publishing-house element are integral for the plot/crime.
    I did, though, read (and enjoy) Marian Keyes’ THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY, about the agenting/writing life.

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