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Anne Bishop’s publisher will be releasing a new edition of the Black Jewels trilogy in trade paperback next year. Daughter will be out in June 2007, Heir in August, and Queen in October. These will be separate volumes packaged to match the story collection, Dreams Made Flesh. I’ve got cover art for the first two under the cut.

If you want to see something interesting about how different publishers in different countries package things, follow the links below to see the cover art for the trilogy as released in German:

Daughter of the Blood
Heir to the Shadows
Queen of the Darkness

I wonder what the Japanese editions will look like.

15 responses to “Anne Bishop news

  1. OK. I’ll freely admit I haven’t had the pleasure of reading these books but …

    Heh. Talk about a difference of opinion.
    The new covers are gorgeous.

  2. Those covers are lovely!
    As for the German covers…Black Jewels Meets The Avengers By Way Of Cabaret With a Splash of Underworld?

  3. Cover Envy!
    Who is the artist? These are stunning. (I wasn’t taken with the German ones…)

  4. I love, love, LOVE these books! And those are gorgeous covers. Er, the new TP covers, I mean. The German ones aren’t really my cup of tea, though I’ve seen worse! =) Thanks for sharing.

  5. Gotta say I like those much better than the older ones!

  6. My eyes! Okay, that first German cover was scary, and it didn’t seem to get any better. Here’s hoping for the author’s sake that the German branch o’ publishing/distribution know their audience really, really well.
    Japanese cover… I dunno, big eyes and a bit o’ panty flash?

  7. OOohhh, I like these! I’ve had the MM editions on my TBR shelf for *years*. They should probably be the next thing I read, because really… ๐Ÿ˜€
    Too bad there’s little chance I can convince the hubs I NEED the trade editions just for the fancy covers. ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. I sent the originals of these books to my German boyfriend. I’ll have to let him know the German versions will be out–and to check this post out, too. LOL. I must say I truly look forward to visiting a bookstore when I go there next week. The U.S. covers far better capture the young heroine…VERY young heroine…as I could imagine her. :).

  9. Oooooh.
    I can tell I’m going to be buying yet another set of TBJ. (I have — or had, before I loaned them and they never got returned — the original copies and the omnibus. *grins*)

  10. The American covers you have up for the re-issue are gorgeous, and right on target with the books (which I read and enjoyed).
    I wonder, does Anne Bishop get a lot of pressure to return to that world/series and write more books in it? It seems a very popular trilogy…

  11. very nice
    congrats on the new releases.
    I’m pretty sure the model on HEIR TO THE SHADOWS is my future ex wife.

  12. Covers
    Although I try not to allow covers to influence my book buying, I can’t help being hooked by great ones. These new black jewels covers are a great example — smoking hot! I find them very appealing.
    Conversely, I can be turned off by bad ones. The German edition of Daughter of the Blood is not something I’d pick up. I just hate that cover.

  13. I often read on the train on the way to and from work. With the German covers, I’d constantly feel the need to hide the cover against a bag or coat so that some pervert doesn’t follow me home. With the American covers, I’d be more inclined to pull the book off the store shelf, and if I liked the first sentence, I’d buy them.
    Are those sorts of covers common in German releases?

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