More books!

The news that I mentioned in my comment on my own earlier post is now official and I can now report another sale to Luna books for C.E. Murphy. Here’s what MizKit herself has to say about it. And with that and the other things that are in the works to the point where contracts are being read and negotiated this week, I will be so close to beating my soon-to-be-former sales record that I can taste it. One more offer ought to do it (unless it’s really teensy)! It is so rewarding to be working with such a bunch of talented authors!

11 responses to “More books!

  1. *beams and laughs and dances you around*! And it is so rewarding to work with an agent who’s willing to go back and forth and back and forth to get things hammered out until everything’s Perfectly Clear, as happened with this deal. I really, *really* appreciate the footwork you did. Thank you so much!

  2. Yay Team Jackson! Yay MizKit!

  3. Congrats to one and all!

  4. ….all the little kids down in book aisle six shouting MizKit rocks, MizKit rocks…

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