how exotic

I just answered a query from Qatar. I feel so… international. Heh.

8 responses to “how exotic

  1. So now you can put “Internationally” in front of the “Renowned Agent” part of your title.

  2. test
    O renowned one…just checking to see if I can post properly.

  3. You answered one from Australia not too long ago, too. {G}
    – John Urbancik

    • international books
      I remember an editor at the RWA conference remarking on the strangest query she’d ever received. It was from the Middle East (can’t recall where), but the writer was wanting to send her a romance novel that was basically erotica in the Bible.

      • Re: international books
        That’s an interesting one…. I’ve gotten a couple from the Middle East, too. Saudi Arabia, mostly. Somehow Qatar just seems like the most intriguing one yet.

      • Re: international books
        Well, there’s a whole lot of dirty bits in the Old Testament, so I could see that, maybe … *starts imagining the books banning furor that would ensue*

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