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Well, this makes me sad… Our faithful Soline has gotten a part at the Tennesee Williams festival down in New Orleans and is leaving us. It’s the last bit that makes me sad. I’m real excited for her. She’s a big theater-crazed-person and I’m sure she’s going to love this. Anyway, this means we have a position open at DMLA. So – is anyone interested? I got a description from Don to circulate (parantheticals are my additions)….

The position opening at DMLA is as an assistant to Don (and a bit to me). The primary responsibilities of the job (there are others) are handling our query mail, sorting it, responding, reading partial and complete mss., and some data entry. The position also involves bookkeeping, about 15 hours per week, generating client payments, payroll checks and quarterly tax returns. That part is not terribly difficult; we would train the assistant on QuickBooks, the accounting program we use, as well as on our customized Access database (written mostly by me!). Prior experience with those programs is not necessary, but being handy with computers is helpful.

He’ll be starting interviews on the Feb 17th, and if you’re interested, I can get more details on the benefits and so forth and make sure your resume gets to his desk. Yes — local to NYC is a big advantage…

18 responses to “Job Posting…

  1. Man. If only I were on the right coast…

  2. I’ve sent you e-mail with a possibility and some follow-up questions.

  3. A complete long-shot ….
    … but I graduate from University of Michigan in two months, w/ a degree in English Lit and a minor in history.
    I realize that I may be way off in asking this, due to the timing and lack of experience, but I would be interested. I’d like a job in the publishing industry.
    However, if it’s not feasible, I completely understand.

    • Re: A complete long-shot ….
      Sorry to say that I’m afraid he’s looking for someone who can start fairly soon. However, when you graduate you can always check and see. It’s possible we’d end up with a temp or something. The degree sounds fine – I was an English Lit major (comp sci minor) myself. And we’re not looking for anyone in this position who has a lot of experience with publishing, though, of course, they should be a bookaholic, I would think.

      • Re: A complete long-shot ….
        I think “bookaholic” is a fairly mild description for me. My eye doctor actually had to tell me to stop reading for a month to give my eyes a rest — the muscles were extremely tense. =)
        Okay, I’ll check back in two months. Thank you!

  4. I would love this. *sigh*

  5. I am greatly saddened that I’m in Virginia, which, last time I checked, is slightly far away from NYC. :> Because otherwise, sounds cool.

    • Rats — that’s too bad. From what I’ve read of your reviews and such, you have great taste in books.

      • Thanks! It’s a taste carefully cultivated through years of training. 🙂 And believe me, the job description sounds cool. If I hadn’t put down so many roots here, I’d be even more strongly tempted than I already am to try and go for this. Ah well, I can always dream on the inside. 🙂
        Oh, btw, just followed one of your links. The Spice Must Flow? So. Evil! Hungry now. Very hungry.

        • Have fun over on Spice. If you use any of the recipes, especially any of those that I crafted myself, I’d love to hear what you think. Feel free to comment on that site at will.

  6. Found you through and have a question–full or part time?
    I’m in NYC, have publishing experience, and love books books books! Let me know where to send a resume? I’m at agnesleigh at yahoo if you would prefer to go through email.
    Thanks for the link to Teresa as well–I really need to bookmark her site.

  7. I’m looking at this list, and thinking, “I can do that, and that, and that…”
    Damn and you know what? I so need a job right now and I could probably relocate with a minimum of wailing and gnashing of teeth. Well, fining accomodations local to NYC would be a consideration…
    Someone marry me, quick.

  8. Hi! I came along to your LJ via TAYEFETH ‘s posting about the job. Can I submit my resume and CL through post? What do you recommend?

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