win an ARC of Jim Butcher’s SKIN GAME

Jim Butcher’s SKIN GAME, the latest novel in the Dresden Files series, releases on May 27th. In anticipation, this authorized trailer debuted last week and now I’m giving away an advance reading copy (ARC).

To enter: Post a comment on this entry telling me what you find most intriguing in this trailer.

Only one entry per person. Domestic (US) and international entries accepted. This is for an ARC, not the hardcover edition. Contest starts now and runs until Friday, May 16th, 5pm Eastern (unless Harry doesn’t save the world this time). Winner will be randomly chosen.

549 responses to “win an ARC of Jim Butcher’s SKIN GAME

  1. For me, it’s a toss up between Michael taking up the sword again, and the bazooka. One or the other. Same amount of ordinance.

    • My thoughts exactly. I cannot wait to read this next novel!

    • I have to agree with what’s already been said. Dresden and Murphy hooray! Michael and sword woot woot! And the bazooka perfect Dresden commentary (love the little handslap from Murphy, that’s exactly how I’d picture her doing it).

    • Caren Buchanan

      I also agree. Michael and the bazooka and of course, Murphy. The trailer was pretty cool too. Thanks for that>

  2. thelizwithzombies

    The Ocean’s 11-esque plot! With magic! Hurray!

    I cannot wait until this comes out!!!!

  3. I have been following the Dresden Fan Filming on Facebook for a few months now and it was great to see them pulling off this book trailer!

    Of course there are tons of intriguing things going on in this trailer – Murphy + Dresden = Mayhem. Perhaps they will finally get to have a deeper relationship.

    Makes me want to go reread the entire series.

  4. Robert Durand

    There is just so much, but Michael coming of the bench and taking up the sword again has me intrigued. I also know Matt and I am SO proud if the work he did on this trailer.

  5. Intriguing. That’s a little hard to say. Perhaps it’s the list of the characters and their abilities. Summoner, Fire caller, Opener, and so on. I like variety, and it certainly seems as if there’s a diverse cast in this book.

    As far as my favorite part, that has to be the humor. “Is that a bazooka?” *nods* “Can I… Can I play with it?”

  6. I want to know what Mab’s extra motives for lending Harry to Nicodemus are. She’s not simply repaying a debt, so what’s the deal?

    Also bazooka.

  7. I am still in love with, “Wait. What?” Because Harry’s mental spittakes are always loltastic.

  8. In the video, the part that interested me was the casting choice for the actress playing Mab. Not at all how I imagine her but very well done.

  9. absolute favorite is the bazooka… and fun Harry/Murphy interation

  10. What I found interesting is that Michael Carpenter is wielding Amoracchius. If that’s so is this a one time gig or is he back with the knights? I guess we will have to see now won’t we.

  11. It was all great. That said, when Michael busted out the sword…all the feels. Wife and I squeed so hard that our cats ran from the room.

  12. Most interesting: the fact that they are bringing Harry along for his ability to open gates, rather than to act as the avatar of Murphy’s Law. Considering his upgraded firepower as the Winter Knight, it should be interesting to see who the bruisers are if Harry’s just the driver.

  13. I am surprised by the different people Nicodemus is taking on the mission… Never would have expected to see some of those characters again. Binder, the Churchmouse, everything is exciting!

  14. I find the voices and faces put ti each charater the most intriging. Some match near perfect to what was in my mind. Others were more fitting in an “Oh, I hadn’t considered that!” kind of way.

  15. I’m very intrigued by the members of Dresden’s new “crew”. I can’t wait to read about them and what attitude they bring to the table.

  16. Most intriguing part? Honestly, the Nicodemus / Michael / Carpenter family angle. I’m wondering what’s going to happen!

  17. Michael and the sword. Definitely.

  18. Like it needs to contain anything more than “Dresden Files: the next novel??” Well, Michael taking up sword again is interesting, and Mab’s vicious little mind is always intriguing. I’ll go with Mab first, Michael second.

  19. For me the best part was the casting call of the different abilities and the possibilities they could provide throughout the story. Always love a good crime drama where you get super experts in their field doing their thing.

  20. Toss up between “Can I play with it?” and Michael getting back in the game…

  21. Brent Houlding

    Given the events of Cold Days, anything involving the Carpenter clan is at the top of my list right now.

  22. Most intriguing? Where;s Thomas???

  23. Michael with sword in hand, although I loved the bazooka banter! Just finished rereading Cold Days. I’m READY!!

  24. Michael with the sword. I REALLY didn’t see that coming.

  25. Dan Podeszwa

    That the ‘Imposter,’ whom I believe to be the skinwalker Harry dubbed Shagnasty needs to drink the blood of something to be able to take it’s appearance, something Jim has never said, and it’s implications to the fact that it could very well impersonate Thomas now after their little torture session. It would make sense that if he was truly after Harry, being able to look like his brother would be an invaluable asset in harassing him, and something we may see in the coming book if it is indeed Shagnasty.

  26. Billy Deavers

    Looks like Nicodemus lays some hurt on Murphy. I can wait to see what devistation Harry unleashes on Nic for that.

  27. The thing I find most intriguing is whether or not Harry playing with the bazooka was what led to Murphy being injured.

  28. The musical score and selections was top notch. Really made it suspenseful and gave more intense feel.

  29. Mab, because I love her dialog. Always have.

  30. Michael carpenter takes up the sword! So excited ❤

  31. Napalmpanda

    What gets me thinking is, when Dresden was on his knee’s screaming and holding his head, was it something to do with the Parasite living in his head that Demonreach mentioned.

  32. The most interesting point to me is the display of power/vault that they added in the trailer. Is harry still shying away from fire or is that because of his new position with mab? Also how supporting characters are dealing with Harry’s new role

  33. For me, it’s a tie between the Bazooka bit and Michael taking up the sword. Seeing who else Nick recruited comes in at a close 3rd.

  34. The return of Anna Valmont seems interesting. Does she have further supernatural abilities that we didn’t know about from Death Masks?

    The blood on Mab’s finger is what most intrigues me, though.

  35. Tommy Geusens

    Michael taking up the sword!

  36. It has to be Michael wielding a Sword again, right? Was not expecting that!

  37. Amy Woodward

    What happens to Murphy to leave her bloody & unconscious….also, why she has a bazooka

  38. isaac elisaldez

    My mind is racing already thinking about how harry is going to double cross Nicodemus. Or will he at all???

  39. Scott Christiansen

    For me the most intriguing part of this trailer is the plot suggestions it gives without revealing too much. It makes me want to read the book not feel like I’ve already seen the best part of it in the trailer.

  40. That final stand-off between Michael and Nicodemus.
    ‘Nuff said.

  41. James Levetsovitis

    I loved how the trailer did a great job of actually capturing the spirit of the Dresden books, so many new shows and movies miss the point of the original content, but this just nails it. Great work folks.

  42. Most intriguing: what allies are left for Harry to turn to?

  43. DravenDresden

    Gotta be the bazooka. Harry uses bazookas now. Bazookas are cool.

  44. Holy crap, Mab vs Nicodemous, this is a showdown i want to see. Mab as a character draws you into a world of possibilities for Dresden.

    Very exciting, cannot wait to read this.

  45. Intriguing. Can I say the entire trailer? No? Ok. What is Nicodemus after and why does Mab want Harry, her Knight no less, involved?

  46. That Harry’s role in Nic’s plot is “Opener”.

  47. I’m going to get on the Michael bandwagon. Seeing him take up the sword outside his house was pure awesome.

  48. Janice Chan

    So much that is intriguing, but the debt owed must be a huge one – wonder what that is?

  49. How is Michael holding the sword again? That only barely beats out Murphy covered in blood.

  50. Surely Michael stepping back up to the task of protecting his people with his sword glowing full of power and strength. Gave me goosebumps.

  51. I find Nicodeamus’s whole team assembly dynamic to be an interesting twist. Should make for some interesting new characters and new foes/friends…

  52. “I expect you to be yourself.” As if Dresden was anything other than that. But the bazooka, that was worth the trailer by itself. “Can I play with it?”

  53. The most intriguing thing would probably have to be Michael wielding the sword again and the Underworld bank

  54. There is so much that intrigues me about this. Michael taking up the sword again has to be at the top of my list. I can’t wait to read this!

  55. By far the most intriguing point of the trailer is Michael wielding Amoracchius again, i hope this means that we find out more about the history of the sword as well. However, I’m more excited about the Denarians return. Harry taking the baseball bat to Quintus Cassius then flipping him a coin remains my favorite literary moment of all time

  56. What intrigues me . many things. but just from the trailer … what the look on Binders face is gonna be when he finds out he has to work with Harry

  57. I find it interesting that it shows Harry holding his staff in his right hand at the start of the video, when he should hold it in the left. Then there is the bazooka and, of course, Michael wielding the Sword of Love despite having turned away from the life of a Knight of the Cross due to debilitating injuries he gained in Small Favours.

  58. For me it has to be Michael using the sword again.

  59. I’m sorry…..but was that a love scene with Murphy? finally? How can it be that nobody has said that so far? Can’t wait to see how THAT pans out.

  60. Brooke Owen-Thomas

    Hum, Harry, Mab, Micheal, Molly, Nicodemeus and a bazooka. Sounds explosive! Who is gonna lose the most skin to never never road rash?

  61. Chase Chambers

    I love the Oceans 11 meets Reservoir Dogs flavored with Butcher’s amazing story telling and humor. Cannot wait to read this one.

  62. The whole thing looks amazing (can this be a real show, please?!?!) but the parts I found most intriguing is the idea of Harry working with a team of “specialists” and Michael with AMORACCHIUS!!!!

  63. The potential for double and triple crosses is intriguing. I liked the Leverage-esque approach of listing the skills of the team.

    And I love that they make video trailers for books now. Now choice for Michael.

  64. I love the use of special effects and the actor who plays Dresden is dead on.

  65. Matthew Rasins

    Most intriguing thing to me was the team …
    Quite a team for a heist. This should be epic.

  66. At least they got the detail that Harry doesn’t do hats??

  67. handsatlanta

    Intrigued most by the way we envision the characters. Murphy and Mab look nothing like I see them in my mind. When I first saw Nicodemus I thought it was Marcone. And Murphy with a bazooka instead of a sword?

    Looks like I’ll be rereading Cold Days before Skin Game gets here.

  68. Deb Williams

    Can’t go wrong with a Bazooka!

  69. Love the list of characters and their abilities. Can’t wait to read this!

  70. The team line up was pretty interesting.

  71. It was awesome. Like a mini movie. I miss the tv series.

  72. Honestly, this may sound lame, but I never realized that Mab was so fair in hair and skin. I went back to the books, and obviously my brain simply plugged in the wrong image because this crew nailed her as described. I dunno, my mental image was always just off I guess!

  73. Is Michael back? With his Sword? Has Michael finally recovered enough from his massive, crippling injuries to join Harry’s side?

    I can’t wait to see what Michael and the Sword have to say about Molly’s new position within the Winter Court…. or will Harry be able to keep that a secret?

  74. Definitely Michael facing off against Nicodemus. I have a dozen questions there.

  75. Okay, is it too lame to say “everything?” I love the romance most of all.

  76. “I expect you to be yourself.” Found this line fascinating.

  77. I can’t figure out why Nicodemus Archleone even approaches Michael’s house. Are there not angels guarding the house? Are they gone somehow. Why does Michael even need to get the sword. What compromised his heavenly security?

  78. Steve Welker

    Is that Michael wielding Amoracchius again?

  79. Levi Midcap

    I found it interesting that Micheal (atleat I’m assuming that’s Micheal) is taking up Amoracchius again. I guys he is doing so out of desperation, unless he has been healed. I am a little bummed about the spoiler involving Murphy’s eventual condition… But I guess it does add suspense. Can’t wait!!

  80. Most intriguing? Michael! Michael with a sword! WHAT IS THE DEAL.

  81. John Kelley

    Far and away, it’s seeing Michael take up the sword again. However, the Murphy/Dresden interactions, and the flashback of Harry and Nicodemus were also great.

  82. What could endanger Mab?

  83. It was all intriguing but I always enjoy the humor most. Bazooka moment with Murphy wins!

  84. I’m intrigued by whether or not Nicodemus infects Murphy with a coin in the brief scene that leads to her screaming and clutching her head

  85. For me, the most intriguing thing is just trying to figure out how Harry’ll throw a wrench in the works of what’s going on.

  86. I never thought of Mab as sounding Eastern European.

  87. I’ve been following this group for almost a year now and the best part is that they listen to fan criticism! ❤ DFFF

  88. The immediate, balls-to-the-wall action, it’s Dresden more over the top than ever before, and it promises the kinds of mad, epic, wild excitement that has made the Dresden books the gold standard for urban fantasy of any stripe.

  89. Omg, Michael with the sword!

  90. Well, I thought the return of Nicodemus would be enough, but then I saw the Imposter and realized I really wanted to read about him.

  91. I actually found Mab’s accent the most intriguing. I never pictured her voice like that.

  92. Michael taking up the sword again!

  93. I think it looks intriguing that he has to work with Nicodemus as well as other types of magicians. Also, nice to see Murphy.

  94. Murphy and Dresden. Finally. Maybe.

  95. chad thompson

    Michael Carpenter wielding a sword is the most intriguing part of this trailer.

  96. Travis Brandon

    The impersonator is new but interesting. I hope the summoner is Binder. And I have to wonder if the fire caller is new or if it is the person dresden mentioned mentoring in Fool Moon. Can wait to have these questions answered and I look forward to a whole slew of new ones in this book.

  97. Really I’m intrigued by the rest of the crew, kind of curious how they fit into the supernatural world (Aside from the thief and summoner who are Anna and Binder if I’m not mistaken)

  98. Definitely Michael taking up a sword again.

  99. RagnarSwedeman

    Michael pics up the sword again!? But, but! That can only be apocalyptically awesome yet, it can only end badly!

  100. The bit that intrigued me the most were the statues holding flames in their hands; was it a glimpse of what Nicodemus is after?

  101. While I’d love to win a copy of the book, I’m really not intrigued by the trailer, (except the part when Karrin smacks Harry’s hand like he’s a 5 year old – that dynamic pleases me). Actually, I’m reaching for the brain bleach to wash it all away, because I have visions of each character in my head. I truly do appreciate the talents and efforts of those involved in making the trailer, I’m just happier letting the action play out in my mind, and Butcher’s words make that possible.
    So no book for me I guess. Ah well…

  102. Murphy getting torn up there. I’m definitely intrigued by the consequences of that action.

  103. I find Michael and the sword most intriguing

  104. Les Braddock

    I found the “Team” to be the most intriguing part. Harry has a hard time playing well with others, especially those he is forced to be around.

    Really looking forward to this release,

  105. Andrew Lyons

    It’s definitely Michael taking up the sword again. I literally cheered.

  106. Brian Lowry

    Favorite part : it shows there is still room for a Dresden series in any format

    2nd fav : I might be wrong here but is Harry interacting with his daughter? I want to see how that plays out.

  107. I’m trying to avoid spoilers so I can’t watch the trailer, but the title image looks great 😉

  108. Jesse Burcar

    I am really looking forward to te whole “heist” aspect. Nicodemus is a fun antagonist, and another great foil for Harry’s struggle with his own inner Darkness. I may be the only one not happy to see Michael take up the sword, he had earned his retirement and the safety it brought his family.

  109. Michael holding the sword! And, you know, absolutely everything else.

  110. If something shady is going down, I’m wondering if Johnny Marcone will be involved. If so, how?

  111. The books with Nicodemas have always been my favorites. Mixing Mab in the problem makes it all the more interesting. I thought the trailer was cool because the chracters were given a voice. The trailer made my anticipation for the book all the more higher. I enjoyed the people voicing the characters in the trailer as I thought they matched up nicely. As a blind individual, I was unable to actually see the trailer, but the dialouge and sounds make the book sound very promising.

  112. Honestly? It all looks like it’ll be a good read, and welcome back Mr. Carpenter, but that scene with Harry clutching his head and screaming makes me wonder if (spoiler for Cold Days, read ahead at own risk) that parasite is affecting/ki;ling him…THAT is an interesting development that could spin many ways.

  113. For me it’s the fact that Michael seems to be walking again

  114. Mab’s hair – oh, that hair! ROFL

  115. Ethan Kanke

    Definitely Michael having the sword again. That blew my mind!

  116. I can’t wait! Glad Michael is back, although I’ve always pictured him looking like Trace Adkins. Glad Murphy is involved. I thought Murphy and Dresden were a no go after the last book, but there looks like that’s changed! YEA!

  117. Steven Zuardo

    Michael picking up the sword. The actor who played him did a wonderful job

  118. I was most intrigued by the team being formed. Are these all new characters? Will they be friends or foes? Michael taking up the sword again comes a close second.

  119. Debbie Richardson

    I found crazy intriguing what looked to be Harry and some gal, maybe Murphy or heaven forbid Molly!! Having a make out session. Got to know if that’s in the book and what it’s all about.

  120. No doubt Michael pulling out the sword again is intriguing and exciting! This whole trailer is just so awesome and getting me twice as jazzed up for the book. Nothing like a good Dresden book to start the summer off right!

  121. I have to pick just one thing? In that case it would have to be Michael appearing to take up the sword again. I actually watched the trailer a few days ago, and that moment is still making my head spin.

  122. I find the fact that Harry is now using a staff again. His lack of one was a major undercurrent in Cold Days.

  123. Jared Saltz

    I think it’s most interesting to have Michael resume holding the Sword–we all thought that was an episode in his life that was over. But if his family is in danger, Michael is not to be messed with, crippled or not.

  124. “Wait, what!”

  125. The Curious Fan

    The impostor changing into someone else using their blood.

  126. The most intriguing part is Mab saying she expects Harry to be himself when he asks if she expects him to double cross Nicodemus. Tied for second is Harry and Murphy and Michael with a sword. Also, the guy portraying Michael is hot!

  127. I was intrigued by the thing Mab mentioned about consequences to the mortal world ‘should there be no Mab’. What sort of favor does she owe Nicodemus for.

  128. Bill Bowman

    Loving the fact that Michael is back. Murphy sleeping with Harry? Hmmm. Never sure if that is a good idea.

  129. The fact that things have changed to the point that the author can now actually acknowledge fan work! I’ve known Matt for many years, and this is one of his dreams; I’m so proud that not only is he able to live part of his dreams, but that he’s able to get Jim’s open appreciation. The whole crew deserves a good round of applause!

  130. Todd Adamson

    Micheal carrying the sword again no doubt..

    Distant second is the bazooka.

  131. Definitely most intrigued by Michael picking up the sword again!

    Can’t wait to see how that goes down!

  132. Marian Surratt

    The most intriguing thing to me is the assortment of characters being brought together to sort of team up with Harry Dresden. I can’t wait to read the way Jim describe each one in his own way!

  133. Michael Montazeri

    Has to be the beard on Michael. And the fact that he’s part of it. Makes me wonder.

  134. Adam Warner

    Mab encouraging Dresden to betray Nicodemus. That, or the bazooka.

  135. I want to know who he picks to bring along. The trailer hints at a few people,

  136. Keegan Spillane

    How could you name just one intriguing part to comment on from this trailer? The whole darn thing is brilliant!

    Besides. Heist plots are gold. Magical heist plots? Double platinum!

  137. I’m really excited to see the new characters that get introduced. Oh, and SWORD!

  138. It’s great to see the more things change the more they stay the same. I just can’t wait to read this book.

  139. Thoughts: Being low-budget it’s hard to complain about the quality and casting. That said, I don’t think of Mab speaking with a bizarre accent and I personally disliked that direction choice. The actor playing Dresden NAILED the personality and delivery of the dialog even if he didn’t really look the part (but finding a super tall sharp featured guy is hard). The Murphy casting again played the part well enough, but looked WAY too young. Murphy is close to 45 and needs to show some age even though she’s in peak fitness. The Michael Casting was tip-top and acted near perfectly! Excellent!

    The first 1:25 is good and the trailer should have ended there.
    Let me say: I admire the effort and clear hard work that went into the trailer… BUT, I also HIGHLY DISLIKE almost everything after the 1:25 mark. Two Words: MAJOR SPOILERS

    Giving away that Rosanna (or Tessa maybe), Binder, Shag-nasty and Anna Valmont are in the crew isn’t that big of a spoiler, but hinting that Murphy and Dresden have sex, Michael takes the sword up again, and that Nick injures Murphy (possibly killing her) is just WAY TOO MUCH to give away in a trailer. It looked more like a book synopsis than a tease of what you might see the book. –It would be like seeing a trailer for Empire Strikes Back and having it include the “Luke, I am your father” line.

    I have to admit, I’m sorry I watched the trailer. It might be different if it hadn’t been listed as “authorized” so there could be mystery about the actual book material. Worst part is the trailer had the reverse effect that a trailer should have–I’ve been looking forward to the May 27 release for over a year, and I’m a little less pumped up now, not more so.

  140. I find the level of computerized graphics and the character designs intriguing considering (from what I understand) its all fan-based. Probably one of the best book trailers I’ve seen yet.

  141. The most intriguing thing for me in the trailer is just how big the scope of Skin Game is going to be. With this heist, Harry is going to go up against one of the most well-known mythological figures and he is doing it with a “team”….I feel as if the fallout at the end of this are goin to be massive and I can’t wait for a book with that type of scope.

  142. Michael picking up the sword gave me chills. Nicodemus summoning all the different talents also gave me chills – not a good kind!

  143. matthew spangler

    What I find most intruiging is how Harry will then things around on Nicodemus and the others!

  144. Brenda Marshall

    Incredible! What a way to whet the appetite.

  145. The bazooka, no question.

  146. Laurali Carroll

    I had not known about Dresden Fan Filming and so I’m very intrigued. However, the most interesting thing to me is the interaction of Harry and Murphy…also, Harry with a bazooka.

  147. First off i don’t think Harry will get a staff unless it is a “black” staff. I can see Nicodemus messing with the outsiders cutting a deal delivering the Warden Dresden to them, in exchange of infinite power or something like that. In all i loved the trailer and can’t wait for the morning of the 27th when my book will be downloaded.

  148. Kalman Reti

    I’m intrigued by “Is that a bazooka? Can I play with it?” “No”.
    (As, no doubt, many others are.)

  149. “Wait. WHAT!?”

  150. Michael taking up the sword again is the part that gave me chills. Gives me chills every time I watch it! Love it.

  151. Brad Vassallo

    Most intriguing for me is the higher quality of acting and casting in this fan made trailer than the short lived Dresden TV show! Well done guys!

  152. Queen Mab is subversive beyond even the white court in the games she plays, and Harry is her newest pawn. Can’t wait to see what she has him do and how he turns her plans on its head.

  153. Man, Michael, and the sword of course.

  154. This is going to be epic.

  155. Michael Nonas

    Green fire in video still. Haven’t watched trailer or read responses because I have been avoidijg spoilers.

  156. shawn Quenneville

    Who the hell is the guy in the flannel shirt?
    Can’t be michael, he retired.
    Can’t be daniel, too old.

  157. I can’t stop thinking about that bazooka. How the hell did she get it? Was it a gift? Finders keepers? Where does she keep it (Oh please tell me, “In a hope chest at the foot of her bed”)? What are they going to point it at? Will the bazooka get a name like her P90 did (I vote for Lenny, so she has George and Lenny)? What the hell is going on in Chicago that makes a bazooka gettable? What kind of license would it require?

    I wanna to play with the ‘zook.

  158. Evan Orthober

    The Denarians back again!

  159. Oh my great golly gosh, it’s Michael. Just. Yes. Sword and voice and if James Marsters is Harry in my head, this guy is now Michael. Forever.

  160. nick thorsen

    Michael taking up the sword again is very interesting, also how they portrayed magic is different from what I pictured in my head

  161. Nick Tognela

    Why one earth is there a firecaller on the team when you’ve got Mr. “Burned down a building…and its not my fault” on the tean?

  162. Michael taking up the sword again is a big of a surpise. Can’t wait.

  163. The most amazing thing is I’ve gone this far without learning any spoilers, and that has now been ruined.

  164. Michael with the sword, for sure.

  165. Matthew Krzak

    The reason I’m intrigued by is two things in the book, Dresden and a magical bank heist!

  166. more cowbell!

  167. Ok, I’m desperately trying to read the rest of Cold Days before Friday so I can read Jim’s reddit AMA without spoilers. I haven’t actually watched the trailer yet. I’ve been trying to finish the three last books in the series during the past month.

    I’m so excited about Skin Game and hope to win that ARC!!

  168. Alex Villagran

    The level of fandom is the most impressive quality

  169. The director of this trailer has a thorough knowledge of the way Jim’s characters act and behave. And fire. Need more fire!

  170. Noel Warford

    The most intriguing part is the unidentified member of Archleone’s team besides Harry. Also, why is Harry the opener rather than the pyromancer?

  171. Richard Phillips

    I loved the scene with the bazooka because it seemed to fit the characters perfectly. But to me what is so intriguing is what item is so powerful that Mab cares/wants enough that Harry double cross Andureal and why Micheal picked up Amaracius(sp?) when if Murph did drop a sword it should have been fidlacius(sp). Though the sword thing could have been multiple reasons.

  172. Ryan Dalling

    It’s always the twists and foreshadowing that intrigues me most. “Tell me more!” I scream.

  173. I would have to say the “wait. What?” Really captures how harry goes from. This is going to suck whatever she wants to hells bells in 0.5 seconds

  174. I’d have to go with the eastern european accent for Mab. Brings that haunting nature to her character.

  175. Best part…”Is that a bazooka? Can I play with it?”

  176. The whole thing looks awesome. Can’t wait!

  177. What doesn’t intrigue me? It’s looking like someone is taking up a certain sword again!

  178. What’s brilliant about the Dresden Files has always been how intricately plotted the books are. As you get more and more into the series, you realize that everything is connected and my greatest pleasure has been in finding out where these connections go. Given that Nicodemus has been absent for a while, I’m thrilled to see an old connection revived and to see how that revial goes, especially given Harry’s upgraded powers.

  179. The most intriguing part of this video was the dude playing Michael, he was pretty spot on. The thought of anyone other than James Masters playing Harry just seems like blasphemy though.
    Can’t wait for this book!

  180. My favorite part is when Harry asks Molly if he can touch the bazooka and she slaps his hand. That’s just so classic!

  181. Excited! I wonder how many double crosses are possible in one heist?

  182. codergatherer

    Currently re-reading all of the current books in anticipation for Skin Games. I’m most intrigued by how Harry was portrayed in the trailer. Despite all the crazy stuff he has gone through, he’s still good ol’ Harry! Same snappy comebacks and off-kilter humor. Can’t wait!

  183. Everything with Murphy in it was gold.

  184. “Is that a bazooka?”


    “Can I play with it?”

  185. Michael taking up his sword again has to be the most intriguing thing. He said his time to wield the sword was done, so him having it again gets me very excited.

  186. Alex Blackburn

    My writing skills suck so let’s make this short most impressive thing? That they did it on a shoestring budget also no matter how much the actor does or does not look like the person their playing their zeal for the part shines through!!!!!

  187. For me, I want to know who is considered a firecaller that ISN’T Dresden. I mean he spends his spare time burning down buildings.

  188. Syed Hamdani

    1) It will be quite interesting to see which quartet Nicodemus chooses for the team, if anything I dont expect any of them to have any love lost for harry, the trailer hints towards that.

    2) Murphy is custodian of at least 2 swords, if anything dealing with denarians I would expect her to use at least wield Fiddelachius in defense of harry, fact Michael picks up the sword again is also interesting because it is a calling and hes retired as far as we know.

    3) Michaels house is supposed to be protected by the Angel hit squad of awesomeness, why they would let Nicodemus who is the associate of Andurial walk in proximity to Michaels house is also an interesting twist, perhaps it has to do with the artifact they intend to steal from Hades.

  189. Is the blood Nicodemus is drinking? What is he going to use the Grail for anyhow?

  190. Cap'n Hoppy

    Michael. Has. The Sword.

    Game over, Nick.

  191. Dylan Schwark

    The team itself is interesting. 5 members with 5 skills to help balance power. Just like Harry’s Pentacle. 5 points with 5 sides within the circle, representing the 5 elements (Water, Fire, Eart, Air amd Spirit), all balanced within the Pentacle. Summoner, Imposter, Fire Caller, Thief and Opener.

    What I find intriguing is that Harry possesses ALL of these skills. Harry has the ability to summon entities and demons (Chaunzaggoroth), he can change his appearance with potions (we saw what he could do with little money and the Blending Brew in Fool Moon. Imagine what kind of potion he could make with access to the Winter Court’s bank account. Harry IS the Winter Knight after all!), he is an expert fire caller (Fuego is one of his specialties), he has been successful in finding/recovering artifacts and items in the past (not THIEVING per say, but this is where the Blending Brew would come in handy, and finding lost items is part of his job as an investigator. He DID find the Shroud of Turin.), and as an opener, Harry has the ability to open ways to the Never Never. Why can’t Harry complete the heist on his own?

    It was hinted in the trailer that Harry is to double cross Nicodemus. If Harry possesses all of these skills, it may be necessary for him to double cross the rest of his team as well to complete the heist, and to survive. The team itself has caught my attention more than anything else in the trailer.

  192. Most intriguing to me is what _isn’t_ in the trailer: any hint of Molly’s new responsibilities as the Winter Lady.

    As for what’s intriguing _in_ the trailer, I would say all of Mab’s machinations. I love watching her work.

  193. In order of fanboyish squeeing
    1. Harry’s “Wait what?!”
    2. Michael taking up Amorrachius against Nicodemus *Double fanboy squee*
    3. “Is that a bazooka” *Fanboy squee and then faint*

  194. Everything was brilliantly done. I especially liked the cinematography and how it blended so seamlessly together. Beautiful!

  195. For me, it is the actor playing Michael is spot on.

  196. I’m intrigued that I didn’t see anything about Harry’s daughter Margaret. Does he finally interact with her after his time on Demonreach?

  197. Douglas Bennett

    Definitely Michael With the sword!

  198. for me the best thing is that I get to see clasic Harry Dresden in action like his WTH moment when they were talking about working together, Mab’s face looking how i pictured it and Murphey and Harry’s interaction with each other

  199. Samuel Dubois

    Either how accurate the Michael is in my head to the actor the got, or Michael taking the sword up again! I need Michael back

  200. I know this might be lame, but I was excited to see Michael with sword at the end. He’s been out of the storyline for too long.

  201. Does it take me out of the running if I admit that I didn’t watch the trailer because I don’t want any spoilers? I don’t even read the back of the book until after I finish it(just to see how accurate the blurb is). Two weeks away and I CAN’T WAIT!

  202. James Hoover

    The best part is not only having my imagination showing me Harry, Murph, Mab and everyone else, but being able to see it. The actors are awesome and just bring to life what already was leaping off the page.

  203. David Whitehurst

    Harry working with Nicodemus I think is the most intriguing. Let’s face it, Harry hates the guy, but has to work with him. There is going to be smartassitry boiling over in this book.

  204. Matt Whiteacre

    Michael and the sword are intriguing, but seeing Harry have to work with Nicodemus and pull a double cross at the end is also worth contemplating.

  205. Michael. Though more or less anything involving Murphy makes me happy!

  206. Catherine Cornish

    I’m intrigued by the presence of a summoner.

  207. I’m most intrigued by Mab’s apparent attempt at a Russian accent. Are the Fae working a Putin vibe?

  208. I found all the different characters intriguing… trying to figure out who was who and if I already knew them or not 🙂

  209. Brandon Wilson

    The most intriguing thing for me was the reveal of just enough plot to start you speculating but not give anything away. That and Dresden’s one liners those are always great.

  210. Michael with Amoracchius. I can’t help but think that’s a move he’s going to regret.

  211. Butters wearing Dresden’s duster and getting thrown across a yard. Like whoa.

  212. I really wanna see what happens to the parasite in harry!

  213. Finding out about the parasite or Micheal taking up the sword.

  214. Nerdy Jester

    Micheal taking up the sword as I am worried that it will be his last stand. I hope not but something is nagging in the back of my head.

  215. Kendall Jung

    Michael taking up the Sword again is amazing. I was geeked to see his return!

  216. Antgony Sontag

    So excited for the thief character! Also, congrats on getting it authorized!

  217. Caitlyn Heylmann

    I’m all about the Harry/Murphy goodness. Looking forward to seeing if there are any moments between them.

  218. Wow is that what Mab is really supposed to sound like? O_o the most intriguing thing to me is the raid party and who all is filling the roles!

  219. Matt Watson

    Harry and Murphy!

  220. The most shocking is were Murphy is stabbed in the gut.

  221. Michael and the sword!! Wow!

  222. Michael holding Amoracchius as Nicodemus runs his hand along the Carpenters’ fence.

  223. Ahem… Sorry about that, but those paragraphs go through my head every time i see this. I need to know how close I am.

  224. Gotta love the Bazooka…and the Sword. But I’m really wondering about the Imposter….

  225. The bazooka. Best scene hands down.

  226. Easily the Michael sword part!

  227. The Bazooka. Mainly for the fact it is a bazooka, if you need a bazooka for something you are obviously doing something very wrong or something very right.

  228. Two things strike me as deeply interesting
    1) Butters is holding Bob, that is a match up I cannot wait to read
    2)selfishly, as the actress from the Texas crew playing Charity, I love it when the Carpenter Clan gets more page time. Swords or nail guns, they kick ass.

  229. Sword wielding Michael Carpenter is back!

  230. i liked the Accuracy and dedication the team at D3f did in making this trailer. they really made me believe that i was looking at the characters. I would pay money to see this in theaters.

  231. Loved this! I was thrilled with the attention paid to detail in this trailer and I especially loved the voice of the woman who played Mab. Whenever I read Mab’s lines now, it’ll sound like that in my head. Thanks for making this and for sharing!

  232. I’m excited, curious, and incredibly worried for Michael. More so even his family, as taking up the sword could mean (if Harry’s speculations are correct) that he is placing himself and his family (back) in mortal danger.

  233. The new characters! Who is the Fire Caller?

  234. Richard Burges

    I really like seeing Nicky. I liked how they did the noose for sure.

  235. Celia Visser

    I loved the expression on Nicodemus’ face when he turned to face Harry. He really nailed the role!

  236. Mab’s eyes change in the trailer. Makes me wonder if that was a production goof or a change in the situation that made Mab have to appear more “Mabbish”.

  237. This trailer is pretty awesome, but what I find most intriuging is the new players the firecaller et al.

  238. timbricker13

    Michael’s back baby!

  239. That Harry is surprised someone is double-crossing him … again.

  240. I love the actress that they picked to portray Mab. Also, I cannot WAIT to see Michael back in action!

  241. Ryan Wallace

    Harry and molly looked like they would end up in interesting places, and the fact that Michael is coming back. I still love the crap harry has to go through

  242. I know it seems like piling-on, but I paused to consider what I would think most intriguing, and the only thing that leaped to mind was Michael and the Sword.

  243. How surprised Harry was that he is being used.

  244. What in the world is Mab up too?

  245. Steve McGhee

    Easily the most intriguing part of the trailer was seeing Michael take up the sword again. Can’t wait/kinda worried to see where that leads

  246. I have to pick?! I am super excited to see that maybe, MAYBE something will finally happen with Harry and Murphy. Although I hope she doesn’t die! The last thing Harry needs is Wolverine syndrome.

  247. Michael Lemke

    I like two things in particular. Carpenter steps back up and the assembling of a supernatural avengers team.

  248. The way it leaves me craving more!! Need I say more? 🙂

  249. Lots of questions.
    What is Nicodemis after? What is Mab’s ulterior motive? Is Michael taking back up the sword?

  250. I’m wondering how Hades will react if and when he finds out that his vault is being robbed. Much godly wrath, I’m sure.

  251. Alexandra (Shandra) Vazquez de Granada

    The earring… I want to know why Mab pierced Dresden’s ear. It’s such a minor thing, WHY was it specifically added to the trailer. Must be very important… and I want to know WHY.

  252. The different “roles” needed for this job. Was that creative license or is that actually from skin game? I wonder how Nicodemus knows about Dresdens new familiarity with “the ways”. That must be why he’s the opener. His mother’s Gem. Getting to hades must be hard as hell! Get it?!

  253. Nicolas Milioni Gravina Abdu

    Nicodemus’s grunts on his flashback of harry choking him

  254. katt merkle

    The titles of the others involved, summoner, imposter, fire starter, thief & opener. First insite to who’s on the team.

  255. Michael taking back up the sword, hands down.

  256. Jill Horton

    And I’m sitting here going … What, are Murphy and Harry going to get together for real? Really, really? Please?

  257. Reblogged this on Jill Horton Rambles and commented:
    Looks like Jim Butcher is adding a new level of epic to his list of awesome!

  258. Either the bass at the beginning, or MICHAEL WITH AMORACCHIUS

  259. yehuda pitterman

    For me it’s a tie between what looked like Murphy basically getting killed, or Michael picking up Amoracchius as a knight. And of course the bazooka

  260. I love the idea of Harry finally getting to see his daughter and interact with her. I know that she could be away, but the scene at the end with him retreating to Michaels home with the wounded Murphy just makes me hope and pray that Maggie is there, and the first glimpse of Harrry she gets to see is that of him being a hero, a protector, and a symbol of all that is good and right in the world.

  261. Michael NO! Well that was more spoilery then I expected, but I am still excited!

  262. Easy. Michael apparently taking up the Sword again. Which of course makes me wonder if Karin will and how permanently.

  263. Absolutely Michael taking up the sword again.

  264. Styrofoam13

    Michael and the sword: part two.

  265. Bringing life to the characters in a real way that stays true to how I perceive the relationships to be. Love the bazooka exchange.

  266. Tanya Deininger

    Michael Carpenter is back!!!! Love that. (I don’t like the actor you chose to play Harry, though.)

  267. So excited. The scene with the specialists was of course enticing, and the music was an excellent underscore for the whole thing. I appreciate the attention to detail in the whole scar thing, and michael’s predisposition for flannel seems an appropriate choice. Murph and Dresden gettin’ jiggy? Game changer. Excellent Nicodemus cast, he’s got that whole boy-next-door-who-skinned-your-cat look.

  268. Aside from the usually fantastic chemistry between Harry & Murph, and Michael who is always epic…the shot of the Thief totally reminds me of Parker from Leverage. Random, I know, but I can’t help it!

  269. Benjamin Johnston

    Sort of a toss up between Michael with the sword again and what looks like Binder making an appearance.

  270. As a filmmaker myself, i often find myself thinking of how i would film something as i’m reading it in the book. I get the same sensation watching this trailer. These guys know what they’re doing, but the thing that most impressed me with this trailer is the casting choice for Michael. This guy is exactly what i picture when i read the books.

  271. Michael wielding the sword again and Dresden acting like Dresden and Molly being Molly. Can’t wait to read this book!

  272. Meredith Rees

    I’m intrigued by Michael picking up the Sword of Love again. I’m also curious how Harry is really going to get along with some if these new team mates that he’s crossed paths with before. Really I’m just giddy over the whole damn thing.

  273. This wasn’t quite the way I envisioned Mab, but it is still a great trailer.

  274. egreene6724

    I like the idea of Harry trying to double cross Nicodemus. That’s surely going to end well…

  275. kyrstinbain

    One of my favourite things about the whole Dresden Files series is Butcher’s diverse female cast and how they interact with Harry who is (frankly) a bit misogynistic (if only because he is so very chivalrous). So I loved Murphy telling him off! She isn’t just a “big girl,” she’s a kick-ass woman! And I’m glad she keeps reminding him, because I don’t want his affection for her to make him forget what a battleaxe she is.

  276. I can’t wait to find out what Mab’s latest scheme is! Oh and what finally happens with Murphy and Dresden!

  277. Roy Sachleben

    Harry and Mab in an elevator… tell most uncomfortable and frightening ride ever.

  278. Bloody everything! But also that it looks like Micheal takes up Amoracchius again. Also, bazooka, EEEEEE!

  279. I’m actually looking forward to seeing Harry work together with these Grey Magic Wielders. Especially Binder! I was really hoping we’d get to see him again.

  280. I love how it was just enough to get you wanting more. Also the use of VC tuts, which is awesome.

  281. Danielle Ball

    Does Karrin finally use the sword?!? Does she use Fidelacchius and be a Knight? Please please please! I saw a sword rack!!

  282. Ralph Shibler

    I am intrigued by Michael taking upthe sword the most I would think it poetic justice if he is the one To take Nicodemus out for good. I alsofind the coming togeather of all the past low place charaters some how prophetic……

  283. J K to the rizzle

    The costs- what they are, and who pays them.
    The team! Oh sweet sweet backstabby action. The team.
    Michael picked up the sword!? Gut response- NOT good!
    Skinning them alive. F you Shagnasty! Time for some MF payback! Also, time for Dresden to rip out Nicodemus’ tongue. It has… symmetry. Failing that… Nicodemus repenting, picking up a sword. That also has symmetry.
    Lastly- Maggie. Time to Be There, Dresden.

  284. harry, a lackey to nicodemus…..really?

  285. I can’t wait to see how the heist is going to go and who are the other members in the heist

  286. Cameron MacEachern

    It would be the team of thieves and how will there powers will work

  287. kenzalhunter

    Harry’s new… associate.

    As a bonus, the lack of hat for Harry.

  288. Abel Gutierrez

    Michael’s faith in Dresden. Just that he is so sure that the mantle will not overcome who Dresden is at the core.

  289. Nicole Hunter

    It looks like he is carrying Murphy into Micheal’s house. I know who “else” lives there. I cannot wait to see her and Mouse again.

  290. Alright, there’s a couple of things; hard to say exactly what’s the most intriguing.
    1) The skillsets that have been brought in make a certain degree of sense, but how they all fill their roll will make it interesting. Also, who are these people?
    2)HariKari shippers finally seem to finally be getting rewards for their patience; where Karen fits in with the story line will be interesting. However. There’s no Molly shown. Where the blazes is she?
    3)Michael’s back, with the Sword. First, how and why. Second, where’s Maggie, if she’s staying with his family? JB’s pretty much kept her off the page for a while despite various trips to Michael’s; and she’s about 10 now. If we haven’t heard anything yet, it’s got to be something big that we’re not being told.
    4) Molly again–Harry’s shown clutching his head and screaming–assuming it’s not in the tunnels from the first chapters (which was not the impression I got), then the parasite is emerging, indicating that it’s taking longer for Mab to get around to letting Harry take some pesticide to it than originally indicated by the earring, or the magic’s being blocked.
    We know there’s another book after this (barring JB throwing up his hands and saying “rocks fall, they all die”), so this scene is either how the story ends (with a grand total of 1 cliffhanger in the series and that being Changes, I doubt it, but it’s possible) and all his loved ones are in danger, trying to kill it before it kills Harry’s loved ones is yet another part of the story line for Skin Game (too much?), Molly shows up and saves the day, or there’s another way to take care of the parasite.

  291. Dave Pouliot

    I am most intrigued and interested to see who the members of Nicodemus’ team end up being. The trailer is amazingly done and I literally squee’d with excitement! Also, Murphy with a rocket launcher… ’nuff said.

  292. Michael coming off the bench is fantastic but what Mab is up to by far the most intriguing.

  293. Vilte Baliutaviciute

    Honestly, the entire trailer is exciting and fantastic. But the most *intriguing* part has to be how someone other than Harry “the building was on fire and it wasn’t my fault” Dresden is the fire caller.

  294. Favorite part? Honestly? That it means the book release is ever so close to finally being here = I need to finish my reread of the series.

  295. I gotta agree with others that the possibility of Michael taking up the sword again is definitely something I’m wanting to see. Also, seeing as he’s going to be seeing Michael, I wonder if he’ll be seeing Maggie…?

  296. It looks like there is a “Team Dresden” assembling to defeat Nicodemus, which is awesome. That and the bazooka. Also, Michael taking up the sword to protect his home and family. And did I mention the bazooka?

  297. That the Fey are apparently Eastern European?

  298. Kristen Berry

    I like how Michael is back. Also, Nicodemus is my favorite villain.

  299. Oh my God, Michael is taking up the sword again. I’m going to go to sleep now, no one wake me up until I can have a copy of this book in my hands.

  300. Michael. Oh God, please don’t kill Michael. Please.

  301. The most intriguing thing for me is that Harry has to work with Nicodemus, his long time enemy and king nickle head. He’s had to work with John Marcone before, but this is an entire different level of evil partner.

  302. Harry’s further relationship with the new his former apprentice

  303. I find this cast of associates pretty intriguing. I’m curious to see their stories…

  304. Michael taking up the sword again. and Murphy getting beaten up by Nicodemus! Holy crap!

  305. The Dresden quotes, especially the bazooka line lol

  306. All the things! But especially Michael.

  307. Nickie’s back?! Dang it is hoped he was dead! Hope he gets it in this one.

  308. Cheryl Bradley

    The comment about the bazooka and what exactly it was going to be used for. And, of course, Harry’s attitude of it all.

  309. Michael Basaldella

    The bazooka.

  310. Ashley Spangler

    I have to say, the most intriguing bits combine the snippet of a look into the progression of Murph and Harry’s relationship and the interesting new dynamic with characters. But if I’m being honest, it all looks phenomenal. I’m entirely way too excited for this book to come out… It’s not healthy.

  311. Michael taking up the sword again, plus (as always) being Harry’s moral compass. (SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE ADVANCED CHAPTERS ONLINE) who is Harry’s backup on the team?? I am really, really hoping it is Murphy and going by the trailer, I am guessing it is. SO exciting!

  312. Omg!! I have to finish my current book!! I can’t wait to see Dresden enteract and am intrigued by the double cross

  313. Joe Shaffer

    The most intriguing aspect for me is that Harry’s role on a team isn’t to blow something up or burn something down.

  314. Quite honestly…I really like the peeks we get to see of the people in Harry’s life (and not just the fact that Murphy and Micheal are taking up arms with him). He’s clearly still in the midst of his struggles with Mab, being the Winter Knight and the creepy brain slug that’s in his head. But through all that, he’s truly growing past his insecurity with allowing his friends into that part of his life again, especialy after his momentary relapse of that particular bad habit in “Cold Days”. Harry’s in for one HELL of a time. Can’t wait!

  315. Jeff Brandon

    I hope Nicodemus gets iced finally!

  316. Most intriguing? I thought Harry would be taller.

  317. Oh geez. Probably the new characters. They look like they’re going to be fantastic and anything with the faerie world gives me shivers. The good kind. Although I kinda wish Nicodemus doesn’t last long. He is one creepy dude.

  318. Ed Cooke JR

    The hat, on the book but not in the book. Seen in the trailer by not part of the trailer. Also the sword is back

  319. most intriguing…michael and the sword…also – what is going on between murphy and harry…i can’t wait!!

  320. Ok. Harry and a bazooka. What more could you ask for?

  321. Honestly? Seeing everyone again. This is one of the few series were I really love seeing all the characters again, even the evil ones! Everyone’s read a book or series where you just want to skip over an uninteresting character’s plot. That’s not the Dresden Files. You’re gonna ricochet back and forth between all your old friends and their foes. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it makes you laugh and cry, but you never end a book without wanting Jim to hand you the next one immediately

  322. One word: Michael

  323. Michael Hardiman

    Um…harry and Murphy in bed?!?!?`8

  324. I was super surprised to see Michael take up the sword! I liked the trailer and was very impressed by it as a whole, I have family in the industry and know how much work and talent that took! But I have to say it was very different how I have always seen the characters in my head. But we all see things through our own eyes preferences and experiences. Once again great job and happy reading to all the Dresden fans!!

  325. Jennifer Kullman-Alldred

    I loved seeing the characters in action. The DFFF did a fantastic job on this trailer. I’d have to say the parts that intrigued me the most are with Harry and Mab. She’s such a multi-dimensional character, you never know what she’s doing or why. “I expect you to be yourself.” Really looking forward to seeing that play out.

    Also Harry and the bazooka. How can anyone not love that part?

  326. I’m excited to see Dresden working with Nicodemus!

  327. Michael taking up the sword

  328. I am looking forward to reading about Harry having to work for a Denarius and how that will affect his relationship with the Knights of the Cross.

  329. I am intrigued to see how mab clearly wants to screw ol’ nic over somehow. And how do they know each other?

  330. I love how Harry plays both sides of the good and evil fence as the razor’s edge. To attempt to steal from Lucifer’s vault and then show up on the Carpenter’s doorstep for protection. Takes the stainless steal balls that only Dresden and Jim Butcher could pull off, time and time again. I look forward to reading Skin Game very much.

  331. It’s close for me, with Michael taking the sword up again coming in a close second… but the most interesting thing has to be how Harry seems relatively unharmed.

    How does THAT happen?

  332. I know a lot have said it, but Michael and sword. That is all.

  333. Brian Creekmore

    The hot chicks obviously

  334. Jaime Begody

    As with any good book series, the best thing about teasers is the anticipation of the story to come. How the heck does Dresden get out of working with Nicodemus?

  335. Aaron Schnabel

    The thing I found most intriguing about this trailer was how in earth did you make the Dresden files look so boring and how did you find someone so ugly to be Mab?

  336. Augh! How can I choose? The quality of the whole thing is amazing. You guys rock!

    The thing I loved most about the video was the voices: Mab’s “…accent I couldn’t place. Maybe European. Definitely interesting.” is very cool. (Yes, I’m currently rereading Summer Knight, thank you.) Plus, while I’ve seen pics of the fellow playing Michael before now, (Yum!) I hadn’t heard his voice yet, and it is perfect! (Double yum.)

    Most intrigued about the book? Everything to do with Murphy. I love me some Murphy.

  337. Stacy Harrison

    The whole trailer was just amazing and well done but my favorite part is the bazooka scene makes me giggle every time

  338. Can it be?! Will Karrin Murphy and Harry finally get together?
    Hmmm…..I think , (In the Immortal words of Jim Butcher himself) “No, and Farther more……”

  339. I’m like most everyone else–Michael with the sword made me do a double-take. I really didn’t think we’d see that again.

  340. The most intriguing? What Harry will do to Nicodemus for beating up Murph. He almost killed him after Michael got shot in the midst of combat zone. Now Nic beats Karrin in cold blood, apparently, what will follow is going to be a beatdown of epic proportions. Or so I hope. Hell’s bells, I I almost feel sorry for the demonic jerk.

  341. Revnant Dream

    You guys did a great job on the trailer. Can’t wait till this is out. I love this series of his from the first book on.
    When Laural K Hamilton went from fiction to porn writing, Mr Buthcher came along with an even better concept with more talent. I owe him for that.
    My only complaint about Jim Butcher’s work, is he dosen’t write faster.

  342. Honestly, the one thing that really has me wondering.. What happens to Murphy and how bad it’s gotten that Michael is back in the game.

  343. Gatewaydrug

    I’m intrigued by the idea of Harry being sneaky. He has to betray Nicodemus but is he going to actually be subtle about it or is he simply going to explode Nic? Exploding Nic sounds like fun, but somehow I figure he’ll walk away from it.

  344. Without question, Michael doing anything in this trailer. Of course, the interactions with Karrin come a close second…

  345. Clint Forney

    Oh dear god, Michael’s back.

  346. Ian Blackstone

    I really want to know what’s about to pop out of Harry’s head at 2:29…

  347. The release date. Twelve days!

  348. Gotta be the bazooka, and the look on Harry’s face when he sees it!

  349. Love the visuals, I want to see more of the Island!

  350. brookstravis

    That would have to be Michael, apparently, wielding Amorakkis again!

    That, or the Bazooka.

  351. I find the chance of Nicodemus going against Harry again intriguing. Hopefully, Dresden can steal that necktie of his. After all, I’ve heard that no noose is good noose!

  352. All the time until I watched the trailer, I was eager to find out what happens to Molly. I still am, but seeing Michael got me even more intrigued. Of course, everything else counts too – the thing growing in Harry’s head, what will hapen with Nicodemus, etc., etc., etc.

  353. Whole trailer is awesome but, to pick favorites:
    The music is pretty wicked, sets the scene excellently.
    Mab: “I repay you my loaning you the services of mine”
    Harry: *nod nod-* “Wait, what!?”
    And the bazooka.

    • – Though the question was “most intriguing,” so probably the open question of what would happen when Harry was near a bazooka.

  354. Most in intriguing part. Right.
    No, in actual pretending to be seriousness, the kissing thing was very interesting. BAZOOKA. Mab OWES Nick and now Harry has to work for him?? MEEP!
    Y’know, so… All of it. Basically.

  355. I am mostly intrigued by what the team are after….and why.

  356. Michael is shown wielding Amoracchius! And also Murphy/Dresden smooches! And Nicodemus! And the heist and GAH! EVERYTHING!

  357. Anthony Horton

    What don’t I like about it. Can’t wait for it nicodimus always makes the books good but why did micheal have the sword. Cliff hanger I guess and if micheal is involved where was mouse.

  358. ‘Is that a bazooka?” definitely my favorite part

  359. What I found the most interesting was the rouges gallery that Nicodemus compiled for this mission. Where did he get them? What (specifically) can they do? Why are they there? And will any of them be on Harry’s side (probably not)?

  360. Sam Jackson

    Had read the preview chapters online so seeing a few of the scenes played out in the trailer was cool ‘cuz I knew what was happening and got more tidbits on what is yet to come. The intriguing thing is wondering how Harry will deal with Nicodemus’ treachery this time and how much damage is done to him and his friends.

  361. It’s REALLY hard to pick a favorite part… the new characters, Nicodemus, and Michael taking up the Sword again all made me smile like a freaking idiot. I am amazingly excited for this book.

  362. Blaze O'Rama

    Murphy always intrigues me.

  363. Elizabeth Marshall

    I love the humour and interaction between Harry and Murphy but most intriguing is probably Michael taking up the sword again!

    I cannot WAIT for this!!! 😀
    Currently re-reading the series, on Summer Night at the moment ;D

  364. Mason Lewis

    Mine is a toss up between harry actually feeling safe in a room with a bazooka and harry letting michael have the sword back!! And wheres the walking stick or limp michael?!

  365. Omg so excited to finally see an accurate Dresden! Ive been following the making of this fanmovie and it does NOT dissapoint!
    Harry and Murphy finally together? Michael taling up the sword again?(great casting btw!)
    seeing Dresden say ‘Hells Bells’. The comic notes. I love it all!
    Cant wait for the book (and the fanfilm) to come out. 🙂

  366. So much has changed recently from how it was in the early days. Dresden is certainly feeling the push. I can’t wait to see how he deals with the pressure of his decisions. Also MOAR Dresden!

  367. Two words:

    Michael. Sword.

    Hell’s bells…….

  368. I am surprised by the different people Nicodemus is taking on the mission… Never would have expected to see some of those characters again. Binder, the Churchmouse, everything is exciting!

    It’s like Xmen

  369. Brian Waite

    For me it’s a toss up between Michael taking up the sword again and trying to figure out exactly what Nicodemus is going after.

  370. I have to say it’s probably the panicked “What!?” Harry gives when he finds out that Mab is loaning him out to Nic….and all because he has the pendant of “go anywhere.” 😀

  371. Sean Williamson

    The Chicago skyline.

  372. Dave Varley

    Michael taking up the sword again = awesome. Also can’t wait to read how the Jim works the Harry Nic double, double cross.

  373. Michael She

    The people on the heist team seem like they will be interesting.

  374. Most fascinated by the team Nicodemus has put together. I find myself trying to cipher what exactly the heist is supposed to be.

  375. My first reaction was like many in the list – “Michael’s got a Sword!” But I’m interested in how Harry’s going to deal with working with Niccodemus. One thing I didn’t like was a fairie with a Russian (generally Slavic?) accent. Just doesn’t go for me.

  376. Ben Ferneau

    Seeing the lineup of Nickie’s team was great.

  377. Chris Hodge

    What I find most intriguing is how great it would be to see Dresden on TV again. The previous series suffered too much from “fix it, even if it’s not broken”

  378. My favorite part of the trailer is the conversation between Michael and Dresden. The character development, and the fears that Dresden appears to be facing are completely normal in his situation and something he has worried about from the beginning. I love that Michael is there to help him through it.

    Then also, he’s in Michael’s house, this means he must surely see Maggie!

  379. The concept of harry firing a bazooka is the most interesting. The things like Michael with the sword and Mab owing Nicodemus a favor and all ARE interesting. But c’mon…’s a wizard…sorry THE wizard with a fecking bazooka! It doesn’t look like Murphy is letting Harry use it. But imagine the spells he could enchant it with. The fires would be lovely and huge.

  380. Frankly I think the most interesting part of the trailer is the title “opener.” I don’t know why they’d need Harry in particular to open a way to the Nevernever, or if he’s there in some other capacity. Maybe because of Demonreach’s secure nature, it has a sympathetic connection to the vault of Hades, so the entrance is actually on Demonreach? It would be an excellent ploy for Nic and the Nickleheads to get back on the island.

  381. Matthew Thorn

    “Wait. What?” and the conversation between Michael and Harry.

  382. I like that it reminds me the wait is almost over

  383. The “wait, what?” is spot on perfect, and classic to boot.

  384. Definitely Michael picking up the sword again. The question is raises of how this may affect his “retirement package”, and of course the lingering questions of the swords’ new wielder, all come to mind.

  385. Ingemar Laser

    Holy shit is he sucking face with Murphy?

    Also looking forward to seeing Murphy tackle Nicodemus, she’s had some nasty things after her, but he’s kinda high on the list of horrible beings.

  386. I’m intrigued by the Katana on Murphy’s table… 🙂

  387. What will happen to Murphy now that she and Harry appears to be taking it to the next level? Being Dresden’s girlfriend has been prove deadly before and must be even more so now that the game has been kicked up a notch or 20 and the enemies are even deadlier. Will Murphy even survive this book? And if so – how will she power up, to keep up with Harry? By taking up the sword, or by some other means?

  388. I find it intriguing that this is presented as a heist movie. Just with some twists. Usually most of the crew have good qualities with one bad egg. This looks to be the opposite: one good egg who does the betraying.

  389. Brigette Gallagher

    Nicodemus abdolutely! The actor grabs his frightening personality perfectly, while the filming is beautiful. In particular, the scene with the snowy background and Nicodemus’s bloody hand on the iron gate…that part of the trailer really does the Dresden Files justice. I really can’t wait for this book to come out!

    • Brigette Gallagher

      By the way, is everyone sure that is supposed to be Murphy who Dresden is kissing? My take is that the actress is a bit young for Murphy and that he is in fact kissing his apprentice Molly. Thoughts?

      • Being as I’m the one who played her…she’s Murphy. Blonde hair and big blue eyes always make a girl look younger than she is. Sigh. You’re not the first one to think I’m Molly though.

  390. Jenni Rhodes

    I have to say that I’m most intrigued by the idea that Jim will be able to take Dresden’s character to a place where he can work with Nicodemus and reconcile it with Harry’s morals. I can’t wait to read it! I would SO LOVE an ARC!!!

  391. Jesse Hollis

    Having avoided any and all information about this novel, I find myself pleasantly surprised that Michael makes a showing! I do wonder what his fate is to be…

  392. Christopher Smith

    Definitely Michael. There’s something… powerful about seeing him with Amoracchius and defending his home. It literally made me shiver. By the power of his faith, You Shall Not Pass!

  393. Dwayne Worley

    I am so excited about the new book that just being able to see the trailer and hear part of the story was awesome. My favorite part was probably the very end though…the part about touching the bazooka….hilarious.

  394. I enjoy the fact that Mab just expects Harry to be himself. I am looking forward to lots of burning buildings, slain evildoers, and making it out by the skin (game) of his teeth! Harry Dresden kicks ass!

  395. Would love a chance at the advanced copy. As to the trailer, these guys are great, but honestly for me? It’s a bit too spoilery. My view only. Love JB. And can’t wait to read Skin Game! (FYI – I’ll be having a writer’s master class with him at WyrdCon. Can’t wait for that either.

  396. I LOVE the first couple of seconds showing the Chicago skyline. Fantastic city. 🙂

  397. I like that they don’t make Harry wear a hat in the trailer. The fan film these guys put on was awesome. I love that they are able to do the trailer for Skin Game.

  398. Cannot wait! Most intriguing, Harry’s internal fight to resist the dark. And of course the Murphy & Michael story arcs!

  399. Omg. Michael wielding the sword again!! 👏👏

  400. Robert Flowers

    I’m waiting to see how Harry will double cross Nicodemus. Also can’t wait to see Michael back in action!!!

  401. I love the blonde lady with a drop of blood on her finger. Mab is so deep, inquiring minds want to know more about her.

  402. For me it has to be toss up between Harry and Murphy finally getting together or Mab setting up Harry to betray Nicodemus.

  403. Pat Connelly


  404. Michael and the sword! Absolutely! 🙂

  405. wingedwolfpsion

    ‘You expect me to double-cross him!’ ‘I expect you to be yourself.’

  406. I really enjoyed the special effects. But my favorite, was Michael and the sword. I was glad to see Molly. And of course, “Hells Bells.”

  407. Sharon Webb

    The most intriguing part of the trailer is how much more realistic it is and true to the books than the scifi’s Dresden files was. The characters look like I picture them in my head.

  408. Beverly Collie

    ALL OF IT! ♥♥♥ the Dresdin Files!

  409. Bill Visser

    Best part was the scene with Harry and Murphy and the bazooka!

  410. I am excited that there may be spoilers so I cannot watch it.

  411. The most intriguing thing about this trailer is that it exists. Other than that, Michael being back. Mab loaning out Harry wasn’t that surprising, but who she loaned him out to WAS. Can’t wait to see how that turns out Wasn’t really surprised at Harry asking for the bazooka. But it was a good humor point.

  412. Brian Marshall

    I thought the best parts about that book trailer were, A) A Book Trailer :), B) I didn’t need to be told who was who so the makeup, wardrobe and casting were great, and lastly… the bazooka part, make me laugh out loud.

  413. Michael Bobek

    The part where harry is carrying the severely wounded Murphy into Michaels house and michael pulls out a sword to fend off Nicodemus!!! Can’t wait for this book to come out!

  414. John McLaughlin

    Well, I never really thought of Mab’s accent as Eastern European. I thought more along the lines of faintly British or Scottish. I also wonder why they specifically need a “Fire Caller” for the job.

  415. hmm I just want to know about Molly. Karin, Dresden and Bazooka? Good second.

  416. Michael coming off the bench and the Bazooka.

  417. I am most looking forward to how “you want me to double cross him?!” turns out!

  418. Sam Richards

    I’m very excited about the possability of seeing a Skinwalker who isn’t a Naagloshi. I think the imposter is one of the Skinwalkers, a mortal trained by one of the original Naagloshi. I figure thats why he needs to drink blood. I’m looking forward to Skin Game =)

  419. Looks like they go to Michael’s house, which means we’ll finally see Dresden talk to Maggie.

  420. Wow, what doesn’t intrigue me… Ok top two that intrigue me, Michael and the sword and the mission itself. Nice Job with the trailer!

  421. I find it most intriguing that Mab is …… warming up to Harry. Other than that there is the fact that the Skinwalker can easily assume the form of a SPECIFIC person rather than just a general species – could he imitate Mouse?
    Oh and who is attacking at Michael’s house? It can’t be the Denarians because Michael has a detail of Angels protecting his house that would ward them off. Hence – who does Michael have to take up the sword against, that the Angels can’t touch?

  422. Harry looks to be carrying a hurt Karin or Molly? into Michaels house… so he has to have some kind of interaction with Maggie? Oh I can’t wait

  423. For me it has to be the thoughts of Dresden and Murphy.

  424. Michael’s back! Have been timing this nth rereading of the series to get in the proper frame of mind for Skin Game. Also, 10/10 would Kickstarter this heist movie as a Side Job.

  425. Bojan Milojkovic

    The most intriguing thing to me is Michael holding Amarachius, ready to fight Nicodemus. Michael and his home have protection now. Nicodemus can’t harm him any more.

    But i have a feeling that Michael won’t just stand there.

  426. Daniel Niedermayer

    My favorite part was the moment where Michael holds up the sword and it begins to glow.

  427. Oh Harry… what have you done now?

    Most intriguing from this trailer: Michael’s just letting Harry waltz on into the house? Has he found out what’s happened to Molly? Ok, Michael would probably handle it well… so has CHARITY found out what’s happened to Molly?

  428. Def. Michael. Cant wait

  429. Katrina Wolffe

    Where to start? Is the the white haired lady Mab? is she making Harry team up with Denarians? Michael is taking up his sword again? I want the whole book now to answer these and other questions!

  430. I am quite eager to learn more about this group of people assembled for some task. If done well, this could lead to spinoff character books, provided they maintain the Dresden universe’s feel.

  431. I’m curious why they have a fire caller on the breaking and entering team when Harry Dresden is already on the team.

  432. This trailer made me even MORE curious about the crew that Nicodemus is assembling for the heist. Also, now I hope that there actually is a bazooka in the book

  433. John Fassbender

    Interesting the job Mab has loaned Harry about for. Molly’s new role is got me quite interested too.

  434. I like the portrayal of Johnny Marcone. The atmosphere of his scene is perfect.

  435. First I agree that my favorite has to be the “is that a bazooka?” What I find most intriguing is the other characters that look about to be introduced, the fire caller, imitator etc.

  436. Can’t pick between 2 things: first, I’ve heard Jim talk about how he plotted the entire Dresden series out at the beginning – and I LOVE how we are starting to see it allllll come together now, with the return of set ups and pay offs now. second, and more specifically, nobody and I mean NOBODY does a better job than Jim Butcher of setting up a hero so that he knows FULL WELL he is being set up, and yet it is his TRAGIC FLAW that he can behave no differently. Looks like that’ll be the case here, too – and I will eat it up all over again. Poor Harry always knows if he (fights the Reds, rescues the girl, goes to war against the Wardens…) it will end poorly but he has to Do The Right Thing…. and that personal interior struggle is just so stinkin’ fun to watch. And now it looks like Mab will be exploiting it, too!! 🙂

  437. EASILY, the single most intriguing thing is the return of Michael Carpenter…. and the Bargain between Mab and Nicodemus… wait, Harry and Murphy…. FINALLY?… wait, what the heck is Nicodemus after? does it have anything to do with Nemesis?

    …. I can’t decide… can I vote for ALL of them??? 😀

  438. I find the bazooka quite intriguing. How is that going to fit in.

  439. most intriguing??… Michael picking up the sword almost had me, until I saw Nicodemus’s unhealed bloody knuckles…

  440. Whaaaat? Michael has the sword again!

  441. Justin Martinson

    Murphy getting severely hurt and what looks like a whole and hale Michael off the bench and ready to play with Nicodemus

  442. I bought this book the end of January, the second it went to pre-order and I can’t wait until 2am for it to download to my Kindle (Amazon releases it midnight, in some timezone that isn’t Central. I just know it downloads shortly after 2am in Chicago). What intrigued me most about the trailer? The introduction of some serious spellcasters! If Nicodemus has picked them for this heist, you know they can do some damage. And the bazooka, I’d want to play with it too!

  443. The entire trailer was amazing, but I loved the part about the bazooka because that was pure Dresden-Murphy interaction. When I first watched this, I literally laughed out loud, and then glanced guiltily around my office to make sure I hadn’t been noticed… 🙂

  444. If Nic will be even able to enter the Carpenter home we know there are at least 4 angels guarding it.

  445. Why we haven’t seen Cerberus at the sot of Hades

  446. Most intriguing: Mab. First, why does she have a bad Eastern Block accent? Second, she looks a lot like Laurell K Hamilton (that was a shocker). I’m in the middle of re-reading the series, so BRING IT ON!

  447. I am very excited to see all the of the double crossing that will go on between Nicodemius and Dresden. Michael is weilding a sword again!!!! Where is Sacha? Also I am interested in seeing the role that Murphy has to play in this (romantically and bad-assery). BAZOOKAS!!! I am interested to see and find out who the other spell casters are who are along for the heist and how they get out of it. I want to find out what has happened to Molly since the last book as well (even though it wasn’t in the trailer)

  448. I found Mab’s soft Eastern European accented voice, long flowing white hair and light green eyes very intriguing, they made her look like a sexy seductress, the total opposite of her true characters – the cold hearted ice queen!

  449. I wonder if Harry is really there to JUST open the gate. I mean you open portals to places based on you persona why would he be able to open a door to Hades?

  450. Most intriguing.. Wow.. Condensing it down to a single moment is almost impossible.

    How about “Where’s Molly?” …

  451. I wonder if the summoner is the same guy as in Turn Coat, Harry warned him that there next meating want be of good fortune

  452. Most intriguing? That Harry Dresden apparently wasn’t the Fire Caller.

  453. S. L. Stafford

    I enjoyed the entire trailer, though I did find Mab’s character to be the most intriguing. 🙂

  454. The awesome conversation between Harry and Michael. This is going to rock.

  455. Super excited to see Michael take up the sword again, and the general “Ocean’s Eleven” style team of burglars. Is that Binder? Glad to see he is back.

  456. Michael coming back is awesome. Just don’t let him die!

  457. Nic’s tie looks different than I thought it would

  458. Alex Dupree

    Are Murph and Dresden going to get it on? HEYO

  459. Austin Buelt

    THIS. THIS! AGH! Taking the Ocean’s 11/Leverage plot that I adore so much and throwing HARRY into the mix?!?! GENIUS. I can’t see this ending will for Nicky though…. *anticipatory chuckle*

  460. Elliott Sanders

    The currently unknown new characters involved in the heist!

  461. Andrew Cotton

    Michael takes the sword for sure

  462. Gary Powell

    I am intrigued about Michael’s apparent role and picking up the sword after retiring — unless that isn’t Michael 😉

  463. peter van ettinger

    I think the interesting thing is showing murphy hurt bad and Michael picking up the sword. I think micheal is going to be the +1 that harry gets to watch his back

  464. John Macker

    I really, really, really want to know what they’re after and why Nicodemus wants it.

  465. Tina Vautour

    I love the special effects, and I love how they showed their version of Hades. Can’t wait for the book, and i so wish they would make movies of them and not just teasers. I’m a huge fan, all the books, and seen the show.

  466. Definitely want to know what’s the deal with Mab versus Nicodemus, but I’m also curious about Michael and the Impostor.

  467. Anann Pickard

    Micheal with the sword again.

  468. Most intriguing: is that really Murphy Dresden carries to the Carpenter house? The imposter needs blood to assume someone’s identity and there was enough of that around. Nicodemus’ hand was smeared with blood as well and he made sure everyone could see it.

  469. Mab telling Harry to be himself…chaos will ensue!

  470. I’d have to go with Michael and the Amoracchius, of course!

  471. Rereading the books
    And avoiding spoilers, but
    An ARC would be WIN.

  472. William Soland

    Mab has Harry’s blood.

  473. Lonnie Bertram

    Micheal wielding Ammorachius again??? YES!!!!!

  474. This looks amazing!! Loving Michael and Harry/Murphy!

  475. I’m happy we saw a sword come out. But I’m surprised that is was Michael. I am convinced that Murphy has to take up the sword to keep up, but where is Fidelacchius?

  476. Return of the sword is awesome but I love that Nicodemius is back. He is the best villain in the books. Fallen angels ROCK! Hey….is that a silver coin over there?

  477. Michael and the sword. Michael has always been the rock that keeps Harry balanced. It will be interesting to see how the relationship between Michael and Harry evolves now that Molly is the Winter Lady

  478. I’m a pretty big fan of the Knights of the Cross, so seeing Michael back in action appeals to me.

  479. Andrew Kelley

    I don’t know what’s better, being able to read all of the different styles of magic, witnessing Michael take up his sword again (and the consequences of that) or seeing Harry break into Hades. (Nice work on the sweeping 3d render) I can’t wait for the 27th.

  480. Of course i am excited about Michael taking up the sword, and the developing relationship between Harry and Karen, but those are not the most exciting part of this trailer; at least for me. There is a shot of Harry falling to his knees and clutching his head. That is what strikes me most about this trailer. it could just be another time in Harry take yet another damaging mental scar into his psyche or it could be the parasite mentioned in Cold Days, Since it was causing him pain then too. I am really excited for that entity to develop further. Seeing how Harry has developed over the books is astounding and i can hardly wait for the end of the month for Skin Game. I have my own opinions of what the parasite truly is, as my friends know, but i want to see how it asserts itself and changes Harry’s life.

  481. Fidelias Carder

    Most intriguing? Everything.

  482. Will Marshall

    I think the most intriguing thing for me is, that no where do you see Molly, after the last book she most be a major player this time round.

  483. Michael taking up the sword again worries me. What happened to the entire flock of angels guarding the Carpenter house? They were posted on every corner on the roof and in the yard. What would make them leave? Michael’s in no physical shape anymore (despite how the purr-worthy hunk playing his character appears) to fight.
    Michael would definitely sacrifice himself for his family – and if he’s forced to take up the sword again to do so, especially again Nick, I’m truly afraid we’ll lose him forever.

  484. John Armstrong

    The release date…

  485. Actually the return of Michael to active service is the most intriguing part. Why? Will he survive?

  486. For me, like others, it is definitely the return of Michael!

  487. I’m interested in finding out where Hades and the Greek gods fit into the Dresden universe. If Harry is the opener, does that mean that Hades is hanging out in the Nevernever? Also the parasite, which I tended to think was a byproduct of Lash dying to an Outsider.

  488. Phil Boswell

    What intrigues me, without reading any of the other comments, is how these guys have apparently found out so much of what is to happen in this book. Not that I necessarily want to know any plot details before I get my hands on a copy, but I am impressed that they have produced this to a high enough standard that it has been declared “official” by Mr Longshot himself 😉

  489. Can’t wait to read about what happens with the bazooka. Michael wielding a sword will be pretty awesome too and if thats Michael’s house then Maggie may be inside. Gonna be a great read.

  490. There is so much amazing stuff in the trailer…

    The line up of characters involved is great. Gotta love the Reservoir Dogs feel that gives.

    But the biggest moment I think was Michael wielding the sword again. It made me wonder if he could handle it or maybe some divine healing would be nice for him.

  491. What’s implied – Murphy & Dresden finally GET IT ON!
    What’s absent – MOLLY. I’ve been thinking about her new status since Cold Days. CAN NOT WAIT!

  492. Michael being back in the game!!!

  493. I found quite a bit intriguing, Michael taking up the sword again, breaking into hades’ vault? 3 new characters in the fire caller, imposter and thief, and most importantly why is Mab Russian?

  494. Hopefully, getting to hear about the time Mab borrowed Nicodemus. Whatever the two of them were up to together must have been real crazy, not to mention why Mab would need Nicodemus in the first place.

  495. Christopher Esau

    Michael taking up the sword again. That’s going to be awesome!

  496. nicodemus with bloody knuckles walking up to michaels house. hands down the greatest thing ever.

  497. Probably the appearance of Nicodemus. Looks just how I imagined 🙂

  498. Michael back on his feet and wielding the sword of the cross again! My second favorite character in the series!

  499. I personally love the way the trailer portrays the fact that Harry, regardless of if he is in way over his head, refuses to use common and sense and not run off at the mouth. Fantastic.

  500. I found Mab’s accent really odd, but in a good way. I had never really perceived her with an accent before!

  501. I like the bazooka humor. Also the dramatic moment of Michael guarding the door with the fade out!

  502. Not a fan of live trailers but I did enjoy the role reveal for the rest of the crew.

  503. Not a fan on this trailer on the whole, but I really enjoyed seeing Michael with the glowing sword.

  504. Definitely Michael coming back.

  505. Just skimmed through some of the other comments on my way down here to post, but I think I agree with most of what I saw. Michael and the sword again made me make a noise that humans should not be able to make.

  506. Sean Szczepan

    Definitely Michael picking up his sword again!

  507. Murphy slapping Dresden’s hand away like a child, definitely.

  508. Luke Deschenes

    I really want to hear what ever conversation that’s going to happen between Harry and Michael, I believe it’s been quite a while since they spoken and lots of things have happened since then….

  509. Justin Rouviere

    I have been keeping low on the spoilers (especially as close as it is) so most of it is interesting. I want to know who they’re after and what they’re getting. I think the part that surprised me the most was I didn’t realize all of the people he’d be working with.

  510. Contest closed. Will post the winner soon!

  511. Andrew Jone

    The trailer was very well done, and of course it left me wondering; WHAT IN BUTCHER’S NAME ARE THEY STEALING?!

  512. “I expect you to be yourself.” As if Dresden could be anything but himself. But the bazooka “Can I play with it?” and the look on his face were the best. I also can’t wait to see Michael take up his sword again. Hopefully not for the last time.

  513. Also Michael, but no relation.

    Michael at the end gave me chills. I am totally psyched!

  514. The lack of Molly in the trailer was the biggest intrigue to me

  515. Tommy Phillips

    How is Michael able to fight again?

  516. Definatly the bazooka… can I touch?

  517. Roy Edwards

    The cast of characters (crew) on the heist. Several seem to have paid us a visit before and why would Nicodemus go out of his way to gather such a crew.

  518. Christopher Shepard

    Despite the contest being closed: Michael and the sword, combined with the Bazooka comment and the looks like Harry/Murphy hookup… too much awesome in one place.

  519. I found myself struck by how young Harry and Molly both seem. Very excited to see this heist. Mab was very cool as well. I never imagined her with an accent.

  520. Since Michael is holding the sword and giving Harry advice, I’m gonna assume he and Charity aren’t gonna kill Harry for letting Molly become the Winter Lady. I just wonder where she is in all this since her teacher, “mother”, and father are all involved. If I hadn’t read up on skin games, the shot of the penthouse almost had me hoping that Marcone would turn up. I miss him.

  521. The return of Nicodemus!

  522. Mab’s foot on Harry’s neck intrigued me…

  523. I’m kinda getting a kick out of what looks like Harry getting tossed into the middle of an “Ocean’s 11” gig, and happier than I thought I might be to see Michael taking up the sword again. Very stoked for this release…

  524. Nicodemus. As my favorite villain in any series I ever read he is what makes me anticipated for this book.

  525. Bkind2Books

    Love that Michael is taking up the sword again – should be interesting given how Cold Days ended…

  526. I can’t say that any of the characters look anything like I would expect. I am super excited about the release of SG. The best part about the trailer? Michael taking up the sword again!

  527. I like the end where the man is walking along the wooden fence with the bloody knuckles. His slow pace really captures the character. The intriguing part about it is why does he have so much swagger when facing a KotC and several allies?

    • Because it’s Nicodemus, the 2000 year old leader of The Knights of the Blackened Denarius. He is the primary antagonist of the book. He’s killed more Knights of the Cross than any other Denarian. What challenge is one disabled ex-Knight of the Cross, a severely injured mortal, and Dresden, who has shown so far to only be dangerous to Nicodemus if he can get the drop on him.

      The confidence is well earned.

  528. J K to the rizzle

    Who won?

  529. I’m glad Mab had an Eastern European accent. Something about that just feels right.

  530. Kerri Brogen

    It is a toss up between the imposter and Michael taking up the sword in front of his home. I like how the imposter drinks the blood to change. Also, Michael showing he will do anything to protect his family and friends is always great to see.

  531. Matthew Thorn

    Who won?! Suspense is killing me. 8 days till release, or less for the winner!

  532. The most intriguing part of the trailer? “Is that a bazooka?” 😀

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