win an ARC of Anne Bishop’s MURDER OF CROWS (and more)

In honor of the elemental we’re currently calling Pax, it seems appropriate to give away a copy of an ARC (advance reading copy) of Anne Bishop’s forthcoming novel, MURDER OF CROWS, the 2nd book in the Others series, along with a signed book plate from the author and a bookmark featuring the cover art. Bonus: If you haven’t read the series, a mass market paperback of book 1: WRITTEN IN RED will be included (and if you have read it, give it to a friend and get them hooked!).

Photo credit: Mark Dumont

Photo credit: Mark Dumont

To enter: Post a comment on this entry captioning the above picture.

Only one entry per person. Domestic (US) and international entries accepted. This is for an ARC, not the hardcover edition. Contest starts now and runs until Monday, February 17, 5pm Eastern (or until I dig out – just kidding). Winner will be randomly chosen.

268 responses to “win an ARC of Anne Bishop’s MURDER OF CROWS (and more)

  1. “You will slip up. And when you do, I will be watching you.”

  2. “Pouncing postponed on account of sunbeam nap.”

  3. “Somebody wake me when the snow’s gone. I’m napping this winter out.”

  4. “Eat your heart out, Tony Montana.”

  5. “Must get nose nice and cold and wet.”

  6. “Wolfie waits patiently for the first person to run out of bread and milk…”

  7. “Nothing to see here, move along”

  8. “Snow might freeze fragile humans, but I am Wolf.”

  9. I hear it’s warm in Sochi.

  10. Throw one. more. snowball… I double-dog dare you.

  11. Yes, I stayed up until 4am finishing that book. Why do you ask?

  12. That bunny I just snarfed isn’t sitting so well….

  13. Phase 1: Convince the world I am snow. Phase 2: CONQUER

  14. You don’t see me i being sneaky

  15. I think I’m about done with this winter, how about you?

  16. Kristine Ahlskog

    Waiting patiently….hurry up!

  17. *The Elementals said we can’t eat the Groundhog.*

  18. ‘I love a game a game of Hide and seek.’

  19. Cassandra Stepro

    Humans do such boring things when they could be playing.

  20. Chill man i am having a bad hair day

  21. Peek-a-boo, I see you!

  22. I can’t decide if I want to eat you, or play with you. Maybe both. Playing first, of course…. you wouldn’t be any fun if we started with the eating.

  23. Whew digging out the b.o.w. was fun but it’s time for a nap.

  24. “Can you see me? NO. YOU CAN’T”

  25. Stephanie WAtkins

    I’m watching you, prey.

  26. Almost time to check on the human…When the nose is cold enough she makes the BEST squeaky noise!

  27. You don’t smell like pray

  28. Hmmm to chase the bunny Meg or not…

  29. Spring was upset that I ate her groundhog, but he was tasty. So Winter dumped more snow on us.

  30. “Now listen I’m going to show you how to catch pry… If you sit just like this the human can’t smell you!… Now patience, wait for the silly human to come play in the snow… They can’t resist it” (grey wolf teaching red wolf behind him how to catch human pry).

  31. They always have to come when its this deep…. But they never get away….

  32. “Ohh, look. New meat. If it would only stay in the same place.”

  33. amanda gomez-brindza

    After hours of searching I’ve found the only patch of unbroken and unmarked snow. Now it’s time to make it my very own.

  34. You can’t see me if I can’t see you!

  35. “I shall wait and surprise the human. Human’s like surprises right?”

  36. Melissa Rodgers

    I can’t feel my nose.

  37. The Meg will be out soon and then we can play. She does make a good squeaky toy. Would it be worth not getting cookies? Yes!

  38. Martha S Winthrop

    Found you! The day can’t get any better than this.

  39. “hmm, you thought you got away.”

  40. Move along. Nothing to see here….

  41. “There is nothing like a good romping in the snow to warm up from the cold of Winter, for either human or Wolf.”

  42. I’ll just wait here, guys…

  43. I am never far away …

  44. “Come out, Come out
    Wherever you are
    I’ll catch you, no doubt
    No matter how far.”

  45. I would eat you, if I wasn’t so comfortable in this nice fluffly snowbank. So, happy Valentine’s Day- I’m giving you a heart- YOURS!

  46. “Oh yes… that’s definitely a deer.”

  47. “I’m watching you. Don’t ever forget that.”

  48. Let’s play… I spy, with my little eye, something that is squeaky.

  49. Hmmm get up and hunt for breakfast, or soak up the sunbeams for a while longer ? …. zzzzzzzzz Aroooooo !

  50. “you can’t see me”

  51. Megan Sheffield

    *sneak, sneak, sneak up on breakfast!*

  52. Pounce the human is a great game! They Sqeak just right.

  53. Human. Why did you wake me up? Now I have to eat you.

  54. I’m only pretending to be asleep so you can come closer. It’s too cold to stalk and hunt you. Better if you come to me. Arrooo!

  55. Your hair smells bad – must bury my nose.

  56. What are you looking at? Its not my shift yet, go away

  57. … 98, 99, 100 … Coming, ready or not! Arrooo!

  58. I told you not scare that groundhog.

  59. If someone got me a sammich this would be Heaven.
    Mmm… sammich.

  60. I told you to not scare the groundhog

  61. I’m beat. Chasing after all those pups

  62. If I just sit here and look cute enough, the food will come to me …

  63. Fresh snow and sunshine makes for a comfy bed

  64. Only 5 more weeks until Spring!!!

  65. Darcy Daniela Flores

    How many more times meg is going to fall out?

  66. Don’t eat the groundhog, they said.

    Snow isn’t that bad, they said.

    Psh. Too much snow and I can’t find where I peed yesterday.

  67. Seriously!? More snow! UGH! I already apologized for eating the ground hog!! Geez… Spring let it go already!!!

  68. Why are you staring at me? Do I need to eat you?

  69. “I watch… I wait…. I am The Wolf”

  70. Kristen Bouwmeester

    Waiting ….. Waiting….. Ready….. Pounce!!!

  71. There is beauty in all things. One just has to look. I see you!

  72. I must blend. Be the snow….be the snow

  73. “Target acquired. Wait for it…”

  74. “I’d come after you, but I just can’t be bothered right now”

  75. “Did you really think I wouldn’t catch the scent?”

  76. “Some prey isn’t worth it.”

  77. Silly Monkeys. You annoyed Winter.

  78. Judith Burger-Myers

    Really…? Can’t you just let me sleep?

  79. Let’s play hide and seek.

  80. Ready to pounce in 3… 2… 1…

  81. *quietly chants* Blending in. Blending in. You can’t see us. We’re blending in. All you see is snow…

  82. Jessics Augsburger

    Move to Wisconsin they said, there is not as much snow as Alaska they said.

  83. I must become one with the snow.

  84. Alicia Van De Kop

    Adventure Buddy?

  85. Catarina Agreira

    “The sun is shining, my belly’s full
    Don’t act silly Meg,
    I’m still watching you”

  86. They’ll have to give me a treat eventually….

  87. This bed is nice and comfy *sticks nose under snow “blanket”* 😉

  88. I’m watching you ….. what is that awful smell?!

  89. This blanket was a lot warmer when I went to sleep.

  90. Look, I’m just a cuddly puppy….See? I’m sleepy. Come pet me…

  91. I come here and play prey with me. You’d make a good bunny.

  92. Wolf days of winter

  93. Snow business of yours what I’m doing. Go find your own den.

  94. If that human crosses the border while making out with his woman, can I eat him?

  95. “Rudolph thinks he looks cool with a red nose, I’ll show him wolves look cooler with a blue one.”

  96. I smell a bunny. Is that you? Nom nom nom

  97. Heather Jonassen

    These will the last eyes you see before you meet your maker…..

  98. .. Wait for it….. Wait for it……. Wait…..

  99. “Snow, I really hate snow, why couldn’t I been born a lion instead?”


  100. Play time ???

  101. “I spy with my little eye…something that is…white!”
    “How’d you know?!”

  102. Carol Brandenburg

    Winter looks annoyed, be still and wait.

  103. Stealth mode

  104. Some days, it’s just not worth getting up.

  105. You can’t see me…

  106. Le sigh. I lies in waits.

  107. “Let’s just act like bothing happened… Shall we?”

    International 🙂

  108. Perfect weather for playing with the squeaky toy.

  109. ‘SNOW! I will teach you to make a den, and then we will play!’

  110. I wonder if I really need to investigate that or if I should just lie here comfortably and watch for a while?! I think I’ll just watch and wait.

  111. She makes a better squeaky toy when she doesn’t know I’m coming. *grin*

  112. Why are you taking my picture?

  113. Don’t mind me….I’m just waiting for an unsuspecting person to stroll by!

  114. Sam’s prounce position sans red harness!

  115. “There is no sneaking up on the girl at the pond. The younger wolves will still try on a dare, though.”

  116. I am going to eat you. Real soon. Don’t be fooled by my cuteness.

    I am going to snack on you. As soon as I find the energy to get up.

    I still need to digest the last human I ate.

  117. ‘Can you not see that I’m comfortable? Why did you wake me?’

  118. Don’t mind me, just keep putting more hamburgers on your grill (whistles nonchalantly)

  119. We wait & watch – the squeaky toy will come

  120. I only “look” sweet and cuddly. ..

  121. You can’t see me!

  122. Sam makes Meg a squeaky toy in 3…2…

  123. “Just keeping an eye on my adventure buddy.”

  124. I’m sitting here waiting for you to break the rules so I can to eat you.

  125. Looks the critter is about to attack!

    Also, good luck, digging out. I am not looking forward to it, myself.

  126. Wake me up in the summer!

  127. Peek-a-boo! I see you!

  128. Surprise soggy kisses in 3, 2, 1….

  129. Sleep here… Or go somewhere warm? Eh, here’s good.

  130. Whu?…I did NOT fall asleep outside again. You can’t prove it!

  131. “It’s a cold, hard winter out here – stay warm inside and read Anne Bishop!”

  132. Ok Spring…any time now. ….Any time…

  133. Winter is coming, and she’s pissed. Look out!

  134. I’m all that’s between you and Ladies Winter and Air. Be a good monkey or else!

  135. Looking for my missing squeaky toy!!

  136. “What do you want? Can’t you see I am sleeping? I could be eating if you whether…”

  137. Hey John Cena you can’t see me

  138. “What you’ve never seen a snow nap before? Go away before I get hungry human.”

  139. Piquet Anne Sophie

    “I’m going to fall alseep if you don’t come play with me in the snow!”

  140. “Ok, thats the last time I tell the Girl at the Lake to chill”

  141. The human is very slow…I wonder how quickly I can eat her?

  142. Just a little closer then I can pounce…she makes such a fun squeak toy!

  143. “You can’t see me… I am the snow.”

  144. Simon: She cannot guard the cookies all day

  145. “I have dow in my dose”

  146. No. NO. Ten… More minutes. Please. I can’t…
    I thought I didn’t have work today. Please don’t tell them I’m here.

  147. Ariana Anderson

    Watching. And waiting. Alright, maybe napping.

  148. First we pounce on The Meg, she makes such a delightful squeaky toy, then Sam can help her out of the snow drift, they are Adventure Buddies and that’s his job.

  149. Yes, i am harmless and cute….come just a bit closer…

  150. That’s it, just keep still. Just a little more deeper and a little more whiter till they forget I am here.

    That’s when I’ll make them remember why they should never forget about me

  151. Lauren Worthington

    Snow, it had to be snow…

  152. Contentment is found cradled within sun and snow

  153. “If I lay low Simon wont see me. Then I get to play with Meg”

  154. We don’t understand Megs need to take photos when she thinks we don’t know she is there. Counting down to pounce 3…2…

  155. Humans are very odd. This is fun.

  156. I see a new squeaky toy. I will wait here and pounce on it when it least expects it!

  157. I wonder… If I pounce fast enough maybe they’ll scare and let me nap a while longer

  158. “Is it tasty? Only one way to find out!”

  159. It’s snooze time …..Aarooo

  160. ” ‘Don’t eat the groundhog’ they said, ‘It’ll be fun’ they said.”

  161. I think maybe I should have started shoveling before the snow got up to my eyeballs….

  162. “It’s always the wolf that has to keep watch in the snow “

  163. Winter entertainment: 1. Nose in snow. 2. Nose on Meg’s bare skin.
    Meg makes a great squeaky toy.

  164. This is my little bit of heaven

  165. “This is taking way too long. Now,,I need to pee.”

  166. *sigh* Quit screaming human…can’t you see I just want to take a nap in the sun?

  167. Nap time first, then play time.

  168. It was much easier when you were just meat. *sigh*

  169. ‘Dude.. I think I’m looking at the she-Wolf of my dreams. She’s gorgeous’

  170. Shows the seemingly cute fluffy perspective if wolves. Don’t forget about their true nature: fierce, protective and lethal.

  171. The Wolfgard wait silently in the snow for Meg, the human squeaky toy, to come out and play with them.

  172. Just another beautiful summer day in Canada!

  173. “I know I left that snack here some where! “

  174. “I see you. Don’t mistake this relaxed physical state for a sleepy mind. I am always watching.”

  175. *you can’t see me*

  176. “Wolves were big and scary and so fluffy, how could anyone resist hugging one just to feel all that fur?
    “Ignore the fluffy,” she muttered. “Remember the part about big and scary.”

  177. I see you watching me watching you……

  178. I need a snuggle buddie.

  179. Peek-a-lunch

  180. I knew we should have worn our heels!

  181. Kristin Erickson

    If I just hold still enough no one will notice me…

  182. Relissa Wortman

    Snow, Snow< I like the snow!

  183. auf zwölf kommen dieses Wolf

  184. “Squeaky Toy in here somewhere.” Looks at laughing red wolf. “Shut up, have to find the Meg before Winter kills me.”

  185. And just what do you think you’re looking at?

  186. Do you want to build a snowman?

  187. Stalking…Napping…Stalking…Napping…we will compromise..human watching.

  188. Really mum? Do i have to get up?

  189. Nooooo… Darn you sun, not yet. Five more minutes, please.

  190. These are not the wolves you’re looking for…

  191. 5…4…3…2…1… Pounce!!!!!

  192. Rebecca Bednarz

    “Shhhhh…. I’m a bunny.”

  193. Polar vortex? Very funny Winter.

  194. Here bunny bunny bunny.

  195. I love it when dinner delivers…itself.

  196. Tired from the unsuccessful hunt, he curled into a furry ball and buried his nose between his paws. Ah, just like that. So comfortable. He would doze off for a moment or some more and dream of the tasty prey. That would be better than nothing, right?

  197. I will lead, follow and fight beside you. I am the snow, the sun, the wind, the rain and the forest. I am Wolf, and I am you.

  198. Waiting for the book

  199. I really want ti read this!

  200. And why do you not have your tether?

  201. New snow makes the softest beds

  202. this wolf was smelling my socks 😉

  203. YOU are disturbing my nap….you better run NOW…3…2…1

  204. Seriously, You want me to shift back now?

  205. Aww mom, Let me sleep a bit longer?

  206. Where is she? Where has she gone?

  207. “sigh”

  208. “What’s with all this snow? I’m bored.”

  209. “There may be snow, it may be cold, but they will learn that nothing can slow down a Wolfgard.”

  210. Let’s play!

  211. Managed to completely cover Meg with snow! All by myself! Why she’s taking so long digging herself out – I mean, she’s just 2 feet deep?!

  212. We are watching.

  213. Urgh… Even the snow doesn’t help getting the stink of her hair out of my nose…

  214. Stephanie Preston

    Sitting on a snow mound head cocked to the side, listening to the howling of the winds as the elements rage on, I raze my head and let the others know something wonderful yet terrible is on the way. I wait to hear the replay silently prying to Namid that the winds carried my message, a few minutes later I hear the answering howl, my message delivered I sake out my fur and lay down to wait.

  215. I’m so tired of the snow. Wake when it’s over.

  216. Meg? The ponies have gone. Time to play Stalk and POUNCE!

  217. Just a little closer and then you’ll live long enough to regret messing with the wolfs.

  218. “Never forget that I’m watching. We were here first.”

  219. “Meg! Why are you out in the snow without your HAT?!”

  220. it’s Snooooow Cold!

  221. Please please

  222. Don’t wake me until the coffee’s ready.

  223. We dug the hole to bury it, but now the humans are making funny noises again.

  224. Peekaboo! I see you!

  225. I don’t care what Meg says. I don’t have big paws!

  226. Christine Faithful

    I’ve got my eyes on you.

  227. Urgh.

  228. “Ankle, meet cold, wet nose.”

  229. please wait…pounce loading…

  230. Why hunt for dinner when stupid humans and bunnies come to me!

  231. Yes, see how cute and fluffy I look…. Now come closer…..just a little bit closer…..

  232. This here is proof that you took too long, it’s up to my nose.

  233. “My head isn’t coming out of this snow bank until you stop making bad puns.”

  234. “I am the keystone predator. Unless you consider naps. Then naps are the keystone predator.”

  235. The Groundhog predicted 6 more weeks of Winter ……. So I ATE Him !!!!

  236. Is it March 4th YET ?!?!?! I’m HUNGRY for a new book !!!!!! AROOOOOOO !!!!

  237. Meg … You REALLY need to speak to your Elemental Friends and see if Winter is done Skating yet !!!! Perhaps Spring could visit a little EARLIER this year ?!?!?!

  238. I can wait……

  239. *She’ll never see me coming.*

  240. Contest closed. Will post the winner tomorrow!

  241. The writer is not working fast enough. I wonder if scaring her into action will be helpful? AROOOO

  242. Chase that moose or take a nap… Chase that moose or take a nap….
    Chase that moose or take a-a… nap….ZZZZZZ

  243. Don’t even think about it.

  244. “Cold nose,” Meg said! I”ll show her what a cold nose really feels like!

  245. I’m patiently waiting for spring……..where is that groundhog anyway?

  246. I’m dying for the second book…

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