letters from the query wars 1.10.2014 with 2013 annual stats

# of queries responded to in 2013: 6,152
# of partials/manuscripts requested: 26
(some of which are still on my desk awaiting review)
note: this # does not include requests made at conferences

overall genres/subgenres requested
adult – fantasy thriller, traditional fantasy, historical fantasy, epic fantasy, urban fantasy, science fiction, space opera, paranormal thriller, inspirational fiction
YA – contemporary mainstream, historical fantasy, high fantasy, cyberthriller, science fiction, post apocalyptic

# of new clients: 2

I have now responded to all queries received in 2013. If you sent a query in 2013 and did not receive a response, either it did not reach me, or my response did not reach you.

3 responses to “letters from the query wars 1.10.2014 with 2013 annual stats

  1. Will you be updating your conference schedule for 2014 soon?

  2. Jennifer, a query about a query.

    Do you ever accept queries about a book that an author self-published? (In this case it’s a collection of sci-fi/horror/fantasy short stories.) I would’ve sent this question to you at your agency, but I thought this might not be a bad question for a blog so that others could benefit from your response.

    Thanks for your time, and for being such a passionate advocate for science fiction and fantasy.


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