winners of these questions three

1. What was the time of day of the first query I received in this New Year?

And the winner is… Her Grace the optimist with 2:18 AM. The actual answer was 2:20 AM.

2. How many queries did I respond to over the course of 2013?

And the winner is… Michelle Pike with 6258 (actual number to be revealed in the annual query stats roundup post).

3. How many times did WordPress say my blog was viewed in 2013?

And the winner is… Steven Cowles with 14,280 (it was around 18K or 7 sold out shows in the Sydney Opera House).

I will be sending an email to each of the winners to make arrangements. Probably on Monday because there’s shoveling to be done. Congratulations, all! And thanks to everyone for participating.

One response to “winners of these questions three

  1. Woo Hoo! I won!

    And congrats to fellow winners Michelle and Stephen (I’ve been to the Sydney Opera House.)

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