welcome to new client Samuel Boyd Taylor

Sometimes there are things that happen unexpectedly and really quite put everything else in perspective.

In a tale stranger than fiction…..

Two weeks ago I sent an email offering to discuss representation to author Samuel Boyd Taylor for his historical fantasy novel. Several days passed with no response but there had been bad weather in his area so I wondered if perhaps he’d lost power and/or internet access. I sent a followup and shortly thereafter received an enthusiastic reply agreeing to set up a time to chat on the phone. It was during that chat that Sam revealed that the same day, just a few hours after I’d emailed my offer, his house caught fire. Six firetrucks fought the flames for over an hour but from the pictures I’ve seen, the house seems pretty much totaled. Thankfully, Sam, his family, and their pets are all safe and sound and have a warm place to sleep.

There’s that perspective I mentioned. It reminds me to appreciate my blessings.

For those of you playing along at home, Sam’s original contact to me was a traditional query. And it followed the guidelines exactly. It had a query letter with pitch, the first five pages, and a synopsis. I responded to this a week later with a request for a partial and then eventually with a request for a full, which I ended up passing on with a very long letter of feedback (some several pages if I recall correctly) and an invitation to resubmit if he should choose to revise. Time passed. And suddenly this fall, without any warning, I was thrilled to receive a fully revised manuscript in my inbox. He did an amazing job with the revisions and I’m privileged to welcome him aboard!

2 responses to “welcome to new client Samuel Boyd Taylor

  1. That is amazing! I am so glad (a) no one was hurt, and (b) he truly was one of your success stories. My thoughts and prayers are with him as he struggles to rebuild his home, as well as my congratulations on achieving such a feat. Congratulations Mr. Taylor! Thanks for sharing Ms. Jackson!

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