happy release day!

Today is the official publication day for The Eighth Court by Mike Shevdon, the fourth book in the Courts of the Feyre series.

The Eighth Court has been established, but petty rivalries and old disputes threaten its stability. The mongrels that make up the court are not helping, and Blackbird enlists the help of the warders to keep the peace.

Has Blackbird bitten off more than she can chew, and can the uneasy peace between the courts continue under such tension and rivalry?

Book 1: Sixty-One Nails
Book 2: The Road to Bedlam
Book 3: Strangeness and Charm

* * *

moscoe-priceofpeaceAlso available today: Mike Moscoe’s The Price of Peace — back in print — and available for the first time as an ebook!

Izzy Umboto is a hero of the conflict between the Society of Humanity and the Unity Party. Instead of retiring and living out her days quietly, she’s wrangled command of her very own warship. Unfortunately, that ship is the less-than-state-of-the-art Patton.

Lieutenant Terrence Tordon, called “Trouble” by both his enemies and his friends, and even himself, is a career marine. The word “quit” isn’t in his vocabulary.

Now Lieutenant Trouble and his troops have signed on with Commander Umboto, trading a higher paycheck for the promise of action. For all is not well in the galaxy. On the scattering of planets along the rim, remnant thugs of the Unity Party still hold power. In the shipping lanes of rim space, pirates roam freely. Umboto and Tordon will soon learn that enforcing the peace can be just as expensive as fighting the war—and the cost will be counted in human lives….

Book 1 (now also available as an ebook): The First Casualty
Book 3 (coming in August): They Also Serve

One response to “happy release day!

  1. I’ve read the first three of Mike Shevdon’s books in this series. I’ve enjoyed them all and I will be picking this up.

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