happy re-release day!

Today Mike Moscoe’s First Casualty is back in print — and available for the first time as an ebook.

FOUR SOLDIERS. ONE WAR. Asteroid miner Mary Rodrigo and freighter owner Mattim Abeeb are green draftees of the Society of Humanity, forced to fight for Earth—a planet they’ve never even seen. Major Ray Longknife and his lover, Senior Pilot Rita Nuu, are career soldiers, invested with the cause of the Unity Party—and its ambitious new president. These four soldiers on opposing sides of the battle are about to discover the true nature of this terrible war: a quest for profit—from the high command of both sides. What they will risk is nothing less than their lives. For although truth may be the first casualty of war, it’s not going to be the last…

“As the Society of Humanity and the Unity Party wage a war in the far reaches of space, soldiers on both sides of the battle realize the bitter truth that underlies a conflict based on profit and power. Moscoe’s fast-paced military sf adventure presents a grim look at the reality of war and the cost to those who risk their lives for the causes of others.” –Library Journal

If you recognize the name Longknife in the above description, it’s because this was a prequel series to the Kris Longknife books (Ray is her grandfather).

Book Two: The Price of Peace is available for pre-order (coming in May)
Book Three: They Also Serve is currently scheduled for September
Book Four: To Do or Die is a brand new story in this series and will be out early in 2014

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