bid auction for Sandy relief – critique of partial manuscript

Trick or treat. This year brought another trick in the form of Hurricane Sandy. Last year it was Snowtober and Halloween was canceled in my town. In the midst of storm prep this year, I didn’t even end up buying candy to hand out as I was anticipating damages and power outages that would lead to the same cancellation.

There is much to be thankful for. My power’s been restored. The enormous old pine that fell in my yard didn’t hit my house. My family came through the storm safely. I’ve now heard from all my co-workers at DMLA and they are all safe as well. I also want to take a moment to thank and appreciate all those who are out there getting more power, supplies, and help to those in need. There were certainly people who extended a helping hand to me, and they were a treat.

In support of those people, I’m going to auction a critique of a partial manuscript of a novel. A partial manuscript will consist of up to 50 pages in standard manuscript format (approximately 12,500 words). In order to maximize benefit for the bidder, I’m going to limit this to the kinds of projects I represent, which includes both adult and YA fiction (not MG). (See my guidelines for more information.)

Here’s how to bid: Check the current high bid in the comments below and place a higher bid by leaving your name and bid amount in a new comment. At the end, I’ll notify the winner, and they should make an online donation in the amount of their bid to the American Red Cross for Disaster Relief. I’ll ask the winner to forward me a copy of their receipt for the donation and then we’ll arrange for delivery of the partial and discuss a timeline for my response.

Auction runs until Monday, November 5th, 5pm Eastern Time.

46 responses to “bid auction for Sandy relief – critique of partial manuscript

  1. Ooh – can’t pass this up. I’ll start with $10.

    Lovely idea, this.

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  3. Even if I don’t win, let’s up the ante for the Red Cross!

    Lauren Bopp – $25

  4. As someone living in NJ who was INCREDIBLY lucky to have escaped the storm with no damage, I’ll raise to $20.
    Thank you for this!

  5. Whoops. Didn’t see that bid.
    I’ll go to $30 : )

  6. $50! I’m feeling for my hometown!

  7. I almost hope I don’t get the high bid, so the relief effort can get more cash. That said, I’ll bid $100.00

  8. Dave Halterman

    With friends and family in the area, regardless of the result of this auction, I will make this donation: $250

  9. $300 and I hope it goes even higher!

  10. Frances Silversmith

    Jennifer, this is a GREAT idea. Thank you!
    Let’s raise this to $350.

  11. Pay it forward. $500

  12. $600

    Bid early… bid often, folks! This is a wonderful idea and win or lose, a bid is a win.

    Thoughts and prayers to everyone suffering from Sandy and thanks to everyone helping out.

  13. This is brilliant! Thoughts and prayers to all affected by Sandy. $750

  14. A wonderful idea. I’ll take it to $800.

  15. Wow, what a SUPER idea! I’m not bidding as I’ve no ms. yet but want to say THANKS for this inspiration! 🙂

  16. Today is feeling like an $850 day.

    No! $900. Yeah, definitely $900.

  17. This is awesome – $1000.00. Thanks Ellen

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  19. Let’s make it $1,100.

  20. dang it – $1,200.

  21. Ms. Jackson: I know this is asking a lot, but would you do two partial critiques if Ellen and I each made $1,200 donations?
    If so, then I will match Ellen’s bid at $1,200.

  22. I just saw your tweet. That certainly is an interesting question.

    I will donate $1500.

    However, if Adam’s matching option is more appealing, I am happy to participate in the match and increase the overall give.

    Again, this was a wonderful idea. Thanks and good luck to everyone who bid. I would challenge everyone to make a donation to some organization and of some amount, regardless of the auction.

    PS: Thank you Catie for pointing this opportunity out to me. You’re good people.

  23. I could go for a 3-way tie and bid $1500.

  24. I am in at $1,500.

  25. You people are amazing me! I’m speechless.

  26. Dave Halterman

    I also would do $1200 as part of a matching situation, but obviously tying up Ms. Jackson for four partial critiques might be burdensome. I can’t do $1500, so if that is the winning bid, I congratulate arogers and would echo his sentiment that everyone make a donation.

    And thank you, Jennifer, for providing this service and opportunity regardless of the outcome. As someone who works full time in healthcare, it is greatly appreciated.

  27. Dave Halterman

    LOL…now $1500! Sheesh…peer pressure…!

  28. Adam – are you on Twitter? If so, get over there – Jennifer is considering your brilliant offer @arcaedia @EllenWeeren @arogers907

  29. It’s for a good cause, my ms is ready, you are at the top of my list for querying. I bid $1,600. Whether you’d like to do two, three or more is obviously up to you. Thanks for the opportunity!

  30. I feel like the right thing to do for Sandy relief is to call this in favor of the three-way tie at $1500 each for Adam, Ellen, and Andy. I’ll do three partial critiques.

  31. dagger – $1600.

  32. Jennifer – you type faster than I do. 😎

  33. $1750

    Erm… just in case. Still up for the split, though.

    (Good lord, I’m sitting here chuckling to myself. I’m like my own awkward Ben Stiller movie.)

  34. I’m feeling conflicted here. I was posting the comment awarding the three-way tie at the same time that Vaughn was weighing in with a higher single bid. Ethically, he followed the parameters I set though I didn’t see his comment until it refreshed when I posted mine.. But the trio brings a lot more to those who need post-Sandy assistance. I’m seriously debating four partials at $1500 each. (But I’m really going to have to rethink my timeline for doing this and whether I can give all of them my best attention.)

  35. I want to thank you again for this opportunity, Jennifer. But how about if I still make my donation, and then just send you my regular submissions package. Only critique my partial if you are actually interested in representing it. Would that reduce the pressure and be fair to the others?

  36. I’m fine with whatever you decide. This whole thing is just cool.

    You are the only agent I have an interest in querying. I’m not even looking at others names unless you chase me away. So… I’ll be submitting my work for your review regardless.

    I’m also not on any kind of timeline. This is in no way a sprint for me.

    If four partials at $1500 sounds like a win, I’m happy to sit tight so you can accommodate the additional work as time allows.

  37. Madame Agent,
    Whatever your final decision, it’s pretty stinkin’ awesome that you found a way to do for others using the skills that you have.

  38. I respect whatever you decide as well. I can be patient too. This has been very fun! And someone wins no matter what you decide!

    • Cybersecurity Blog Moderator

      I fully agree – I can be patient too and, whatever the decision, it’s a win for people step up to help out like this.

  39. Dave Halterman

    Whatever the decision, kudos to those in the final running who were willing to give. I just completed my (non-winning) donation and encourage everyone else to do the same!

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  41. I just wanted to say thanks again to everyone who bid and especially to everyone who made a donation. This was a fantastic idea, Jennifer. I think this auction is a wonderful gesture from the writing community to the region that is home to so much of the business of books.

    Congratulations to my three quartet partners. Best of luck with your writing, with your critiques, and I hope to see your books on the new release shelves of my local book store someday very soon.

    – Andy Rogers

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