link salad (client edition) plus some agent updates

* Late Friday night posted a query wars update bringing the stats current and having a few comments on debut writers. Also, my profile has been reviewed and new information added, including recent books and a link to the Odyssey Workshop interview.

* In case you haven’t seen it yet: interview with Cherie Priest on Sword and Laser

* Some posts around the blogosphere from Chris F. Holm: Criminal Minds (talking about character names and Bouchercon) and at My Bookish Ways (guest post about his top 5 Halloween traditions – ’tis the season).

* In similar spirits, Martha Wells recommends some classic horror movies to watch during the month of October.

* Over at Genreality, Ken Scholes talks about the P’Andro Whym quote from Lamentation: ”Change is the path life takes.”

* Mary Robinette Kowal adds to her debut author lessons with some thoughts on using Facebook, then and now.

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