hobbit birthdays and winning free books

Yesterday, Sharon Lee of the dynamic Liaden writing duo, had some news — it was her birthday (happy birthday!) and she and Steve Miller have just sold five new books in their Liaden series. She had a hobbit style birthday, giving away that news, and in the spirit of that, here’s something else to give away:

A set of the Liaden omnibus editions from Baen Books, reprinting 10 early Liaden novels–

The Dragon Variation
(contains Local Custom, Scout’s Progress, Conlfict of Honors)
The Agent Gambit
(contains Agent of Change, Carpe Diem)
Korval’s Game
(contains Plan B, I Dare)
The Crystal Variation
(contains Crystal Soldier, Crystal Dragon, Balance of Trade)

So, if you’re a person who has never tried Liaden, here’s a great opportunity. Or if you have a friend you’ve always meant to introduce. Or if you’ve worn out your own copies and need replacements….

Here’s how to enter:

Post a comment on this entry and tell me what you would give out as a gift on your own hobbit style birthday. (No actual gift giving required to enter.)

One winner will be chosen at random.

Contest runs from now until Sunday, September 16th, 5pm Eastern. International entries accepted. One comment entry per person.

“Hobbits give presents to other people on their own birthdays. Not very expensive ones, as a rule, and not so lavishly as on this occasion; but it was not a bad system. Actually in Hobbiton and Bywater every day in the year was somebody’s birthday, so that every hobbit in those parts had a fair chance of at least one present at least once a week. But they never got tired of them.” –J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings

86 responses to “hobbit birthdays and winning free books

  1. Frances Silversmith

    I have several boxes full of books that I don’t want to keep for one reason or another. (If I shoudl win this contest, another ten well-loved books will end up in one of those boxes.)
    The boxes have been sitting in my attic for ages, waiting for me to give them away to someone who would appreciate them. And since a book is always a good gift, those books would be ideal giveaways for my hobbit birthday party. πŸ™‚

  2. Baked goods for everyone, of course. Probably cupcakes. If it’s my birthday, I would make treats for everyone because I love making food and sharing it.

  3. I would give the gift of laughter, in whatever form I could. Be it a book of limericks, or a book of knock knock jokes. Perhaps DVDs or downloads of the persons favorites comedy movies. Perchance tickets to the local comedy club. I would even stick an ice cream cone on my head on my hobbit birthday if it will make a small child laugh. Whatever it takes, for that day, I would be willing….

  4. I would give more books, of course! More specifically, my favorite books to every library I have ever worked at, or visited, or hope to work at, or even just has a really cool name or is especially in need – so that I know they have them.

  5. I would give people copies of the Chronicles of Amber. I already do, for any excuse I can think of.

  6. I’d give people copies of my favourite CDs (legally, of course) – my skill in my circle of friends is ‘discoverer of new music’ and this would just build on the music reccing I already do,

  7. I would bake cookies, chocolate chip and/or ginger snaps and give them away on my Hobbit Birthday.

  8. My Hobbit birthday party would feature Liaden universe books for all and a proper tea with all the trimmings (scones, clotted cream and jam, egg and cress sandwiches etc.), Then a small walk at dusk to a high place to view a fireworks show worthy of Gandalf himself!

  9. From me, it would have to be fiber-based. I’m thinking yarn products for the first year: yarn for those who make things, finished goods for those who don’t. Something useful, like reusable bags that aren’t ugly and don’t disintegrate when washed, and that have straps long enough for comfortable toting.

  10. Given that I’ve just finished cleaning the oven (nasty job!), I think I’d like to give a gift voucher for some of my time to be spent on household chores or babysitting. Ideally, I’d ensure it went to a friend who never takes enough time for herself, on the proviso that while I was working, she had to be doing something self-indulgent – like reading in the bath.

  11. korblimee47Denis Murphy

    Books from My favourite Authors Would Be My Hobbit Birthday Present Givaway Along with Cake.

  12. I’ve given friendship bracelets that I made. I might do that again. If I had lots of money, it would definitely be books both locally and abroad to Niger where I was in the Peace Corps, Chinese orphanages (to honor my daughter and the care given to her), and to all the other great book projects.

  13. Books!

  14. Books, definitely! Something I enjoyed and thought each friend would like. (Well, I’d hand pick each book for my close friends and family, and have a bunch of copies of some other book for the rest of them.)

  15. Books are a must! Crafting supplies are also a great idea, Kellie, or finished work. Mug cozies to keep drinks warm & make them easier to spot in a room full of identical disposable cups. I would also bake for my guests, or make fudge to take home.

    Thank you for this opportunity; my older copies of everything are getting worn.

  16. I would give away yarn from my plentiful collection. Even if I knit for the rest of my life, I don’t think I could knit it all! But I could share my love of things soft and shiny, or fuzzy and squishy.
    Knitting can always be done while listening to audio books.

  17. Homemade blackberry jelly is a gift worth giving

  18. I love jewelrymaking, so I’d probably give some bracelets for girls, beaded keychans for males for My Hobbit Birthday Present Giveaway πŸ™‚

  19. I love to give homemade gifts, especially something that will make the recipient laugh. I’m currently working on a set of My Little Pony cross stitches for someone’s 30th birthday (Saturday, eep).

  20. I’d have books to give away if I won but as I always do I would have a dinner party for my friends with a home made cake (made by me). All of this my treat because that is what you do on your birthday – hobbit or not.

  21. What would I leave? Probably full sets of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings! Still amongst my all time favorites, read a dozen time or more (I’ve lost count), and something I highly recommend to all readers!

  22. Ooh! I would give – a set of Liaden Universe novels! To someone i think would love them even half as much as i do. (or if they already had the LU books, then Narbonic or Vorkosigan books). My three favorite things to read, and the other two came to me via Sharon Lee – she blogged about Narbonic, pointing me to it for the first time, and the Vorkosigan series was reverse-blurbed on the Liaden books “If you liked Bujold’s ____ you’ll like this” and i thought, it’ll probably work in reverse too – and it did! πŸ™‚

  23. It would have to be something home-made, of course. Perhaps an adorable crocheted monster, or a hand drawn badge, or some delightful little treat (which involves chocolate, obviously).

    Happy birthday, Sharon Lee.

  24. The same gift I give every year. My birthday is on or around Memorial day every year and I volunteer to place flags at the nearest veterans cemetary every year. That is my gift and way to honor them and their families.

  25. I would give out books, like nearly everyone on here. My party would have cake (of course!) and everyone would get to ride in the pony cart, pulled by Ulysses, the best pony in the world. Maybe Gandalf would drive? Or just me! No fireworks or disappearing though.

  26. I’d love to give my friends a Hobbit’s second breakfast: sausage hash, cheese muffins, berry crumble, and pots and pots of tea. We’d eat and laugh and maybe even sing or hum a bit. There might be a lazy game of croquet – or we might just sit in the comfy chairs and doze until lunch.

  27. I usually give folks tasty baked goods.

  28. Since a hobbit’s birthday is not about ourself, but about everyone else, we would throw a picnic at the beach or lake. It’ll be a day where EVERYONE is welcome and ANYONE can be a friend. No one would go hungry on this birthday. We would break out the ukulele so we can sing anyone’s favorite camp songs. Play games such as toss the balloon, potato sack races, corn toss games, etc… We would enjoy each other and “Carpe Diem”!

  29. I’m a musician, so I’d give out cd’s or singles of music I’d created. πŸ™‚

  30. A Hobbit birthday means giving something away that means something. I would give a gift card to each person so to be turned in near their birthday for a batch of their favorite kind of cookie. I would also have my famous Chocolate Chip cookies out to share.

  31. My birthday (in March) is a great occasion to give out my home-canned goods, especially on a windy, nippy day. This coming year they will include Meyer Lemon Brown Sugar marmalade, O’Henry Peach Jam with Chambord, Plum Jam with Grand Marnier, Tomato Sauce, Melon Pickles, Cider Dilly Beans, and whatever else I have left after Holiday gifting. Then I will retire to read once again a book from Lee and Miller.

  32. I would gift pillows since I do a lot of needlework and end up with a plethora of pillows.

  33. poems I love

  34. I will give away books starting with my next birthday. I have way too many books already (if such a thing is possible), so should find people to give some away to.

  35. When I finally finish unpacking from moving into my house, I’m going to declare a “hobbit birthday” and give away all of the things I accidentally bought duplicates of because my first one was in storage and I forgot I had it. I’m figuring that will include bunches of books, cookbooks, DVDs, CDs, and some kitchen gadgets, at the very least. (It’s been five years since the stuff went into storage. A person can only live without a cheese grater and a carrot peeler for so long!)

  36. It would be books, a journal, chocolate cake, and coffee. After that, you don’t need anything else πŸ™‚

  37. This year it would have to be charitable donations in the recipients’ names to our local animal rescue league (our only animal shelter), as they are in danger of being shut down due to lack of funding.

    Not the most entertaining gift, I know, but an important one.

  38. Kristen Grispino

    I love the idea of hobbit birthdays!! I have a friend who is just recently post-divorce who has both a love of good reading and a thirst for new (and excellent!) authors. If I were to win, I’d send the entire omnibi to her, that she could begin to delight in the Liaden universe as I and so many others do!!

  39. Folding knives, I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again. My 40th coincided with a Friday Night race. Everybody who signed my guest book at the BBQ after the race (over 100 individuals) received a party favor pack which included a key chain knife with built in LED along with a selection of my favorite candies. Over a decade later I still run into people who don’t know my name, but remember me because that knife is still in their pocket.

  40. I’d give friends a quilted gift. Placemat, tabletopper, wall hanging or maybe a miniature landscape. Depending on what each friend would like best. I fell in love with Tolkien’s stories when I was 13. Now I read and re-read the Liaden books. I’m often asked to recommend books, one of the pleasures of being a librarian, and the Liaden books are top of my list. Many thanks to Sharon and Steve and, of course, the leadership of the cats!

  41. It’s hard to choose just one thing to give out. I think I’d have to tailor it to each guest, which is actually very hobbit like!

  42. I have several mathoms I’d like to pass along, only I never remember to bring them out for a birthday. however, how about a waxes leather mug, much like those in use in the Shire, to a beer-drinking friend.

  43. I would give little jars of the honey my bees have just given me.

  44. i guess it would mater who i was giving things to. one of my clay plot bunnies to my writing friends and jewelry i make (earrings, necklaces etc.) to all my other friends.

  45. As someone who was called a Hobbit throughout High School (I resemble them extremely), I would to stage a Hobbit birthday a la Bilbo Baggins. I would have to give Hobbit Holes for the Holeless and I would get them from here: http://www.wooden-wonders.com/. They make Hobbit Holes.

  46. Cheesecake. Blue-colored New-York style cheesecake for all!

  47. We always take our friends to dinner on our birthdays. It’s a great way to spend time with people we love. If I win these books, I’ll give them to our public library so that they have a nice new set.

  48. Food. I think food is always an appropriate gift, especially when it’s home-made. Breads, especially.

  49. I’d bake cinnamon rolls to savor on that day.

  50. I would delightedly give my time for a Tarot card reading. I love doing them, and have for 40 years πŸ™‚

  51. Ooh, tough decision. I would probably opt for Evil Death Brownies for the chocolate-lovers, and snickerdoodles for the chocolate-avoidant. And maybe Applesauce Raisin Cookies for the folks who want to pretend that they’re healthy (no, really, there’s fruit in there and everything!!!)

  52. I would bake several chocolate raspberry layer cakes and give them away.

  53. For my hobbit birthday present I would give someone something they wouldn’t have thought of getting for themselves, and didn’t know they wanted until they got it.

  54. Probably cookies. Or something made with mint so that my plant would finally be under control. Mojitos, everyone?

  55. Books, each person would get a book they hadn’t read but that I think they might like. Along with a bookmark from my collection.

  56. Well, I never have much in the way of funds, and I doubt that would change on a Hobbit birthday, so my gift would be nice, well-thought-out compliments for anyone who wanted them during the entire day. Anyone I didn’t know I would talk to for a bit first and then tell them what is wonderful about them. Absolutely no one turned away.

  57. Books, books, and more books. Books shared with the ones we love are all the more special for the sharing.

  58. I would give a Fountain Pen (and have in the past). Writing with a Fountain Pen is elegant and gives you pause to consider your words as you put them on paper. You can’t just click back and correct mistakes.

  59. I would give the set to my daughters so they would stop borrowing mine.

  60. If I could, I would give out 50 dollar bills to people who looked worn out and tired…it’s not enough to really change anything, but you can buy a whole bunch of groceries you usually put back out of your cart, or a really nice dinner for two at a “real” restaurant instead of fast food…it could pay one small expense that would let you just breathe for a minute, and believe that SOME day, you will get to a place where you don’t have to worry about whether to buy groceries or socks.

  61. One thing I’ve started to do on days hat are special to me (though it tends to be Mother’s Day and Father’s Day) is try and give the gift of hope. This usually ends up being to people who I don’t know, in some far off land. But $10 goes a long way with organizations like Heifer, and now that I’ve been living in Kenya for a year, you can see it makes a difference. Maybe not as much direct fun as reading Liaden novels, but it makes me feel better for my Western excesses. Though, books to a library in someone’s name is also a great gift, because then plenty of people can enjoy it. I know a charity here that is lookng for books, and I have a way to get them to Kenya at US shipping prices. I’d love to give the gift of the Liaden Universe to Kenya!

  62. On my hobbit birthday, I give out goodie bags, like you get at children’s birthday parties. Why should kids have all the fun? Candy and balloons and shiny pencils and silly toys and bouncy balls and stickers and notepads and crayons and all the things that we were supposed to give up when we became adults but secretly (or not-secretly) still love.

  63. I’d give away copies of my Anne McCaffrey Pern series. Or maybe the Valdemar series by Mercedes Lackey as I want all my friends to enjoy them as much as I do πŸ˜€

  64. Chocolate. In multiple forms. Lots and lots of chocolate…

  65. TODAY IS my own birthday and I usually celebrate by purchasing a bouquet of flowers and doling the blooms out to the many friends who have made it an especially wonderful year. THIS Year, I bought TWO bouquets because there are just that many people I want to thank.

  66. I would give my favorite “bad” influences, Agent of Change, Warrior’s Apprentice, and On Basilisk Station.

  67. I really enjoy baking, so every year I make a lot of coockies and/or pie. I end up giving the recipe away too.

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  69. On my birthday I like to give away clothes in good condition to charities that need them (Red Shield, Salvation Army, etc) and books to local libraries. I might volunteer somewhere before I have cupcakes and tea then a nice dinner out with friends. It’s fun and it helps out!

  70. A second breakfast and at each place setting a copy of “there and back again and the “lord of the rings” along with a bottle of the finest mead.

  71. THis is a good time to think about this as my birthday’s not too far in the future. THe thing I like best in the world, even better than books and music and chocolate, are hugs. Hugs to all who need them on a Hobbit birthday!

  72. For my hobbit birthday, I would give away gift packs containing a book, a CD and a DVD, works I consider under-appreciated: _Wizard War_ by Hugh Cook, “Ferociously Stoned” by the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, and “The Devil Rides Out” (the movie).

  73. Diana Joan Bass

    My Hobbit Birthday
    I would have a party with food, music and friends.
    I would give sheet music for songs that should be shared and give out books and pretty oddities to amuse and delight.

  74. I would give everyone a selection of my favorite books (a whole range of authors and worlds including the Liaden Universe), kaleidoscopes and cake–because we all need Joy, Wonder and some cake! And the next time my coworkers give me a hard time for bringing in cake on my birthday I am telling them it is a Hobbit tradition!!

  75. gus fleischmann

    I’d start with all the current copies of the Liaden Universe, now that I’ve won a nice clean new set.

  76. My birthday is right before Easter next year, so I’d give lots of excellent Easter chocolates!

  77. I would follow your lead and give this entire set to my friend who loves science fiction, but hasn’t read any of the Liaden Universe (despite my entreaties). In fact since my birthday is next month, I’d request they be sent directly to him.

  78. At a previous job, the tradition was that you would bring in donuts for the team on your birthday. These days, it would more likely be homemade cookies, probably Snickerdoodles.

  79. I’m in the process of giving out The Best Crocheted Potholder!I’m not quite smart enough to include a web address,but any search engine should be able to find it, if you’re interested.One batch is going to the church choir I accompany;another batch will be distributed at the Family Thanksgiving.A are going A few are going to interesting places like the 90 year old woman who’s a Greeter at Wal-Mart who has been a role model for years.

  80. A “birthday” card with a letter of thanks to each person who has known the real me but loved me anyway, and helped me be a better person while they were at it – a surprisingly long list!

  81. I would hope that my gifts would be as personalized
    (although nicer) than the ones Bilbo gave his relations. I always loved how the gifts fit the giftees!

  82. For my Hobbit birthday, I’d give photographs – either ones I have of places I’ve visited or of the people and their families.

  83. I think I’d give each person a meaningful photograph – with an IOU scribbled on the back for a baking, coffee, or just-because-you-need-a-listener date.

  84. baked goodies!

  85. I’ve always felt like Hobbit gifts need to be wooden. So I’d like to give out hand-made wooden boxes.

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