Agent Anniversary winners!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Agent Anniversary celebration! I got a lot of wonderful and imaginative suggestions for the gifts one might give an agent on their anniversary. I had hoped to post winners on Monday but got caught up in the BEA preparations and attendance. Without further ado:

The randomly chosen winner who gets first pick from the list of books is: Dolly Garland! Congratulations Dolly!

And for the winner chosen by entry content that is most appealing, it’s a tie! I just couldn’t decide between:

“Homemade ripened camembert-style sheep cheese (milk from my friend’s dairy), a jar of fig jam (from backyard tree) and a bottle of Carneros Pinot Noir. I believe in edible gifts.” — From Heather Hawke


“…a handmade bookshelf, painted top to bottom with quotes from your clients’ books. Equal parts function and art!” — From Brit Mandelo

So I chose both because edible gifts (particularly of the artisinal variety) are excellent, but I also always need more bookshelves and this one sounds especially unique.

I’ll be contacting each of the winners in sequence to offer them their choice of the books. And once again, many thanks to everyone for helping me celebrate.

2 responses to “Agent Anniversary winners!

  1. YAY! Love to win books. Thank you, Jennifer.

    Oh wow, I totally love the idea of handmade bookshelves with quotes. Something to think about when I have that dream library one day.

  2. *Rubbing hands* What book shall I choose? I wouldn’t mind that bookshelf either. Oh well…I’ll go make another cheese.

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