happy release day

Today is the official release date for Mike Shevdon’s Strangeness and Charm, The Courts of the Feyre, Vol III.

Alex has been saved from the fate that awaited her in Bedlam, but in freeing her, Niall has released others of their kind into the population. Now, as Warder, he must find them and persuade them to swap their new-found liberty for security in the courts – but is the price of sanctuary to swap one cage for another?

Angry Robot has an excerpt here: Strangeness and Charm extract

Mike Shevdon writes about the history that inspired the book here: Publication Day: Strangeness and Charm

The earlier books have also been re-released with new matching covers:
Vol 1: Sixty-One Nails
Vol 2: The Road to Bedlam

One response to “happy release day

  1. I looked at the link for Sixty-One Nails and saw where it was compared to one of my favorite books Neverwhere. The beginning of the book posted on Barnes and Noble looks interesting. Since it’s best to start with the first I think I’ll pick this up.

    I have a little time to read since I finished the third part of my trilogy and am researching a totally different project.

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