link salad (client edition)

* Just a couple days left to participate in Laura Anne Gilman’s Miles to Go / Promises to Keep Kickstarter project. These are two novellas featuring Danny Hendrickson, a character who appears in the Cosa Nostradamus series. These stories take place after the events of her upcoming novel, Dragon Justice.

* Chris F. Holm reports that his novel Dead Harvest is now available as an audio book. Read by The Verve Pipe’s Brian Vander Ark.

* There’s an interview with Saladin Ahmed on “Sword and Laser” during their second video episode. His segment starts a little over 5 minutes into the episode.

* Martha Wells has been developing a list of non-European fantasy written by women: This is a sampler list of fantasy novels and short story collections with non-European settings, or secondary fantasy worlds drawn from non-European influences, all by women writers.

* C.E. Murphy discusses some thoughts on ebook pricing and looks for feedback.

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