happy release day!

Today is the official publication date for Bridge of Dreams by Anne Bishop

Ephemera is a world of landscapes connected by bridges that have the power to take you where your heart belongs. Lee is a Bridge, who can make connections between pieces of the world. Just coming from a visit to Glorianna Belladonna (his sister), he runs into a group of wizards out to wreck his sister’s work. In a desperate attempt to keep them from her, he creates a bridge to a place disconnected from any of his family’s landscapes—the city of Vision—and takes the wizards with him. In Vision, he is taken to an Asylum, a raving madman. Vision has its own problems: a darkness is hiding its streets, baffling the Shamans who watch over it. Fortunately, one of those Shamans has been assigned to oversee the Asylum Lee is sent to. Between Danyal, the Shaman, and Zhahar, a Handler at the Asylum, Lee recovers—and discovers that the threat to Vision is not just to the city. With a well-paced mystery, likable characters, and fascinating world building, this is a fun read. –Regina Schroeder, Booklist

*** Also available: The Voice, a novella set in the world of Ephemera for a special electronic release price of $2.99 ***
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And now in paperback:

Twilight’s Dawn: A Black Jewels Book by Anne Bishop

Bestseller Bishop fills out her popular Black Jewels dark fantasy universe (Daughter of the Blood, etc.) with this entertaining novella collection. Daemon Sadi, a black-jeweled Warlord Prince, deals with friends, family, and holiday celebrations in “Winsol Gifts,” while his brother, Lucivar Yaslana, has to thwart a traitor and his deadly trap in the richly entertaining “Shades of Honor.” A mother and her sons are threatened by a dangerous, twisted enemy in “Family,” while Daemon becomes a father and finds a new lease on life and love in “The High Lord’s Daughter.” Fans of the series will enjoy revisiting some favorite characters and mourn the loss of others; new readers may be initially confused by the myriad names and titles, but Bishop’s accessible writing style and interesting world-building will soon draw them into her web. –Publishers Weekly

One response to “happy release day!

  1. I love Anne Bishop’s Books. In Ephemera series, Sebastien is my favourite, but looking forward to reading this too. And of course nothing compares to Black Jewels Trilogy.

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