happy release day!

Today is the official release date for Dead Harvest by Chris F. Holm

A war is brewing between angels and demons in this twisty, fast-paced, and thoroughly enjoyable urban fantasy debut. Sam Thornton is a Collector: he takes souls from the damned and sends them into eternal misery. It should be straightforward to collect the soul of 17-year-old mass murderer Kate MacNeil, but something isn’t right; her soul is too pure. Collection of an innocent soul can throw off the balance of good and evil and spark a chain of events that leads to the end of the world, biblical style. Sam’s convinced that Kate’s been set up, but determining who is behind it is deadly business. With both Heaven and Hell chasing him down, Sam’s in a race against time to save Kate and stop Armageddon. Sam is a likable antihero, pleasantly human despite being unquestionably damned, and the politics of Heaven and Hell provide plenty of material for sequels. –Publishers Weekly

Also out today: Amanda Downum’s Kingdoms of Dust, the third book in the Necromancer Chronicles

Necromancer Isyllt Iskaldur, exiled and forsworn following the events of 2011’s The Bone Palace, takes refuge with her mercenary comrade Adam at the court of the Assari empress. Stalked by agents of rival factions of Quietus, a fast-shrinking order of mages dedicated to containing ancient spirits of entropy, Isyllt and Asheris al Seth, a jinn bound in human flesh, venture into the burning desert in search of the ancient city of Qais and the source of the destructive ghost winds that threaten Assar’s very existence. Downum leavens the fast-paced fantasy adventure with the anger and despair of those bound, sometimes brutally, to preserve humanity’s safety and the moral dilemma the situation presents for Isyllt. This magnificent and multifaceted work, set against a richly detailed quasi-Arabian background, confirms Downum’s Necromancer Chronicles as a top-notch fantasy series. –Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

5 responses to “happy release day!

  1. LOVE the Dead Harvest cover–it looks just like a pulp novel from the 70s or 80s but that graphic is so cool and modern!

  2. I adore the cover for _Dead Harvest_, and the sample looks great; I cannot wait to read this book.

  3. Thanks, Jennifer! Been a long road, and I’m grateful for all you’ve done.

    And thanks also to Kendall and Kristine for the kind words!

  4. The cover for ‘Dead Harvest’ is indeed excellent, and the blurb has me intrigued too.

  5. Ooh! Reminiscent of Piers Anthony’s On a Pale Horse. Sounds interesting!

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