happy release day

Today is the official release date for Throne of the Crescent Moon by Saladin Ahmed (with a trifecta of amazing reviews!)

Set in a quasi ­Middle Eastern city and populated with the supernatural creatures of Arab folklore, this long-awaited debut by a finalist for the Nebula and Campbell awards brings The Arabian Nights to sensuous life. The maturity and wisdom of Ahmed’s older protagonists are a delightful contrast to the brave impulsiveness of their younger companions. This trilogy launch will delight fantasy lovers who enjoy flawed but honorable protagonists and a touch of the exotic. –Library Journal, Starred Review

Ahmed’s debut masterfully paints a world both bright and terrible…Unobtrusive hints of backstory contribute to the sense that this novel is part of a larger ongoing tale, and the Arab-influenced setting is full of vibrant description, characters, and religious expressions that will delight readers weary of pseudo-European epics. –Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

As you might expect, the Arabian Nights theme dominates, and in language, style and approach, Ahmed carries it off with only minor slips into American vernacular. Equally impressive are characters who struggle not only against their opponents but against their own misgivings and desires, and accept that victory may be achieved only at great personal cost. An arresting, sumptuous and thoroughly satisfying debut. –Kirkus, Starred Review

One response to “happy release day

  1. I’ve been waiting AGES (ok, only 9 months, but it felt like ages) for Saladin’s first book to hit the shelves. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Ever since I heard his story entitled, “Judgement of Swords and Souls” on PodCastle (it’s episode 159 for those folks that want to track it down easily,) I’ve been eagerly awaiting this book.

    Thanks for letting me know that it’s finally been released!

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