happy release day

Today is the official release date for the mass market edition of Carousel Tides by Sharon Lee (part of the amazing duo behind the Liaden series).

For electronic editions see the listing on Baen ebooks.

“A tourist town in Maine hosts a war of faerie magic in this engaging urban fantasy. The fireworks begin when Kate Archer returns to Archers Beach, Maine, to search for her vanished grandmother, Bonny Pepperidge, and to assume Bonny’s role as Guardian of Fun Country, an amusement park whose carousel animals are actually exiled fae criminals. Almost immediately, Kate runs afoul of neighbor Joe Nemeier, a drug smuggler who sets his assassins after her. Then she learns from the local earth spirits that Bonny may have discovered the whereabouts of Kate’s mom, newly escaped form a pursuing demonic captor. Lee brings these disparate subplots together in a pyrotechnic finale that plays out magically behind the ordinary facade of smalltown Maine life, evoking much of the romance and magic of her popular Liaden series.” — Publishers Weekly

“Sharon Lee weaves fantasy into reality so deftly that you scarcely notice when you slip across the edge. And once you’re there, the story’s own magic won’t let you turn back from the strong characters, deep mysteries, and even deeper danger.” — James A. Hetley, author of Dragon’s Eye, Dragon’s Teeth, and Dragon’s Bones.

2 responses to “happy release day

  1. Sounds awesome! I just ordered it.

  2. Did you purposely mis-spell Arcadia or is this a permutation of yours, Jennifer? Just curious as to where you pulled the phrase from. I believe “ego” ought to also be capitalized…

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