new client

A big welcome to new client Jason Heller. He blogged about it earlier today. You can go here if you want to read about it.

Jason is the author of the Taft 2012, coming from Quirk Books in January. Check out Taft for President.

Heller, a contributor to The A.V. Club, makes a stellar debut with his satirical alternate history. The premise is audacious: President William Howard Taft disappears on the day his successor, Woodrow Wilson, is to be inaugurated in 1913, and he inexplicably shows up on the White House lawn almost a century later. After scientists and scholars confirm his identity, he begins the daunting process of understanding a radically different America, which, for all its technological advances, desperately needs direction. This surprisingly poignant novel will find an eager audience in the months leading up to the 2012 presidential election, but it deserves a longer shelf life. Heller’s numerous historical insights and observations regarding Taft as president, husband, American, and human being will have more than a few readers wishing Taft really could be a third-party candidate in 2012, to be a rational voice in the “din of all this twenty-first century madness.” — Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

One response to “new client

  1. You had me at:
    1. Quirk books
    2. AV Club
    3. Alternate history

    I’m a fan of it, the all of it.

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