happy release day

Today is the official release date for: Ghost Story by Jim Butcher

Death won’t stop Harry Dresden. In Changes, book 12 of Butcher’s “Dresden Files” series, the title promised and Butcher produced. By the end, everything in Harry’s world had changed, including his status as a living wizard of the White Council. Readers had a tease in the short story “Aftermath,” from Side Jobs, showing that the denizens of Chicago’s magical side would not give up on Harry or his work. Harry, now a ghost, is given the chance to go back to solve his own murder, and what follows is an intense ride through the true aftermath of his death. Butcher’s attention to detail and description will bring new readers on board, while longtime fans will be surprised and elated to see what’s in store for them now.

Verdict: This stunning, exciting series entry with its heart-stopping action will shock and thrill Butcher fans.—Stacey Rottiers, Library Journal

4 responses to “happy release day

  1. Amazon has told me that mine is on its way. Looks like I need to put Side Jobs into the podcast lineup pretty soon!

  2. Curses! It’s sold out at my local bookstore already!

  3. Jim Butcher has created a great protagonist in Harry Dresden. I’ve bought all the books and I’m working my way through the series as I read these and other authors. (Glad to help you pay the rent Jennifer) Harry is a hero with human flaws which is always interesting to read. The storylines for me so far have been well researched and captivating. The books are just a fun read and I will be buying this one as well. Unfortunately not at my favorite store Borders, a sad day I know. So I’ll trek to Barnes and Noble.

  4. I went to Butcher’s signing in Dayton. It was packed and he did an excellent job entertaining the crowd. I believe the book sold out at the event as well.

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