link salad (client edition)

* Saladin Ahmed, Nebula-nominee for his short fiction, Campbell Award finalist, much-published short story author, and soon to be published novelist of THRONE OF THE CRESCENT MOON (DAW, 2012), which I sold with two sequels last year, is offering competitively priced writing mentorships. Click for details.

* Chris F. Holm, recent Anthony nominee for his compelling story “The Hitter” has a thought provoking essay on The Value of Free — his premise being that cash is not the only valuable remuneration for art. (And apparently his agent has sufficiently fancy pants…. sufficiently?!)

* Kameron Hurley posts on The Night Bazaar So You Want to be a Writer.

* Nice review of Laura Anne Gilman’s forthcoming Dragon Virus. This is another book that ended up being sold twice to find a home, and I’m so thrilled it’s finally being read! You can order your very own copy here.

* Mary Robinette Kowal is a mere $154 away (as of this posting) from reaching her Kickstarter goal to bring Other Hand Productions to perform their production of “Whatnot” at the 2011 WorldCon in Reno this August (the VP of SFWA in spandex!). Read more about it here. Congrats to her also for being a finalist in the novel category for the Locus Awards for her Nebula-nominated Shades of Milk and Honey (trade paper edition coming June 7th).

One response to “link salad (client edition)

  1. I didn’t know Saladin was one of your clients! I heard him on Writing Excuses recently, and thought “He and his forthcoming book sound interesting…”

    As far as the review, Laura was pretty happy with it, too.

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