new query email and book giveaway

* NEWS: I’m transitioning to a new email address for my queries so I can respond more efficiently. I’ve posted this already on my website guidelines, DMLA, and (I can really tell from the queries that mention this who reads the full profile and who does not).

Please spread the word about this new email address:

As an aside, Janet Reid posts about ways to find agents and cautions about using verified sources. Without hardly trying I can find dozens of sites where my information is wrong, and entries that list agents who no longer work for our agency.

* WIN A COPY OF NEW MARTHA WELLS BOOK. Giving away two copies of Martha Wells’ THE CLOUD ROADS, which was officially released yesterday. Details here.

3 responses to “new query email and book giveaway

  1. I have used a few places in the past that have catalogued agents. I simply use them as a name resource. I then google that agent for their website. A number of them were retired, some were inaccurate or had changed genres they repped, and some didn’t have websites.

  2. Thank you for the update on your e-mail address.

  3. Oh ho and I *just* sent you a query to the old address yesterday! Darn! I checked the main agency website for all the details, but I don’t think it had been updated at the time. Ah well. =P

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