link salad (client edition)

* Not to be missed: Genevieve Valentine’s Oscars 2011 Red Carpet Rundown!

* Adina Senft admits that she likes the synopsis (I know!). But she explains in her entry on Working up a new story.

* This morning Sharon Lee started giving away autographed copies of her new book CAROUSEL TIDES. I don’t know if she has any left at this point, but here’s how to find out.

* And Steve Miller has Liaden Universe® InfoDump No. 86 along with the cover of Skyblaze.

* Laura Anne Gilman is setting up a quarterly newsletter. She says there will be contests and giveaways, starting with new subscriptions #18, #37 and #45 getting an autographed copy of something chosen totally at random off her work-shelf.. Details here.

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