link salad (client edition)

* Adina Senft talks about quilts and their stories and the background behind her upcoming The Wounded Heart, the first of three Amish novels, debuting this Fall. I’ve never tried quilting myself, but she sent me a sampler/potholder for the holidays based on one of the quilt blocks. An unusual way to own a little piece of this story.

* C.E. Murphy is giving away copies of her forthcoming Spirit Dances, the latest in the Walker Paper series, on her blog. Just comment to win.

* Interviews with Elizabeth Bear at Fantasy Book Cafe and Alyx Dellamonica’s blog.

* Genevieve Valentine offers a sneak peak at the art in Mechanique, her debut novel coming in April.

* Laura Anne Gilman posts the cover art from her upcoming “collection” Dragon Virus (another one of those books that had an interesting road to publication). Now available for pre-order from small press, Fairwood.

* Over on Night Bazaar, Martha Wells talks about stealing time, how to wedge time for writing into your life any way you can, and how people will occasionally try to prevent you from doing that.

* Also on the Night Bazaar, Kameron Hurley talks about balance in a writer’s life. Or the lack thereof. So much of what she says I feel like I can apply to an agent’s life too, where my “day job” is what I think of as the office part of agenting (contracts, paperwork, marketing, etc) and the “writing” or creative part is reading for my clients or to find new clients and feedback related to that. I used to have a couple hobbies. They are so neglected right now… Curious to know what people do to find balance in their life.

2 responses to “link salad (client edition)

  1. Thank you for the links. Off to check them out now. Certainly very interested in “Balancing” post.

  2. I used to game quite a bit with the spousal unit, but between the day job and an upcoming deadline, that’s falling by the wayside, and I still have to find time to spend with said spousal unit. The ninjakatz are feeling neglected, to say the least. I think it all comes down to prioritization, and scheduling out blocks of time for goals/needs.

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