METAtroplis Cascadia: signal boost

via Mary Robinette Kowal

“I have been excited for a while about METAtropolis: Cascadia. First, I liked the premise of the anthology. Then the TOC of writers was awesome company. When they announced the all Star Trek cast of narrators I nearly squeed myself.

Now? The website is live and it has interviews with the narrators about their process in reading the stories. In particular, I like what LeVar Burton has to say, “Storytelling is storytelling.”

Check out the site, in particular the interviews with Jonathan Frakes, Kate Mulgrew (my narrator!), Wil Wheaton, LeVar Burton, and Gates McFadden are really interesting.

Can you tell I’m looking forward to release day? November 16, the day before our 9th anniversary. Now if only it were willow or pottery…”


The setting for METAtropolis: Cascadia is introduced in the original METAtropolis, in Jake Lake’s story “In the Forests of the Night”, narrated by Battlestar Galactica’s Michael Hogan (“Saul Tigh”).

Listen to this free story from METAtropolis or get the complete book from Audible now.

METAtropolis Free Story: ‘In the Forests of the Night’ by Jay Lake

2 responses to “METAtroplis Cascadia: signal boost

  1. Plus the anthology has an astounding number of your clients in it. Elizabeth Bear,Jay Lake, Ken Scholes, and me. That’s four out of six writers.
    Jennifer Jackson: Taking over the world, one author at a time.

  2. Okay, what magic wand do you have that the people you represent always have the coolest covers? Do you hide all the ugly ones? It’s silly how I salivate over all the covers you post.

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