happy release day

Today is the official release day for Antiphon by Ken Scholes

The third installment of Scholes’s grand-scale Psalms of Isaak saga (after 2009’s Canticle) expands the genre-blending narrative in glorious style. The secret revival of the bloody Y’Zirite religion, which may be an elaborate conspiracy created generations ago to bring down the Androfrancine Order, has brought madness to the Named Lands. Gypsy King Rudolfo, whose infant son is being called the “Child of Promise” by the cultists, finds blood-magicked spies in his home and enemies in his forest. And as the invisible enemy furthers its masterfully orchestrated invasion, Rudolfo and others hear an ethereal music that seems to require some kind of response. A diverse cast of dynamic characters, a tantalizingly labyrinthine mystery, a world full of wonders, and powerful symbolism and imagery power this seamless merging of epic fantasy and science fiction. –Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

Read Lamentation and Canticle (available in paperback) — Book 1 and Book 2 of the Psalms of Isaak, both of which also garnered Starred Reviews.

Also, a special e-book offer this month for the first book, Lamentation, for just $2.99 Kindle | Nook | Sony

Win a copy: Since this is the book starring the 32nd daughter of Vlad Li Tam*, comment on this entry about which character is your favorite in the series and why, and win an ARC copy of Antiphon**. Contest runs from now until Thursday 9/16 at 5pm EST. One entry per person. U.S. residents only.

*A very important character.
**Please leave your name if posting anon.

13 responses to “happy release day

  1. Only choose one favorite character? That’s a challenge.
    I think I have to say Rudolfo. He’s a delightfully complex character, a good man regardless of how Vlad Li Tam manipulated his family so that Rudolfo would rise to the throne. I must say, as I read Canticle I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen regarding his son. Then I reached the ending. Wow. Such a difficult read, but as a parent the choice of Rudolfo and Jin Li Tam really resonated with me.
    ~Beth Cato

    • And you are my lucky winner! Please email me at jjackson -at- maassagency -dot- com with your name and address and I will be sending off the ARC copy of the book to you.

  2. Great cover! It reminds me a bit of the old Conan covers. There’s a retro feel there.

  3. It’s impossible to choose a favorite character (they’re all fascinating), but if I gotta, I’ll say “Isaak” because the series is, after all, named for him.
    More than that, of course, he’s a tragic figure who may have done something truly unforgivable, and he’s clearly the apprentice sort of figure. He’s wise, but not worldly. He’s naive, but not really foolish.
    In any case, congrats on the latest!

  4. Favorite Character
    My vote is for Hanric. He was the epitome of badassary. He is this big huge menacing leader of the barbarian type tribe yet he proves his loyalty to his people and to winters by stepping up to be the figure head she was to small to be. It’s crap that he had to die so quick!

  5. Favorite Character
    I’d have to say Isaak because never has a metal man touched people more. He’s become like a human in the minds of the characters and the reader. He’s developed gradually and in interesting ways into someone with a lot more to him than you would have thought when he made his first appearance in Lamentation.
    My other favorite is Petronus, the former pope who faked his death to escape the pressures of leadership and now finds himself drawn back in not only by circumstances but by his own convictions and values. He can’t not be involved. He sees how much depends on it and he cares too much.

  6. As others have said, I find it a hard choice to pick my favorite. If forced to pick one I would have to go with Neb. His character seems to have changed the most from the start and I’m really curious to see what is going to happen with him the most.

  7. My favorite character is Lynnae. But then, I’m totally biased because I got to help inspire her. 😀

  8. Isaak is my favorite character. A metal man with the hints of a soul. Plus he contains all sorts of arcane knowledge locked away inside of him. I hope one of the books really focuses on his character.

  9. I’ld have to say Rudolfo is my favorite. I always root for the Gypsies!

  10. Definitely Isaak.
    Not that the other characters aren’t good, I just really like Isaak.
    He’s an interesting character. Naive, but not ignorant. I just always enjoyed reading about him.

  11. This sounds like a good series. Happy release day!
    Julie Weathers

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