letters from the query wars 8/27/2010

# of queries read 3 days before vacation (2 weeks ago): 103
# of partials/manuscripts requested: 1
genre of partials/manuscripts requested: YA

# of queries read in the 2 days after returning from vacation: 88
# of partials/manuscripts requested: 1
genre of partials/manuscripts requested: SF

oldest query in the queue: July 27

Reasons not to have someone else write your query:

– They may decide that dictating a deadline for response of less than 24 hours is a good idea. (In case you were wondering, it’s not. I won’t even see it that fast. Even if I’m not on vacation.)

– Their lack of a pitch… their lack of passion for your work… these are not things that will hook someone into reading your story.

– They might skip including the first five pages. Can you be confident they’ll do sufficient research into guidelines?

– There’s more to a query than just the description of the work. It communicates the author’s tone, voice, approach. It’s the first thing an agent will see from you.

* * *

PSA: Been having a bit of trouble with LJ lately. Among other things, it’s no longer emailing me comments. Hasn’t been for a while. Nor did it let me know when my paid membership lapsed. Very possible that the blog will be moving but the archives will remain here. Not sure if I will set up cross-posting for new entries going forward, but will be sure to post info once the transition is accomplished.

11 responses to “letters from the query wars 8/27/2010

  1. DW for one (not sure about others) lets you bring across your archives too, if you wish to.

    • I brought across all my archives and have been updating on DW and mirroring over to LJ. I also have invite codes, so if anyone else here needs an invite, I can do at least a few other people. (I’ve not glanced at my invite code stash recently so I don’t know how many I have. It’s somewhere between a half-dozen and LOTS.)

  2. I’ve been on LJ for 8 years (between this and my previous account). I’ve been contemplating moving but just haven’t been able to bring myself to do it. I keep hoping LJ will improve. Have been hoping for 8 years. 🙂

  3. As has been noted, Dreamwidth will let you import everything (and, IIRC, you can set things up to mirror DW –> LJ automatically).
    If you end up somewhere else that offers an RSS feed, a syndication feed can be set up here on LJ to mirror the posts (you have to have a paid/permanent account to set up the syn account, but I’ve done it before and would be happy to do it for you, if you want :))

  4. go google blogs. I know I did. And i keep them both. i think its better for an agent such as yourself too.

  5. Please do let us know if and when you switch. I may not comment a lot recently, but I still read your blog.

  6. I’ve been having trouble with LJ, too. I moved over to Google blogs, and now occasionally cross-post to my LJ. Blogspot even lets me add LJ users to my “blogs I follow” list.

  7. I hope you at least had a great vacation! It’s good to see you back.

  8. You might want to check your notification settings here:
    I was having comment e-mailing issues as well, and it turned out that my settings got mucked up somehow.

    • Thanks much for the tip. I’ve just checked the settings again (had done that before) and that’s not the problem. I’ve been having this issue pretty much the whole year. My last comment notifications were in February, so I think there’s something permanently broken. And emails to support haven’t gotten me anywhere. But I appreciate your suggestion all the same.

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