happy release day

Today is the official release day for Saltation

Blazing into their 12th Liaden novel, Lee and Miller prove they can still deliver elegant variations on the theme in this coming-of-age story, a sequel to 2009’s Fledgling. Theo Waitley, half-Terran daughter of a Liaden pilot, escapes her stifling homeworld to attend pilot school, where her fierce attitude and extraordinary competence earn her enemies and friends. When her boyfriend’s keepsake makes them both a target for galactic-level bad guys, Theo must head to Liad to ask for help from the leader of her father’s clan. The story will not disappoint longtime Lee and Miller fans, but readers don’t need to know the series to understand or care about the characters, who will also appeal to fans of Elizabeth Moon’s Kylara Vatta and other strong young adult heroines. –Publishers Weekly

One response to “happy release day

  1. I LOVE Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
    A friend loaned me Partners in Necessity and I read it out loud to my husband. Now we own them all. I bought chap books and two extra copies of Partners in Necessity since we literally wore the first copy we bought out. I’ve read the whole series now, out loud to my dyslexic husband and for myself more than a dozen times.
    I couldn’t be more thrilled.

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