happy release day

Today is the official publication day for Jim Butcher’s Changes, the latest novel in the Dresden Files series.

The twelfth Dresden Files novel (following Turn Coat, 2009) finds the licensed PI and professional wizard Harry Dresden confronted with some shocking news: he has an eight-year-old daughter, and she’s been kidnapped by Red Court vampires. Harry is willing to risk everything to rescue her, even if it means turning his own life upside down. At more than 500 pages, this is one the longest books in the series, but it doesn’t move slowly; in fact, the entire novel takes place over only a few days as Harry races to rescue his daughter before she is sacrificed in a powerful black-magic rite. The taut and sometimes twisty plot is full of surprises and changes for Harry and his friends and family. Changes is a compelling installment in what continues to be an outstanding series. All the regulars (including cop Murphy; Harry’s half brother, vampire Thomas; Sanya the Knight; and Harry’s apprentice, Molly) are featured, as they, too, risk everything to save Harry’s daughter. After the cliff-hanger ending, readers will be clamoring for the next book. A can’t-miss entry in one of the best urban-fantasy series currently being published. –Booklist, Starred Review

News from Jim Butcher’s website:

Amazon and Penguin are bickering, and the Kindle edition of “Changes” has been caught up in the crossfire. Fans around the world are getting email notifications from Amazon that their “Changes” preorders have been canceled.

Jim had no say in this decision, and he’s already received an outpouring of mail from fans perplexed and angered at this chain of events. We know many of you were relying on this being available on release day, and we’re every bit as frustrated as you are. We’re confident the conflict will not be drawn out much longer, but we have no way of knowing if it will be resolved in time for the book’s Tuesday release. We have no doubt that “Changes” will be available for the Kindle at some point, but whether that’s tomorrow, next week, or next month is anyone’s guess.

We hope this doesn’t unduly inconvenience you guys, and we thank you for bearing with us in this exceptionally annoying time.

April 6: Signing and reading at MURDER BY THE BOOK in Houston, TX
April 7: Signing and reading at UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE in Seattle, WA
April 8: POWELL’S BOOKS/Cedar Hills Crossing (signed copies available for pre-order) in Beaverton, OR
April 9: MYSTERIOUS GALAXY in San Diego, CA
April 10: BARNES AND NOBLE #2743 in Huntington Beach, CA
April 12: BORDERS #464/Lee’s Summit in Kansas City, MO

13 responses to “happy release day

  1. *wistful* Any chance Jim Butcher will be coming to Connecticut for a signing?

  2. Okay, so I’m not crazy. The Kindle version sudden disappearance is no longer a mystery. I guess I’ll just have to be paitent. 😦

  3. I will be there on Saturday, and I’m picking up the book right after work. Can’t wait! But – cliffhanger ending?!? It is already hard enough to wait a year for the next book! Why must Jim torture us with his awesomeness?

  4. *does a happy release-day dance*
    And, I’m very happy to be buying the book from someone other than Amazon, too. Yeesh.

  5. Sigh. Nothing on the East Coast at all. I swear, I have the worst luck of living on the wrong side of the country.
    I look forward to the book, though, very much.

  6. oh how I wish he would come to Florida! I live in Orlando, but I’d drive just about anywhere in Florida to meet him!

  7. Cliffhanger?! I’m on pg 202 – that is scary news! Jim, you’re evil!
    Going to the signing in Huntington Beach, woot! SO glad I didn’t have to go all the way to San Diego.

  8. Happy release day, indeed!
    And I wonder why Chichen Itza is suddenly in Yahoo’s top 10 “trending now” searches? Ha! Go Butcher!

  9. Oh! Now I’m sad. He’ll be at a bookstore near me–on the day I’m already working another literary festival.

  10. Just wondering, can anyone offer any insight if this (the kindle problem) is related to amazon selling the dead tree version for $9.99? I pre-ordered for $17.00 or so a long time ago, and was shocked to see the much lower price. Not affiliated with amazon in any way or trying to shill for them, I just wondered if the two events were related.
    In any case, greatly looking forward to reading.

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