happy release day

Today is the official release day for Bound In Blood, a brand new novel in P.C. Hodgell’s series featuring Jamethiel of the Kencyr.

When Jame returned to Knorth hall to help her brother Torisen name all the fallen fighters’ death banners stored there, she made the disturbing discovery that those banners splattered with their owners’ blood also have trapped their owners’ souls. She also found a contract proving her cousin Kindrie to be legitimate, proving that there are three full-blooded Knorth. Three full-blooded Knorth means that the Three-Faced God can be manifested; something that none of the three are likely to want to do, if they have any choice in the matter.

Returning with this unwelcome knowledge to school at Tentir, Jame continued to dodge the attentions of an unwanted admirer, strengthen her link to her feline hunting ounce, work with the rathorn colt Death’s-head to insure that it doesn’t resume its attempts to kill her, and, of course, kept causing plenty of unintended havoc. She also had to help fight off attacks from hillmen, repel a stampede of yarkcarn (think warthogs the size of mammoths), fight in the Winter War (a mock conflict—or, at least, that’s how it was supposed to be), and solve the mystery behind the death of her evil uncle, who somehow is still spectrally manifesting himself in nasty ways. No doubt about it—Jame is back, and with a vengeance, as the popular and critically-praised fantasy adventure series continues.

Also available:

The God Stalker Chronicles — collecting the first two books, God Stalk and Dark of the Moon into one complete volume.

Seeker’s Bane — Books 3 and 4, Seeker’s Mask and To Ride a Rathorn

4 responses to “happy release day

  1. I didn’t even know this existed! Hooray!

  2. I bought this by pre-order from Amazon (yes, I know, sorry) over a week ago and have been saving it like dessert for when I can sit down and relish it. I’ve been a fan of hers since her first book and have collected them all. So glad to see another 🙂

  3. here via Martha Wells.
    Hmm, then I guess webscriptions.net jumped the gun. I bought the final e-copy two weeks ago and have finished the book already…
    It’s another wild ride (middle of the books set at Tentir), with lots of further developments and actually some resolution to some of the plot threads. But as always I could just as well have the next book right now, please ^^. asked readers at her LJ what they wanted to see in the next book ^^.

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