link salad (client edition)

Meant to post this earlier in the week, but it’s been really busy. Didn’t want to miss pointing these out, though–

There’s Post a Story for Haiti at Crossed Genres. Clients of mine participating include: Jay Lake with Not Much of a War; Martha Wells’ Houses of the Dead; and step-client Sarah Monette with The Half-Sister. if you enjoy the free stories and want to show your appreciation, please donate to a charity involved in the Haiti relief efforts. I recommend Doctors Without Borders.

Cherie Priest has a really informative post on What Authors Do and Don’t Control. Comments on this post also interesting.

Jay Lake’s The Larval Stages of the common American speculative fiction writer is tongue-in-cheek. And entertaining.

Not to be missed is Laura Anne Gilman’s Lady or the Tiger post on her notes taken during a seminar on the Google Settlement that took place earlier this week.

3 responses to “link salad (client edition)

  1. Thanks for posting about the Post a Story for Haiti site. I will have to go check out the stories there, as I like all of those authors! Doctors without Borders is a really wonderful charity, so I second your recommendation.
    Re: Cherie Priest’s post: I always quirk an eyebrow when I see a bad review for anything, and the reason for the bad review is something beyond the author’s control. (This is true for things besides books as well; I was looking at apartment reviews and saw ones that had otherwise glowing reviews brought down because one tenant didn’t get along with his neighbors. Not in the landlord’s control, really.) I understand that people like to vent their frustrations, but Amazon reviews aren’t really the proper venue–especially because people see a negative review and assume it is because of the author, not the technology. On another note, as a library worker, I appreciate that she gave us a shout-out!
    I also think her point that authors have little control over covers is an important one to make given the recent controversies over the covers of LIAR, MAGIC UNDER GLASS, THE DRAGON AND THE STARS, etc. Criticism of covers should really be directed toward the publishers, who do have control over them.
    Off to read Lake’s and Gilman’s posts as well. Thanks for the links.

  2. Thanks for the plug for CrossedGenres. I am only slightly connected with the site, but it is always great when someone else acknowledges the efforts of others.

  3. Thanks for the links
    Really enjoyed the Lavral Stages and the What Authors Do and Do not control. I laughed, I cried I… Ok I didn’t cry, but thanks for the links!
    Amzing how many queries you get a week! That you even get through all that in a week is an acoplishment in itself.

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