happy release day

Today is the official release day for Short Squeeze: A Mystery by Chris Knopf

Guilt can be a powerful motivator. After lawyer Jackie Swaitkowski ignores a call from pesky client Sergey Pontecello, who is found dead hours later, she becomes obsessed with determining how the recently-widowed man died. Eventually, her investigation turns up a tangled mess of strange financial transactions, dysfunctional family relationships, a fatal hit-and-run, mysterious body parts, and an extortion plot—not to mention that Jackie herself is threatened with disbarment by various big-wigs who prefer to leave the dirt under the carpet. She’s aided by her best friend, engineer-turned-carpenter Sam Acquillo, and her ex-boyfriend Harry Goodlander, but it’s Jackie, persistent to the point of bull-headedness, who sweeps up the dirt and puts the pieces together. This spin-off features the same vividly evoked Hamptons setting and the same crisp prose, brisk plotting, and sharp dialogue as Knopf’s critically acclaimed Sam Acquillo series, but here center stage switches from ex-boxer and construction worker Acquillo to a resolute first-person female protagonist who was widowed in her 20s but likes living alone just fine. More engaging hard-boiled crime fiction from a rising star. –Booklist

Chris Knopf is also the author of the Sam Aquillo mysteries:
The Last Refuge
Two Time
Head Wounds
Hard Stop

5 responses to “happy release day

  1. Yay! Congrats to Chris and to you. Sounds like a nailbiter. Off to download 🙂

  2. Review is so engaging I’d have to look for it 🙂
    Congrats on the release!

  3. R.M.Gilbert
    Congratulations on the release.
    I’m sorry for your ankle troubles as well. I can sympathize. I sprained my ankle while playing tag with my kids in our big barn then ended up in physical therapy for 3 months. Not fun.
    Take care. Glad you’re back at it.

  4. congrats on the release.

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