happy release day

Today marks the official release of All About Us #6: The Chic Shall Inherit the Earth

Lissa Mansfield has come a long way since transferring to Spencer Academy two years ago. She’s made a great group of friends in Gillian, Carly, Mac, and Shani. She’s strengthened and grown her relationship with God. She’s even gotten over the Callum McCloud “incident” from her first semester. Now, she’s ready to graduate and take on college life!

Or is she? With her parents’ relationship still on the rocks and the girls about to separate as they head to different colleges, Lissa is faced with some of her biggest challenges yet in her last term at Spencer. Will Lissa put her faith in God to carry her through these difficult times?

Other books in the series….

Book 1: It’s All About Us
Book 2: The Fruit of My Lipstick
Book 3: Be Strong & Curvaceous
Book 4: Who Made You a Princess?
Book 5: Tidings of Great Boys

“Adina does a good job realistically portraying characters who are not only growing up, but doing so with religion as a huge constant in their lives. Rarely, if ever, are the characters preachy, and Lissa and Gillian are fine role models for any religion.” –Romantic Times BookReviews

“I only wish Shelley Adina’s All About Us series had been around in my day. I recommend it for any young adult who wants to escape to another world and find that they are not alone in their feelings and experiences.” American Idol finalist, Contemporary Christian artist, and author Mandisa

One response to “happy release day

  1. Great series!
    I have only read the first two books but I loved them. They really look at the issues that students face and, while being Christian fiction, is not too heavy-handed. People makes mistakes and work together. I can’t wait to read the rest of the books!

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