letters from the query wars and closing queries

Here’s the last 3 weeks of stats….

This was Thanksgiving week
# of queries read: 77
# of partials/manuscripts requested: 0

This was recover from Thanksgiving week
# of queries read: 38
# of partials/manuscripts requested: 0

Current week:
# of queries read this week: 81
# of partials/manuscripts requested

This was get-unjustly-attacked-by-an-immovable-object week which has resulted in a severely sprained ankle that I am supposed to stay off of, as well as a sprained wrist that I am not supposed to use. I am typing one-handed which is laborious and frustrating.

With much regret, between this and the holidays, I have concluded that I will have to close queries for a short while. So, as of today, I am closing queries until January 15th. I will do my best to work on queries currently in the queue so please do not feel you need to re-submit at this time. However, I anticipate being a bit behind the four week response time listed on our official website. Your patience is much appreciated.

28 responses to “letters from the query wars and closing queries

  1. Poor unjustly attacked agent! I think you are wise, though, to close queries for a bit, because you seem to have this thing in common with your clients where you don’t know when to quit. 🙂 Be careful and heal well! (Do you need fudge?)

  2. Ouch! I wish you a speedy recovery and we should be thanking you for continuing to work through your query queue while dealing with this.
    Feel better soon!

  3. Wow (sending healing vibes). Why do I feel the urge to wrap you all up like the kid from A Christmas Story? Take care!

  4. Spraining both a wrist and an ankle is just not fair. Hope you feel better soon!

  5. I hope your anatomy heals up quickly and well! Don’t overstrain.

  6. Yikes! Take it easy and hope you’re feeling better soon.

  7. Ouch–talk about bad luck. Hope you feel better soon!

  8. Ow. Sorry to hear it. Sprains and pains getting in the way of what I want to do drives me nuts. Rest up, and don’t take on too much until your body tells you it’s OK.

  9. Ow ow ow…
    And near to the holidays, yet.
    I hope you’re mobile by Christmas, and not hurting too much. Take care.

  10. Ouch! Those derned inanimate objects, they’re out to get us all, I tell you. Which reminds me, I was considering writing a novel about an inanimate statue that was also a lawyer. You can figure out why I didn’t bother submitting “I, Object!” for publishing.
    Hope you’re feeling better over the holidays and get plenty of relief for the injury!

  11. Oh, no! Rest up, and get better soon.

  12. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  13. Feel Better!
    Yikes, and right before the holidays 😦

  14. Guess the universe wants you to take it easy for the Holidays…
    Take Care and get well soon.

  15. Heal quickly! Sounds ouchie.

  16. Here’s hoping get-unjustly-attacked-by-an-immovable-object week never gets too popular!

  17. Hope you feel better soon. Take it easy.

  18. Jennifer,
    I hope that you heal quickly. 😀 Take care of yourself and get back to your gargantuan TBR pile.
    Do you need me to send some cheesecake? I make all flavors. Apple, lemon, Oreo, Red Velvet, etc.? 😉

  19. Feel better!
    Happy Holidays!

  20. I haven’t commented before, but this post compelled me to. (whispering) I so enjoy your blog.
    Sorry to hear about your ankle and wrist. I hope they get back to full-functioning capacity very soon. Get well, rest & relax, and have a happy holiday!

  21. Well I wish I had read this before I hit the send button for my query letter. You really are the only agent that I am interested in to represent me. Does this mean I will receive an automated rejection email or will my query stay in the queue until Jan. 15th? I would rather wait verses submitting to anyone else. I hope you feel better soon.
    Thomax Green

  22. Get better! Into every life some rain must fall. I’ve been following your blog for some time and this is the first I’ve heard of you closing queries. Take the time you need, you know they’ll still be there. 😉

  23. I broke my finger pretty badly just before midterms (which meant essay tests and please-make-it-stop cramps) so I feel you on the typing with one hand thing. Get well soon!

  24. Listen to your doctor and take it easy. I hope you heal quickly!

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